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Presentation of the CN Awards 2011!

Unknown Smurf

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[size="1"][s]EDIT: Not sure why it won't stay centered.. it centers for a second then goes back to left align. If a mod could look into this, I'd appreciate it. [/s] Nevermind, added a bunch of "center" tags and that seemed to do the trick. I guess one center tag for most of the post wasn't enough..[/size]

[b]Alliance of the Year[/b] - Congratulations to Non Grata for winning the alliance of the Year award, it has been considered one of the most prestigious awards this competition has to offer, and I, for one, can't think of many other alliances that are more deserving. Non Grata was non-existant last year and has now blossomed into the #7 overall alliance, despite going through 4 wars. So congrats NG!

[b]Most Powerful Alliance[/b] - No alliance can match the might of the Mushroom Kingdom these days, it's upper tier.. oh wait. Honestly there is nothing special about the Mushroom Kingdom using in-game statistics, but their diplomatic team has done a great job of putting them into position to be considered the premier alliance and the unwavering loyalty of their allies are a testament to that. Also the activity and ability of the alliance also plays a large part in their earning of this award. There is, with little doubt, no other alliance that is as powerful as the Mushroom Kingdom, it's psychedelic.

[b]Best Military[/b] - If I were to ever shudder about anything related to this Planet, it would most definitely be if I were thinking about fighting Umbrella. While we may not have seen much fighting from Umbrella, many seem to believe it is because everyone else is too scared to test this award, I sure as hell won't. Congratulations Umbrella!

[b]Best Rookie Alliance[/b] - Non Grata

Yet another award for Non Grata, I have to admit I did not think you would win this one out considering your competition. And while they did give you a run for your money you won out in the end, so congratulations to you guys. That said, I can definitely see why you guys have earned this award, you have made your mark on CN within a year of being created. A large part of that is a competent leadership and a rapid membership. I expect great things from them in the future.

[b]Most Powerful Bloc[/b] - Pandora's Box. Simply the center of CN. Any one of these alliances has ties to multiple blocs and together they can bring at least half the world if they chose to.

[b]Best Flag[/b] - Sorry Umbrella, my mistake! While you guys do have a great flag, I've got to give another to your allies MK because 80 is bigger than 63, who would have guessed it? Only question is...which flag do I use? ^_^

[b]Most Honorable Alliance[/b] - Not sure what our voters are thinking here as I have never dealt with the Order of the Black Rose, but Hime Themis is great. They might not go to bat for you no matter what like the runner up STA, but they've definitely shown the world they are as honorable as it gets, probably through diplomatic efforts, but again, I can't be sure! Congratulations regardless.

[b]Best Diplomatic Team[/b] - As mentioned above, this alliance has proven that they are willing and able to win over the hearts of many, and without further ado I'd like to present the award to Mushroom Kingdom. [/center]

[b]Best Economic System[/b] - Umbrella is known for having the upper tier advantage, but where does that come from? Well tech, of course. Umbrellas economic system should be envyed by any alliance as they are not only able to import massive amounts of tech (90% slot efficiency I heard!), but when they need to they can pump billions of dollars into [s]GOONS[/s] their allies!

[b]Best Recruiting Staff[/b] - This alliance is the one I had chosen for best rookie alliance. Coming from seemingly nowhere, this alliance is on the verge of gaining a sanction spot due to the fact that they are great recruiters and are able to get above that 200 mark! I expect great things from them, and I'm sure this isn't the last of the awards they will receive!

[b]Best Propaganda Staff[/b] - Mushroom Kingdom[/center]

[b]Scariest Alliance[/b] - Umbrella. Enough said. Crapping in my pants right now because I'm afraid I might upset them with this post.

[b]Best Alliance Growth[/b] - IRON. Despite being at the forefront of this current global war and involved in the one earlier this year, IRON has posted impressive numbers. They have gain 87 members, and regrown to almost take the second overall spot in the sanction race! What are you guys injecting into yourselves? Seriously.

