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African Unity Pact Actions Thread


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[u][b]Posting in this thread is allowed for African Unity Pact Nations Only[/b][/u]

African Unity Pact Base opened near Dodoma, Tanzania Federation. Full Communications and Facilities have been placed in the base for other AUP nations.

1st Airborne Brigade of the Tanzania Airborne Forces deployed to the former Republic of Paris for peacekeeping duties. Their orders were to provide support for the Legion forces inside the country and assist in any way possible to stabilise the area.

At the same time a battery of ten 9K720 Iskander Tactical Ballistic Missile would be deployed into the area, plus a squadron of Tu-160 Blackjack Strategic Bombers plus their Kh55MS Strategic Cruise Missiles would deploy just in case.

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Firebase Opie, formerly known as Firebase Sherrif, is put under the common command structure of the African Union pact.

The following forces are placed in Firebase Opie:

2 Support and Services Brigades
1 Engineering Regiment
1 Light Infantry Regiment
1 Mechanized Infantry Regiment
1 Airborne Infantry Regiment

The base is 50 percent staffed by Legion forces at all times. This leaves ample room for additional forces as needed.


[quote]African Unity Pact

“To better serve the unique character of Africa the nations that sign this agreement concur that the future of Africa is best determined by Africa.

“Signing this pact in no way commits the nations listed to a policy of armed aggression or defense should they not desire it.

“Member nations will provide and agree to the following:

Each member nation will permit a base within their borders.

Each member nation will contribute men or money towards a force that will be responsible for the garrisoning of the bases.

Each member nation will enter into a mutual option defense and optional aggression pact that ties us but does not bind us.

Each member nation signs and agrees that should their government fall it is their expressed wish that the African Union protect their people until a new government organizes itself.

All members are obligated to providing assistance to the African Union Protectorate activities.

All members are obligated to deal in good faith with their African neighbors in terms of diplomacy, trade, and other relations. Do what you wish outside of Africa, but do not cheat your African neighbors. We have to share this continent and it can be extremely small at times.

All members are encouraged participate in a joint research and development center that will promote the transmission of scientific, cultural, and industrial information and the improving of Africa's educational system as a whole. Those who do not participate with helping with the funding and staffing, will not share in the bounty of information.

All members agree that signing this document gives the African Union Pact the authority to address internal issues that may or may not have the possibility of expanding outside of your borders.

The African Union Pact will be guided by a council consisting of one member from each participating nation. The council will elect a leader who will serve at the council's leisure.

The African Union Pact will not seek to address current foreign holdings in Africa, nor will the African Union Pact attempt to dictate governance to a signatory providing said governments are not acting in such a way that is harmful to its population or other nations. Action against a government found acting a manner contrary to the health and safety of others will be voted on.

The territorial protectorate clauses of this pact are binding even after you leave the pact or are dismissed from it.

72 hours notice is required for leaving, majority rules vote for dismissal. Voting on all issues is conducted by a simple majority vote and issues can be brought forward by any member representative at anytime.

All issues not covered within the pact are subject to a simple majority vote after appropriate discussion on the issue has been conducted.[/quote]

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To: All African Union Signatories
From: Empress Sufyan of Legion

The government of Legion is not going to embark on a long term occupation of the former Republic of Paris territory. The newest African Union Pact Protectorate will be divided into districts and minimal presence will be put into place.

The standard formula of working through local representatives will be used along with encouraging education, health care, and security through various regional training and services centers to be funded by the AUP.

This place has taken a beating in the recent years and there is quite a bit of work that needs to be done to get the infrastructure up to an acceptable level of repair. Rather than going the easy route of deploying Engineering Regiments to make the repairs, Legion will be contributing to a fund for the hiring of local contractors to do the majority of the work under AUP supervision.

Once the situation has been stabilized the former Republic of Paris military will be ordered back to barracks for immediate re-equipping and training as a native constabulary overseen by AUP officers.

