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An announcement from the CCC

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hello all, I am here to announce that the CCC has concluded our winter elections. There is a mix of new HC members (such as myself :)) and past HC members. I am happy to be working with each of them for the good of the CCC and CN. The following are the names of the High Councilors of the 17th CCC High Council.

[b]Chancellor:[/b] Shergzus
[b]Vice Chancellor:[/b] Charmander
[b]Minister of Internal Affairs:[/b] Jesus Freak
[b]Minister of Defense:[/b] Les Paul Supreme
[b]Minister of Foreign Affairs:[/b] Xander The Great

[b]The following Chancellors Emeriti are also at your service:[/b]
Jelly Doughnut
Wes The Wise

Please feel free to stop by our [url="http://s7.zetaboards.com/CCC_Forum"]CCC Forums[/url] for religious and political debate, games, competitions, or just to say hi. Or visit our IRC Channel @ #cn-ccc. May the blessings of our Lord be with you all, forever. Amen.

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Congradulations to the new High Council of the CCC! Always fun running an election in the midst of war. It's great to see a nice mix of veterans and new, first time members on the Council as well.

Of course I always love seeing posts by Xander on the OWF anyday :smug:


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