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Preserving a Species


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[b]TO:[/b] The Governments of Canada and Sweden
[b]FROM:[/b] Prof. Harold Sharpmind, University of Oslo
[b]SUBJ:[/b] Polar Bear re-population

[i]Dear Sir/Madame,[/i]

My name is professor Harold Sharpmind, I am wrting to you concerning a new plan the Environmental Science Department has developed. We feel that, while there is a great dela of conservation work being done, the Polar Bear species is on the verge of extinction. We would like to take a group of Polar Bears from both Canada and Svalbard, and release them into a nature reserve set up in northern Norway.We would like to send several teams to both Svalbard, Greenland and Northern Canada, to scour the area for suitable polar bears to returne to Norway. We would like to captre 10 bears from each of these regions and being a breading programme.

We thank you for taking the time to consider our request,
[i]Proffessor Harold Sharpmid,
Head of Environmental Science Department,
University of Oslo[/i]

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