[b]Best War Flag[/b] - Mushroom Kingdom. Do I need to say more. Just look at this beaaute.[/center]

[b]Best Forums[/b] - Honestly I wasn't much of a fan when I went there during the ODN/MK membership exchange, but I wasn't there long and I guess I did not stop to smell the roses. The world has agreed, these forums are as good as it gets; fits the alliance if these awards are any indicator. :v:

[b]Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2012[/b] - IRON. Can't argue with this. The growth they have shown is most impressive, but not as much as the splash they have made in the foreign affairs department! Not only have they centered a bloc around themselves, they have also made significant allies across the world effectively making them the cornerstone of any good coalition.. Some have even gone as far as calling this the IRON age, watch out MK!

[b]Most Immoral Alliance[/b] - Mushroom Kingdom. Seriously these guys are the worst. One day they are your best allies, doing everything for you, and the next they are canceling all their treaties! There was once an alliance that switched sides for these guys in a war because they got preempted, and then MK convinced the alliance that pre-empted them to declare war on the ally that switched sides a while later!! I would never trust these guys, but then again I've never been approached by their all-star diplomatic team.

[b]Most Controversial Alliance[/b] - Mushroom Kingdom. For the same reason above! One day they will be completely immoral and screw you over, but the next they have their diplomats all but making love to you! If CN had a woman alliance, this one would be it! But like all women, you can't live with 'em, you can't live without 'em. [/center][center]

[b]Player of the Year[/b] - Taking down an alliance known for its military ability basically single-handily is no easy task, but Vlad was able to throw his weight around ( tubby :wub: ) and get it done. Its no contest, he is the [s]weakest link[/s] player of the year.

[b]Most Powerful Player[/b]+[b]Best Alliance Leader[/b] - He doesn't lead MK, but he used to be the MoFA there and as mentioned above, (one of) their (main) strength is their diplomatic team. By heading that Ardus has done an amazing job of showing the world how much he can do for an alliance and due to it he has gained the power to dimish the power of other blocs despite hard fought military victories. Alright fine thats a stretch :gag:. Congrats regardless Ardus, I might be able to eventually come around to you as the Sith Embassy suggests I (and everyone else) will, if you get rid of that pony avatar.

[b]Most Controversial Player[/b] - One man has stood above all others as the primary target for the rest of the world. This global war has basically been because of him, its those that love him (and those that love those who love him) versus those that hate him when you break it down to the purest form and that is why the people have chosen him to receive this award.

[b]Best Player Sig[/b] - Humor, intellect, wit, fear, arousal, perfection, Umbrella. Is there anything this sig does wrong? The community doesn't think so, and I have to agree. It's quite sexy. Congratulations, yet again 1%.

[b]Best Player Avatar[/b] - SirWilliam. A skeleton smoking a cigar in a suit. Whats better than that? Well a skeleton smoking a cigar in a suit with !@#$ of course, but noone has that avatar so we'll just have to give it up to SirWilliam. Congrats!

[b]Best Poster[/b] - If you're ever feeling blue, read a post from RV, his prose, diction, and impressive debate skills will be sure to make you feel better about yourself! Unless, of course, you're the one he's posting about...
[b]Nicest Player[/b] - Bros2. A guy so nice he provided me with an image for his award! Seriously what would we do without you? Half of the alliances wouldn't have forums, thats for sure, but more than that we'd probably never believe in rainbows, santa or puppy dogs without him reminding us there is "nice" in this world. Well deserved award!

[b]Funniest Player[/b] ---> Keep getting an error when I try to sort this alphabetically. So.. I guess I'll try later on this one. I'd manually count but.. :effort: Sorry! From a glance it looks like Rebel Virginia has this in the bag, but its not official as of now.

[b]Most Active Player[/b] - This guy is around so much, its a huge shock whenever he doesn't do the sanction race! Thanks a lot for doing that, and just being around gopher. Sorry you won't waste more time on this and do these awards... maybe next time !

[b]Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2012[/b] - This guy is the newly crowned prince of the most powerful (among other things) alliance around! Of course hes gonna achieve greatness, was that ever in doubt?

[b]Best New Addition to the Community[/b] - Unknown Smurf -- Hey I should get something for spending hours upon hours on this thing right? Aside from the complaints that is -_-

[b]Most Hated Poster[/b] - Xiphosis. Controversy sells, but probably because people are trying to find out about you because you're supposed to keep your enemies closer... Along with the most controversial award, I'd like to presert Xiph with the Most Hated poster award, I'm sure you're not surprised :blush:

[b]Best Declaration of War (Alliance)[/b] - Earlier this year we had quite a few alliances air their past grievances by declaring war upon the New Pacific Order, so this award goes to those guys. FAN/NoR/GOONS/MK, hope you had fun dancing on that grave! (P.S. I wanted to use that image for the award but I can't find it, if anyone has it, please PM it to me. Thanks.)

