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The Corporations Have Won

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Recently, a certain Comrade Hereno posted about some sort "socialist revolution" and attempted to overthrow the capitalist, democratic, and legitimate government of Tetris. The CEO's of the corporations thriving off of the Capitalist Tetris, myself included, would not stand for this attempt at essentially destroying our grand alliance. As such, we opened up our banks and funded a private army to combat the socialists. Needless to say, our private army, with its superior training and high tech weaponry easily smashed the socialists with their puny pistols and rifles.

We purged the socialists until they were nearly all dead, when we discovered a horrible truth. Our dear leader, Ridin_High (aka Logan) not only allowed the uprising, but secretly supported it! We could not let this stand, he could not corrupt our Capitalist Utopia. We proceeded to depose him by force, but we, being merciful corporate [s]overl[/s] enterprises, had mercy on Logan and the socialists as they recognized a socialist utopia is no utopia at all, and that they were wrong in their actions. They have recognized the only utopia is a Capitalist Utopia, and as a gesture of goodwill to our former socialist constituents, we have allowed two of their former leaders to maintain a position of authority in our new, improved Capitalist utopia, which I personally will oversee. To assist me in this endeavor will be my oil controlling friend, ali5541.

Thank you.[/center]

[spoiler]Do to being too busy for CN IRL, Lowgain has stepped down and yours truly is the new supreme overlord of the Tetreich.


Game Developer: USMC123
Project Manager: ali5541
Programmer of Foreign Matters: Vacant (will be handled by USMC until filled)
Programmer of Game Patent: Hereno
Programmer of Components: Tank4ever
Programmer of the Matrix: ali5541
Game Councilors: Rhaemyr, Kenfolk, and Logan[/spoiler]

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I refuse to recognize this decadent, bourgeoisie ruling class claiming authority over the Soviet Socialist Republic of Tetris. D:

Congrats guys!

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/me salutes Tetris Flag
Onward to a Tetris Inc.-owned Future*

*[size="1"]Tetris Flag, Tetris, Its trademarks, members, infra, tech, and Name are the Corporate Property of Tetris Incorporated. Use of said items is here by forbidden under the Law of Tetris Incorporated unless giving permission. [/size]

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[quote name='ali5541' timestamp='1327324290' post='2905458']
Wait what? I got a promotion? and to project manager no less? WHY WASN'T I INFORMED OF THIS BEFORE?!?!?

brb, couping

As a side note, yay us! ^_^

Oh ali... smh

Anyway, looking forward to improving Tetris's image with the world and returning her to her former glory.

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[quote name='Baltus' timestamp='1327370845' post='2905899']
He's had experience in many alliances, I hear. He looks a bit inactive though.

He really is horribly inactive. I shouldn't have to do his job, but it is what it is.

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