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An Imperial Decree


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Tumultuous times often give way to new relationships, new avenues of growth and development, and ends of old ways. Events of recent have brought about a new relationship between Government and Membership of Legacy and the New Sith Order.

To make official the new found friendship, we come together to present:


[font="Book Antiqua"][size="3"][b]Sith'ari[/b] - King Adas united the Sith into an empire, establishing peace, spreading intelligence, and occassionally aid throughout the
new empire. Legacy and NSO respect King Adas and have established our own peace, intelligence, and aid rules in his honor.

[b]Vexok savaka[/b] - Legacy and NSO have established mutual defense and optional aggression clauses in an effort to help drive out the Rakata invaders.

[b]Zhol kash dinora, Ja'ak[/b] - If our new empire decides to implode, as it did after King Adas died, it must wait 72 hours before doing so.[/size][/font]

[i]/ Signed /[/i]

Sarmatian Empire ~ Lord
Master Conservative ~ Regent

Spartacus ~ Master of Foreign Affairs

[b]New Sith Order[/b]
Rayvon ~ Emperor
Dilber ~ Dark Lord

Anthony ~ Sith Lord
KirstenMichelle ~ Sith Lord
WorldConqueror ~ Sith Lord

In time honoured tradition of our friends in Legacy, here's a cake for you:


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