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A joint GPF-TDE Announcement


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Hello Cybernations! Today is a historic day. The alliance The Dark Empire over the last months has done very well, but we want to do better for us and our members. Today we will be merging into the Global Protection Force.
Is this because we couldn't handle ourselves? No. It is simply because we know the combination of our two alliances will prove to be amazing and a great place to be!

We are very happy to merge with such nice and amazing people and we look forward to a great future. We would also like to thank TIO for all their help, they were an amazing protectorate, one we were so very lucky to have. Happy two month anniversary TDE, and looking forward to years to come with GPF.

GPF will also protect The Dark Empire AA until each TDE Member has left or we deem it fit to remove our protection


[color="#FF0000"][b]Supreme Quorum[/b][/color]

Secretary-General - Colonel Brick

Deputy Secretary-General - Evella Vada

[color="#008000"]Upper Quorum[/color]

Minister of the Interior - Poppa Clam
Minister of Defense - xR1 Fatal Instinct
Minister of Finance - Cress
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Irule777

[color="#FFA500"]Lower Quorum Delegates[/color]
Speaker: Crackedmind



Forums: http://cn-gpf.info/forum/


[center][b]~Signed For GPF[/b]
Colonel Brick
Evella Vada

[b]~Signed for TDE[/b]

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What a glorious day. We emerge stronger. Will the prosperity to come be vast and plentiful. I believe in this cause, because they believe:

0/ Colonel Brick
0/ Evella Vada
0/ Poppa Clam
0/ xR1 Fatal Instinct
0/ Cress
0/ Irule777
0/ Crackedmind
0/ KingSamuel
0/ Swatch0
0/ JoelJames
0/ Vom53
0/ Markfrancos

0/The Dark Empire
o/Global Protection Force

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[quote name='italiarule' timestamp='1326582602' post='2899714']
Good luck becoming something greater with a deserter in gov.
Gonna miss you TDE

If you only knew what he went through in RL.

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