As for Canada, Legion hasn't changed our mind about Canada. They have five days remaining on their deadline. Once that deadline is finished Legion will act with or without the African Union Pact's assistance.

-Empress Sufyan

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To: Empress Sufyan of Legion
From: President Jalawa Nikayo

The Tanzania Federation stands with Legion on this matter. We give you our total commitment to protecting Africa's interests. We are willing to provide more forces if requested to help police the former Republic of Paris until the pull-out.

We have also dispatched aircraft and missile units to assist the build-up currently under way. If need be we can send any further assets at a moments notice. We are glad to support you in this testing time.

Yours Respectfully,

Jalawa Nikayo
President of the Tanzania Federation

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Kingdom of Manticore's response to Empress Sufyan of Legion

Due to the actions of the Legion the Royal Kingdom of Manticore cannot guarantee any support for the forces of Legion against the Canadian threat. Whilst we would like to see the Canadian devils and their traitorous African supporters removed from our beloved lands the actions of the Legion against the Republic of Paris have ourselves on edge and until we feel we are safe our forces will most likely be kept in pure defensive positions.

However, our missile batteries are still prepared for immediate launch and depending on what the Legion does next we may be able to soften up any Canadian defenders for any attacking Legion troops. We will be watching.

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With a base already completed from the international work to help the current West African AUP protectorate, the PRA will be using this base (Fort Solidarity) as its allied AUP base.



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The Tanzania Federation opens Fort Freedom ten miles south east of Dodoma in Tanzania. The six square mile camp includes a large barracks and covered ammunition dump, a two runway air base, two storey conference centre and a five storey military hospital. It could in times of crisis easily support three divisions and would be the main African Union Pact base in the country.

Its current garrison was only the 10th Infantry Division which rotated units in and out of the base from its main base.

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The Nascent Militant Command (NMC) of the Principality of Aeon, under the inexorable command of Avatar-of-War Marxon would announce several changes to its administrative policy regarding a number of military bases. Along with these changes, the AUP liaison between the Prinicpality and Pact members would immediately a few requests to fellow signatories, in the hope of creating a continent- or pact-wide Distant Early Warning network, similar to the Nodic, and now Aeon DEW currently employed by the Principality.

The previous moniker of the strategically central COMbined FORces Command: Juba (COMFOR-J) would hold. COMFOR-J would remain the closest thing the Avatar would permit to a central staging, deployment and administrative hub for the otherwise decentralized Principality armed forces.

However, several COMFOR positions would be created (with COMFOR-J being the only one still remaining solely in Aeon hands) as a response to the newfound responsibility the Principality had with regards to the AUP.

Strategic air and land-based facilities would be expanded upon or created outright to suit the growing needs of the AUP in Nyala, El Obeid, Al Dabbah, Jimma and Dadaab. Dubbed COMFOR-N,-E,-A,-JIM and -D, these bases would be the sites of expansive military complexes both on the surface and underground. The outright ban of unallied spaceborne intelligence gathering assets over the Principality would be held indefinitely, and ensure the operational security of these bases, the extents of their infrastructure and exact specifications.

Efforts were underway to expand the East African subterranean infrastructure wherever humanly possible, while maintaining similar provisions to that of the Aeon homeguard regarding secrecy of said infrastructure, false positions and integration of natural thermal sources for both power generation/heat dumping and concealment. EMP hardening of essential equipment would be a no-brainer, while each base was instructed to maintain an extensive inventory of primary, secondary and tertiary radar systems placed in protected storage should enemy EMP strikes destroy radar systems currently in place. These systems would be stored in pre-fabricated stages to ensure the swift deployment and ease of maintenance required to maintain a constant vigil over at least the Aeon side of the AUP protectorate bases.