[b]Best Declaration of War (in-game war screen)[/b] - "Abandon Ship!!" (DoW on Teddyyo), need I say more?

[b]Best Wall of Text[/b] - Ardus' FOK embassy post was very long, so long I couldn't read the whole thing without a couple naps :awesome: But I guess people liked what they saw, but I sure as hell don't remember it (aside from that one line)! Regardless, congrats!

[b]Best CN Meme[/b] - "Did you Polar really too stupid to read." Tried and true, this award should go to Bob Sanders who I believe was the one who coined this phrase. Best of luck getting out of the shadow of this one Bob.
[b]Best OWF Topic[/b] - "This Week in SF" RV. Really all I can say about this is lol. This easily could have been the most entertaining thread I've skimmed in my time here.

[b]Biggest Controversy[/b] - MK/VE Ultimatum || World Police Attempt. MK and VE were very upset that they couldn't play and decided to try and pull a USA but unfortunately it didn't work out too well for them. Or did it? Who knows? It's outcome is still a controversy..

[b]Funniest Event[/b] - One of the most common bed time stories we all heard growing up in CN was the ineptitude that was the Legion military. Because of that the fact that Tetris, NSsO, BTA, and IAA couldn't bring down that 'mighty' army was even more hilarious than any of us could ever imagine. Thanks for the laughs, NSO&co!

[b]Most Entertaining IRC Channel[/b] - #mushroom. Being in this chan is like suckling the power teat. And who doesn't like suckling teats? Seriously the best thing to do if you're on iRC is to just watch the hilarity that is #mushroom.

[b]Best Treaty Announcement[/b] - The only thing better than a funny treaty has to be the hilarity that is being afraid to announce it, therefore we present this award to TOP, for informing us of this Polar treaty in the best way imaginable.
[b]Worst Diplomatic Move [/b]- Now anyone who looks at a MDP web can see what Fark was thinking, but that logic only works if humans weren't involved in the retaliatory process. Not only did this move end up causing alliances that could have potentially been on your side in this coalition fight onto the other side, it was perceived as if you were not defending your ally, Polaris! Poor show Fark! [size="1"]I'm sure you had a great time doing it though so I can't really blame you[/size]

[b]Best Player Quote[/b] -
"I envision a world where Mjolnir's influence is nominal despite a hard earned military victory." From mjolnir sigs to my (usually) incoherent ramblings, we've seen this quote used everywhere and therefore it has won the Best Player Quote award this time. Congrats.

[b]Best IRC Log[/b] - "Sardonic[GOONS]: I wish I understood girls like I did the treaty web" Don't we all Sardonic, don't we all.

[b]Largest E-Peen[/b] I wasn't really sure what this category meant. Is E-peen derogatory? I took it to mean so, a synonym of egotistical, but I don't think many others took it that way. Upon speaking to some I've found that they mean for it to mean 'the legitimate support for one's ego' and I could see where the come from with that. Regardless, congrats Schatt, you deserve it.

[b] Best Villain[/b] - Only two things go hand in hand with most hated poster and controversial, its Villain and Xiphosis, congrats again man.

[b]Most Missed Player (Player that has gone inactive/quit)[/b] - The one who rid this world of the tyranny that was the New Pacific Order, and brought his alliance to great heights is the one that is the most missed in this world. He has recently returned to us, but even still we miss him. Welcome back Archon, don't be a stranger, I don't think our hearts can bare it.

[b]Best WaterCooler Thread [/b]- "Kingzog meets" - I've never been one to venture into the water cooler, unless I need some medical advice, so I had no idea what to expect with the nominees of this award, but I was pleasantly surprised. All three nominees were within a few votes of each other, but "Kingzog meets" won out in the end. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it if you're looking for a good laugh!

So congratulations to all and a special congratulations to Mushroom Kingdom for winning the most votes of all the awards in the Best Propoganda category! The final tallies are below for those that are interested.


