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So a Time Lord and a Texan walk into a bar

Isaac MatthewII

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[quote name='PresidentDavid' timestamp='1327062188' post='2903526']
Sure. Take a diplomatic flight to Austin and the President can have a talk with you. See you then.

[i]Matt Damon[/i]
[b]Secretary of State[/b]

OOC: Sorry bro I forgot

With that the Lord President took a flight to Texas, personally one of his favorite states because of the attitude of its citizens. As his black jetliner and two Talons landed on the runway his all black Limousin pulled out of the back and he made his way to the presidents office. As he arrived in the presidents office he walked in and shook the presidents hand. "Hello Mr. President, Im John Smith I dont believe weve met in person."

OOC: Its cool :P

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[quote name='PresidentDavid' timestamp='1328465199' post='2915022']
OOC: Bloody hell I am so sorry partner. I must have lost track. I apologize from the bottom of my heart :(


"Howdy Mister Smith. Nice to meet you." a man offered them water. After the refreshments, President Gates would sit in his chair. "So what brings you here?"
"Thank you sir, well I was intrested in some sort of an economic treaty between our nations mostly to develope a relationship between our two nations. What do you think?"

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