Bands of roving Military Inspectors would survey construction of the bases, recommending increased numbers of defenses and other hardened positions both concealed and obvious. Emphasis was given on ensuring the COMFOR- bases would provide adequate infrastructure and provisions to house large numbers of AUP hardware from all member states. The main prize, however, would be the multi-band, variable power radar farms and central active electronically scanned array radars located on site at each location. Pumping out enough radiation to turn overflying birds into roast chickens, such drawbacks were deemed a necessity, yet reflected the relatively remote locations of each COMFOR- base, chosen specifically for said drawback. Surrounded by veritable seas of disposable radiation sources ranging from intelligent AD-MARS decoys to much more crude and cost effective items like old radars torn from obsolete military aircraft, Optronic- and IRST-based SHORAD ground based sensors would also be interspersed, in order to add to the growing layered approach to the AUP search, detection and track capability of the up and coming networked Integrated Air Defense (IAD).

The aims of the AUP-DEW would be three-fold - an Over-the-Horizon network for detection of airbreathing air assets and surface combatant vessels in the ocean, an intercontinental and submarine-launched early warning system coupled with a satellite track and detection capability and finally a multi-layered active air defense that can both search, detect, track and respond to emerging threats as they develop, working in conjunction with strategic multipurpose assets. Of course, no single system would be capable of such a task alone, with the AUP-DEW instead relying on multiple systems working in localized pockets, loosely networked together to form a comprehensive defense.

While this DEW was being constructed, eventually serving to strengthen the Aeon indigenous DEW while working totally apart from it, the hardware this DEW would control was already being deployed to projected positions. Roving bands of TEL platoons would be created and deployed to the AUP COMFOR- base sites, where they would deploy before more permanent provisions were constructed. Even after said provisions were completed, these platoons would remain onsite, travelling in roving patrols to and from the COMFOR- bases to provide additional support wherever needed, on demand. Aeon indigenous strategic, theatre, and tactical equipment would eventually be ferried in - an unprecedented display of firepower. Of particular note, numerous ASAT deployment units would maintain a round the clock vigil in the void above East Africa, while anti-ship and conventional MR-and IC- BM weapons would protect against strategic targets. While those acted as the hammerblow to the Aeon offensive capability, the true killers, the scalpels, would remain in the form of hypersonic strategic and tactical ranged ballistic missiles. Several Rocket Forces and Artillery Divisions worth of assets would be earmarked for deployment and construction to further the cause of African Peace, Unity and Security.

For now, the bases would begin construction, with several kilometer long runways being the first completed objectives of the day. Progress reports would be shown in paper to the AUP defense committee before being purged from the AUP and Aeon networks, and personally burned by the Aeon Liaison. Said liaisons would offer their services to AUP signatory pact members in creating their own bases similar in size and scope to the Aeon COMFOR- pattern facilities, and offer consultation in recommending potential sites for candidacy.

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"I have no idea what Aeon just started on but it sounds good to me. Can someone get me the cliff's notes version?"


The Legion Bosaso AUP Base is a relatively austere and remote location on an isolated stretch of the Red Sea Coast giving the AUP Garrison an excellent vantage point both directions up and down the Red Sea. While it will remain small for awhile the base is expected to grow once adequate resources can be distributed for the proper construction, hardening, and equipping of the site.

Until then a small sad looking selection of portakabins and razor wire are laid out with a communal well. A local jokester places up a sign that reads, "Welcome to Stalag VI.."

[b]General Message to AUP Members[/b]

"The Eastern Federation requested membership in the Pact. I'm inclined to deny them full membership given their lack of being in Africa. However, they are just across the Red Sea and they have a vested interest in having a stable prosperous neighbor.

What I propose for the Eastern Federation is an Associate Status within the Pact. We give them a preferential economic status for their oil exports. We assist them with developing their military. They can elect to assist us with specific military operations at their own request.

This does not give them full access to our internal military development. It does give them a chance to interact with African nations economically and militarily on terms that are favorable to them. It also does not require them to agree to the AUP holding their land in the event their government falls into chaos.

While Legion will act to assist their people in such an event we won't act to create a protectorate outside of the African continent. It's beyond the scope of the African Unity Pact. This means we'll send food, water, and help but we aren't going to be administering a damn thing should their government fall into ruin or despair.

