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A NOIR™ Production

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And also the last one.

NOIR was once something that made black team proud. It stabilized the sphere, it gave protection to new alliances in it and it kept us at peace with each other. It also lasted more than most unity treaties ever had. However, it is time to put it to rest.

It is no secret to anyone colour politics are dead, the stabilization of Black sphere is unnecessary and the concept of attracting nations with good resources to it is completely obsolete as we move forward in this resource changing age.

As such, the signatories of NOIR have agreed and decided to mutually dissolve the treaty.

[b]For Alpha Omega[/b]

Galvan Mandorik, Trium
Duncan, Trium
Paperwings2007, Trium

[b]For AGW Warbirds[/b]

unruly - officer AGW

[b]For Dark Templar
Myworld, Trium
Titan, Trium
Auinur, Trium
Bob, High Templar of Foreign Affairs

[b]For League of Small Superpowers[/b]

Legion-x trium

[b]For Menotah[/b]

Joey67500, President
Fireblade, Prime Minister
Ezko, Vice President
Bradford, Deputy Prime Minister

[b]For NordReich[/b]

His Imperial Majesty Vinzent von Zeppelin, Kaiser of Nordreich
Weiss von Töten, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Thor, Reichsgeneral
Gottrich Northeim, Minister of the Interior
PuliSher, Reichsbanker
Latexi, Minister of Communications

[b]For Sparta[/b]

Tulak Hord - King of Sparta
Lukapaka - King of Sparta
Adrian - Ephor of Philoxenia

[b]For Umbrella[/b]

domisi, President
treefinguy, Vice-President
Lusitan, Head Envoy
Pudge, Field Marshal

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Long overdue.

It was a pleasure working with you NOIR folks back in Nemesis; fighting in wars via the ODP and what not. That being said, the treaty is long useless and this was the best thing for the parties still involved to do.

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I for one am sad. I always felt NOIR could have been more than it ever was. I was there at the first meeting and saw such great potential.

I know also that every signatory is not listed above and wonder how those people feel.

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[quote name='Gibsonator21' timestamp='1328838761' post='2917566']
I knew about this a year ago?

Clearly you didn't since you do not seem so sure.

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NOIR outlived its time (if there truly was a time). Also, since when is Nordreich spelled NordReich? Minor details.

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