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[quote name='Richard VII' timestamp='1327031898' post='2903356']
Shoutouts to Sapper, Juan Castro, holyomgida, Werner Von Bruan, Lord Spanky, dsavo, Yang Wei Ni, Zak, Grizz Goose, Areo Hotah, NewYork77, Endirrrr, kevinh092, DocOctane, MrSheepington, Shadow179, The Lt, Jammy... and whoever else I might have fought. :P

Today is my birthday, in all irony. Thanks for the fun and the memories, IRON. :)

Hey thanks for the casualties.

/o CCC
/o Peace

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I had a great time battling you IRON. You fought well and handled yourself with dignity and treated us with respect. War under these circumstances is so much more enjoyable. I got along greatly with many of you and I wish you speedy rebuilding.

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[quote name='Steve Buscemi' timestamp='1327081026' post='2903660']
Congrats on peace. The longer duration of fighting for most alliances this war was a nice change.
Your an honest man, I can see that in your eyes.

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