Further, an associate status helps up avoid accusations of spreading influence outside of Africa via military bases on foreign soil. It's a potentially sticky situation and one I'd rather avoid.

Comments? Thoughts? Brickbats?"

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Role call vote for the expulsion of Manticore from the African Unity Pact for initiating hostilities against Canada and compromising African security and putting numerous nation's forces at risk that are in the immediate area with little risk to Manticore's own forces who are quite the distance away.

Legion votes yes for expulsion.

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"I would like to point out that Arabia has been considered a part of Africa by many nations, including my uncle's (Raochin) and also the likes of Rebel Army and Novak. I am all for allowing the Eastern Federation to attain full membership, but I also support the associate status if other members of the group do not agree."

"I also vote yes on the expulsion of Manticore. If they cannot be bothered to coordinate with us their military intentions on the same target as the defunct RoP could then they shouldn't be with us."

"Our main military base outside of our joint city capital of Kinshasa and Brazzaville is currently still under construction, but will be large enough to hold the joint operations of AUP and also be Haven's military command. It can be expanded as needed. I also offer the Naval base at Port Gentil as a base for joint naval operations. We will have a multitude of military complex's around our nation that if requested could also be used for AUP purposes."

- Alexander

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"I'd encourage associate status for now until we come to know the government of the Eastern Federation properly. I use the example of Manticore and the manner in which they just opened fire on Canada without consulting us first and without any regard to the danger it puts our forces in. Do we want to risk such irresponsible unilateralism from a potential treaty partner?

While I won't say that the Eastern Federation is a nation of that nature, but let's let our relationship with them grow over time before rushing headlong into a fully member status.

Also, 2 votes for the expulsion of Manticore from the AUP and no votes against."

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Message to the AUP from Manticore

"On behalf of Queen Elizabeth and her government we would like to express our apologies in not informing the AUP of our missile launch ahead of time. We have reports that may indicate a large naval force is on its way to Africa possibly from Canada and we felt that we needed to strike now before they gathered too large of a defense force. Following brief communication with Legion we have detonated those missiles before impact and will now stand by for their permission before attempting another launch."

"We hope that our fellow African nations will forgive us for this brief lapse in judgement and not expel us from the AUP as we hope to improve relations with all our fellow Africans whether they be neighbours or not. Please allow us to remain to help work together towards making Africa a better place for all Africans as we promise any further military plan are communicated to all AUP members before they are implemented."

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"The Principality would like to inquire upon the status of the African protectorate of Eritrea. We have not noticed any claimants to the people of that region, and due to its proximity to both the Principality and the Red Sea, it would be in all of our best interests if the AUP moves to protect the Eritrean peoples."


Corrinne Teguse, head Liaison Minister between the Principality and the African Unity Pact, would submit a formal proposition to the AUP. Her first proposal, a continent wide had passed with marginal success.

"In conjunction of the creation of the COMFOR- standard AUP bases within the Principality, we would propose a motion to begin construction of a Pact-wide fleet of ultra-heavy transport aircraft. Engineers within MILitary Aviation Complex (MILAC) have already drafted a preliminary design and begun construction on two such vessels.

We believe our indigenous capabilities are adequate enough to full the order of several transports, however, I have been instructed to contract a number of aircraft to be constructed in allied nations, as well as the necessary infrastructure to begin manufacture. It is the Aeon belief that this sharing of technology and infrastructure is a step in the right direction towards realizing the goals of a pan-African technologically advanced society, as suggested by the Imazighen delegation at the Mogadishu Summit."

Teguse would promptly set down a holographic projection device, soon the image of the transport was displayed for the AUP to see.


