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The Wellington Trade Concordant


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The following agreement resulted from diplomatic work conducted at a private summit in Wellington.

[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/97ZI1.jpg[/IMG] [img]http://federation.eagleia.tk/uploads/4/9/1/6/4916134/8306566.png?1326815972[/img]

[size="5"][b]The Wellington Trade Concordant[/b][/size][/center]

In joint recognition of the shared interests and regional proximity of Avalon and New Zealand, both nations here by contract themselves to the following terms.

[b]Section I:[/b] [u]Non-Agression[/u]

Both signatories recognize the sovereignty of their counter-signatory and pledge strict non-interference in the affairs of the other. Both signatories pledge abstinence from any and all forms of aggression and interference which would be directed at the other.

[b]Section II:[/b] [u]Free Trade & Rights of Passage[/u]

1) Both signatories agrees to a bilateral policy of free trade and economic cooperation. Pursuant to this objective, both agree to abolish all tariffs and trade restrictions levied against their counter-signatory.

2) Both signatories grants general free right of passage to all civilian and military marine vessels and air traffic belonging to their counter-signatory. Special exception may be made for declared exclusion zones which are closed to all forms of alien traffic. Such zones must not obstruct or frustrate access to critical international trade routes and the counter-signatory must be given 47 hours prior notification before such zones apply to their vessels and aircraft.

3) New Zealand recognizes the land contained within, the coastline of, and the thirty kilometer strip of ocean surrounding the Avalonian mainland (the Kergulens) as one such exclusion zone.

[b]Section III:[/b] [u]Optional Assistance[/u]

Both signatories reserve the right to offer voluntary military and/or economic assistance to one another should the need arise and a request by the counter-signatory is made. While providing assistance is not required, it is highly encouraged.

[b]Section IV:[/b] [u]Withdrawl[/u]

i) Either signatory may opt to withdraw from this pact at any time by notifying the counter-signatory. Upon notification the pact will remain in effect for a period no less than 47 hours.

ii) In the event that a signatory violates sections I, or II, this pact may be immediately voided by the offended party.

[b]For Avalon:[/b]

[i]Michael Atrevier, Councilor Superior of Avalon[/i]

[b]For New Zealand:[/b]

[i]Elizabeth Victoria, Minister for Foreign Affairs of New Zealand[/i]


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