Sorry for the delay!

Votes: [url=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqaCrij7SLiidC1tZEpyWnVOT1l3ODNvd0tVbVNKNkE]here[/url]

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Top Posters In This Topic

[b]Alliance of the Year[/b]

Apparatus - 16
Deinos - 40
Legion - 29
MK - 77
NG - 91
Nor - 31
TOP - 55
Umbrella - 51

[b]Most Powerful Alliance[/b]

IRON - 44
MK - 103
NG - 73
Nor - 28
TOP - 32
Umbrella - 93
VE - 19
[b]Best Military[/b]

Fark - 16
FOK - 4
GOONS - 11
IRON - 29
MK - 64
NEW - 27
NG - 69
Nor - 34
NPO - 18
TOP - 31
Umbrella - 100

[b]Best Rookie Alliance[/b]

Deinos - 111
Mortal Wombat - 20
Non Grata - 165
The Dark Empire - 24
TGE - 19
TLR - 56

[b]Most Powerful Bloc[/b]

C&G - 63
Mjolnir - 50
PB - 172
PF - 65
XX - 29

[b]Best Flag[/b]

Deinos - 20
Europa - 24
Fark - 25
GOONS - 22
MHA - 10
MK - 80
Nor - 45
NPO - 38
TLR - 41
Umbrella - 63
VE - 13

[b]Most Honorable Alliance[/b]

Apparatus - 46
NSO - 60
Order of the Black Rose - 115
RIA - 34
STA - 96

[b]Best Diplomatic Team[/b]

Deinos - 37
GOONS - 17
IRON - 61
MK - 104
NPO - 83
ODN - 20
Umbrella - 41

[b]Best Economic System[/b]

GOONS - 21
MK - 76
NPO - 66
Polaris - 30
Umbrella - 161

[b]Best Recruiting Staff[/b]

Deinos - 120
IRON - 91
MHA - 36
MK - 79
The Legion - 28

[b]Best Propaganda Staff[/b]

MK - 219
New Polar Order - 52
TGE - 38
Umbrella - 53

[b]Scariest Alliance[/b] -

GOONS - 21
MK - 75
NG - 80
NoR - 33
Dark Templar - 18
TOP - 42
Umbrella - 112

[b]Best Alliance Growth[/b] -

Deinos - 120
GOP - 26
IRON - 124
Umbrella - 99

[b]Best War Flag[/b] -

Carpe Diem - 45
Europa - 82
MK - 159
TFD - 58

[b]Best Forums[/b] -

IRON - 55
MK - 105
ODN - 31
RIA - 28
Legion - 24
TOP - 42
Umbrella - 58

[b]Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2012[/b] -

Deinos - 88
Fark - 25
FOK - 17
IRON - 94
NPO - 80
ODN - 44
VE - 17

[b]Most Immoral Alliance[/b] -

Commonwealth Of Sovereign Nations - 61
GOONS - 79
MK - 101
Polaris - 57
Non Grata - 97

[b]Most Controversial Alliance[/b] -

FOK - 12
MK - 130
NpO - 81
Non Grata - 101
TOP - 21
VE - 35

[b]Player of the Year[/b] -

Ardus - 82
Mary The Fantabulous - 57
Roq - 64
Sardonic - 31
Vladimir Stukov II - 120

[b]Most Powerful Player[/b] -

Ardus - 124
Impero - 38
Johnny Apocalypse - 55
Roq - 50
Sardonic - 64

[b]Best Alliance Leader[/b] -

Ardus - 95
Cheyenne - 29
Johnny Apocalypse - 58
OsRavan - 34
Rush Sykes - 49
Sardonic - 65

[b]Most Controversial Player[/b] -

Ardus - 60
Crymson - 30
Rebel Virginia - 80
Roq - 32
Schattenmann - 42
Xiphosis - 111

[b]Best Player Sig[/b] -

Melancholy Culkin - 33
Bingo - 29
Buzz Lightyear - 36
Mjolnir Sigs - 48
Schattenmann - 32
Teh 1337 Guy - 79
Umbrella - 96

[b]Best Player Avatar[/b] -

RV - 139
SirWilliam - 192

[b]Best Poster[/b] -

Ardus - 90
BobJanova - 49
Delta1212 - 29
Jerdge - 24
Rebel Virginia - 91
Schattenmann - 59