[left]Name: MILAC C-122 Bestower Ultra-Heavy Strategic Transport
Function: Ultra-Heavy Amphibian Ground-Effect Transport Aircraft

Wingspan: 156 m
Length: 123 m
Maximal Take-off Weight: 2,500 t
Maximal Load: 1,000 t

Payload (7,000 km standard trip): 700 t @ 10km Altitude, 450 t in Ground-Effect Mode
Payload (10,000 km standard trip): 460 t @ 10km Altitude, 300 t in Ground-Effect Mode
Powerplant: 6 x High Performance Propfan rated @ 105 kN each

Cruise Speed: 800 km/h @ 10km Altitude, 450km/h in Ground-Effect Mode
Ferry Range: 15,800 km @ 10km Altitude, 12,700km in Ground-Effect Mode

Runway Take-off Length: 9,300 m[/left][/quote][left]
"This aircraft design concept is ambitious, yes, but not impossible. Does the latest spat of hostilities not promote the growing need of the AUP to swiftly deliver aid, both humanitarian and military to existing and prospective signatory states? The C-122 may become a perfect platform to deliver spacecraft to the upper atmosphere of the African equatorial area. We may use this fleet for landing operations, search and rescue. We are confident that existing major ports may provide sufficient support for operation and anchorage of this seaplane. The Principality has specifically designed COMFOR- pattern AUP bases to come with a nine kilometer long runway specifically tailored for terrestrial deployment and usage of the C-122."


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"Legion changes its vote for expulsion to an abstain for the time being. We feel it is worth giving Manticore another chance as while they did put our forces in incredible danger without consulting us first, they were attempting to act in the best interests of the Unity Pact. We will ask that Manticore practices a bit of caution in the future and perhaps not be so trigger happy."

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The permanent Arctican ambassador to the AUP, Vincent Vance, arrived at the headquarters upon completing all the necessary paperwork.

After introducing himself, he got straight to business. "Given the current war situation in Arctica, we will be unable to commit significant amounts of ground forces to meet our treaty obligations. However, as a token of goodwill, thirty C-130 transports and their crew will be given over to the command of the AUP for easing the burden of any military or humanitarian air transport needed done by the AUP as an organization, or in the case of humanitarian work, to any of its individual member nations."

"Additionally, the seaports of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund in the Protectorate have agreed to lease port facilities for the use of the AUP, the cost of which will be carried by the Union of Arctica. As for bases, we have located one site in Botswana which may be developed into a base. The village of Hukuntsi, in southwest Botswana, is the headquarters for its Sub-District and is thus the most developed out of the villages in the area, as well as being the best candidate for further development. An airfield is present, which might be upgraded and expanded to provide for an air force presence. The climate is not very good, due to extremes in temperature, but we feel that it is the best candidate for further development so that it can support a base economically. Military engineers are already constructing a small fortification near the airfield with intent to expand it if development is approved."

"On the topic of Manticore...Arctica shall abstain from a vote for the moment, given the delicate situation we find ourselves in. We shall also strive to refrain from discussing said situation in the presence of the Manticore representative."

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To: AUP Members
From: King Mandella

Good day to you all. I am the leader of the new nation Atlantis in Africa. I have heard about this union, and I hope that you would be willing to admit my nation into the African Unity Pact

OOC: Sorry for the post, but I had no idea where else I should put it.

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"Legion gives its full support for the proposed transport project. Our part of it will be developing a more modest version that doesn't require a 9 kilometer runway. Further, several stretches of Legion freeway will be reworked for this project. This requires careful thought to the air intakes for the handling of foreign debris, something that is a problem just about everywhere in Africa given the harshness of the climate."

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"The Bestower fleet would gladly operate with the aid of a smaller, tactical fleet of Legion supplied transports. The two lines would effectively work to cancel the short comings of the other. Of course, being the amphibian vessels they are, we would also propose that client states could utilize their own commercial ports to accomodate Bestowers as they arrive. Our work will continue immediately."

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"The Tanzania Federation also fully supports the transport project. We are willing to agree to build a couple of the Bestower Ultra Heavy Transports for use. We would use our naval bases to accommodate them and we hope to use them to primarily resupply our naval vessels instead of relying on a large resupply fleet."

"On the subject of bases we would happily allow an OTH, distant early warning, and space tracking radar network station in our territory."

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