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Darkness Comes to the Meadhall

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Today is a sad day. The heroes of Asgaard will no longer be dining at the table of Odin in Asgaard, but instead we will be moving to the halls of Valhalla. From our DoE on July 17, 2009 we reached great heights. At our peak we were close to 4 million NS, and consistently ranked in the top 10 for average NS, and considered by some to be an elite military alliance.. What could have brought this might empire down? Was it the Ragnarok as was foretold long ago? Unfortunately, I think the Fenrir Wolfe and Midgaard Serpent would have been far easier foes than the ones we found in that awful realm of RL. Try as we might, these mighty foes could not be defeated, and one by one our brothers and sisters succumbed. Before the last of us leaves and the shadows take over Asgaard, we have some people to recognize and thank:

TTK – You were our oldest allies, and fought alongside us. Cyphon, Wiccan and Hawkeye have been great to get to know, and have given us good advice over the years. We raise a flagon of Mead to you and wish you well.

Basketball Ninjas – You all have been great friends and allies, and I hope that will continue in our new home. We have fought along side you, and you are formidable. We wish you well with your new government.

Apparatus – Randalla you have been a great friend to Asgaard for a long time. I have found your council valuable, and look forward to many more late night sessions. Good Luck to you.

Sparta – You were a big part of our move to black, and have given us good council over the years. Good luck on your rebuilding.

Valhalla - We have been friends for a long time, glad we finally got around to treatying with you. We look forward to our new relationship.

Nordreich – You have been good allies, and one of our most communicative. We wish you well.

CRAP – Chuck and Const have been some of our oldest friends,and I wish we could have been allies longer.

NAC – Another of our old friends we recently allied with. Shavar, Rattle and Thom are good people, and loyal allies. I hope to continue our friendship in our new home.

\m/ - While you are no longer around, you helped us tremendously when we moved to black.

FEAR – Alas, we hardly got to know you, but I hope to continue our conversations in our new home.

OBR – Lady Kirke and the rest of her team are amazing when it comes to trades, and I am so glad for their help.

Wolfpack – Another of our long time allies. Good to see your activity coming back.

There are many individuals we owe much thanks to, but listing everyone would be impossible. Suffice it to say, we appreciate everyone's help.


The Aesir:

Lonewolfe2015, Tyr of Asgaard
gambona, Loki of Asgaard
Mustakrakish II, Magni of Asgaard
Commander Thrawn, Heimdall of Asgaard

The Vanir:


for the last time:

o/ Asgaard

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Tis a sad day to see Asgaard's last posting but the thoughts of you guys at Valhalla ease the sorrow. I don't think you could of found a better place to end up, ok I can think of one but that's another story.

Best of luck to all.

\o Asgaard
o/ Valhalla

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Asgaard was one of my favorite alliances out there and I'm extremely sad to see this happen. I had several good memories there. I wish you all good luck in your new home and if any of you need anything you still know where to find me.

(also good to see LW again yesterday)

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The NAC wishes ASGAARD a fine farewell, Gambo , LW and company have always been there when we needed them ..You will be missed .. I am really happy to see you land in a great new home as much as I loved Valhalla before this it has more then doubled now.


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