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Proclamation from the Reichskanzler of Greater Germany


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During these last couple of weeks, I have been watching a particular situation unfold in Grand Papua. We have seen the Grand Papua government launch a campaign of terror against members of their own country just for being affiliated with the Fascist and Nordic Socialist Party. Despite being in a different country, these people are still our comrades, and we still intend to support them one hundred percent, for an attack on one member of the Nordic Socialist Party is an attack on all of Germany!

Therefore, from this day onwards, Grand Papua will find itself in a state of conflict with Greater Germany until the treatment of Nordic Socialist approves. This declaration also extends to associates of Grand Papua. If you support Grand Papua, then you are apart of the problem as well.

Reichskanzler of the Greater German Reich and Leader of all Germanics,
Michael Visari

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Unless Greater Germany happens to be taking responsibilities for the [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=105432&view=findpost&p=2903048"]terrorist[/url] [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=108572"]massacres[/url] that took place in Grand Papua, we find the casus belli to be the most absurd. Come if you wish, although we cannot guarantee you shall leave when you want.

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[i]Although not surprised by this turn of events, the Principality of Gallia proclaims the following: although our waters shall be closed to ships coming from Grand Papua. Any ship found in Gallian waters bearing the seal or flag of Grand Papua shall be subject to search, seizure, and inspection. Should the ship fail to heed three calls to turn back, it will be subject to hostile action from the Gallian Navy.[/i]
~ Alicia Melchiott, Minister of Foreign Affairs

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