[b]Nicest Player[/b] -

Bros2 - 96
Hime Themis - 92
Liz - 33
Omniscient1 - 34
OsRavan - 45
White Chocolate - 29

[b]Funniest Player[/b]

--> Keep getting an error when I try to sort this alphabetically. So.. I guess I'll try later on this one. I'd manually count but.. :effort:

[b]Most Active Player[/b] -

Gopherbashi - 112
Mogar - 46
Roquetin - 73
RushSykes - 57
SuperCoolYellow - 49

[b]Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2012[/b] -

Cheyenne - 44
OsRavan - 27
SirWilliam - 52
Teh 1337 Guy - 108
Unknown Smurf - 57
Yevgeni - 39

[b]Best New Addition to the Community[/b] -

Aeros - 84
Poldora - 41
Unknown Smurf - 167

[b]Most Hated Poster[/b] -

Crymson - 24
D34th - 68
HeroOfTime55 - 38
KriekFreak - 27
Mogar - 23
Rebel Virginia - 32
Rotavele - 19
Schattenmann - 37
SuperCoolYellow - 23
Xiphosis - 89

[b]Best Declaration of War (Alliance)[/b] -

Dark Templar declaring on CSN - 28
DoomHouse/FAN/NoR pre-empting NPO - 107
Fark pre-empting NPO - 25
Legion on Tetris - 31
RIA declaring for both sides - 24 (VE/Polaris War)
Team Rocket - 18
TLR declaring on Fark - 18
TOP declaring on Polaris - 54
UPN (too drunk) - 64

[b]Best Declaration of War (in-game war screen)[/b]

"Abandon Ship!!" (DoW on Teddyyo) - 137
"C.R.E.A.M? Try TREAM" - 38
"Farkin' With Erection" - 77
"VE will. VE will. Rock you." - 83

[b]Best Wall of Text[/b] -

"For too long..." - 51
"The Story thus Far" - 42
Ardus' FOK Embassy Post - 157
Doitzels Random Rant - 72

[b]Best CN Meme[/b] -

"Did you Polar really too stupid to read" - 102
"I heard about this ... ago" - 77
"Lolegion" - 45
Did you check with MK? - 88
Posting this will get me warned. - 22

[b]Best OWF Topic[/b] - VE/MK Ultimatum

"Not A Spy anymore" Jermani - 64
"SF Q&A" - 79
"This Week in SF" RV - 104
VE/MK Ultimatum - 89

[b]Biggest Controversy[/b] -

Ardus' Post on FOK forums - 56
CSN-DT Reps - 64
DH/NoR/FAN attacking NPO - 72
Legacy switching sides - 17
Legion-Tetris/NSO Incident (spying) - 30
MK/VE Ultimatum || World Police Attempt - 104

[b]Funniest Event[/b] -

NSO(&Co.) losing to the Legion - 104
OP/GOD War - 58
RIA/Polaris treaty - 64
This Week in the Network posts ODN election results before ODN knows/finalizes them - 80

[b]Most Entertaining IRC Channel[/b] -

#bootleg - 37
#mushroom - 117
#ODNmafia - 23
#RIA - 37
#stoners - 74
#TLR - 27

[b]Best Treaty Announcement[/b] -

Deinos/TLR (Literally the Nerdiest Treaty Ever) - 51
Europa/GOONS - 26
Fark/Polaris ODP - 73
Mjolnir Formation - 71
RIA/Polaris MDoAP - 29
XX Formation - 32

[b]Worst Diplomatic Move [/b]-

"Ponies" - 52
CSN-DT Reps - 57
Fark attacking NPO - 72
MK/VE World Police Attempt - 37
Polaris/RIA MDoAP - 52
Tetris Spying on the Legion/handling of the situation - 30
VE not honoring MADP with GOD - 52

[b]Best Player Quote[/b] -

"I envision a world where Mjolnir's influence is nominal despite a hard earned military victory." Ardus - 133
"IRON is falling in pieces" D34th - 56
"Joe Stupid Is like the Rain Man. He has his moments of brilliance, but still mostly retarded" -81
"That was pretty unnecessary" Xiphosis - 69

[b]Best IRC Log[/b] -
[2011-07-24 00:52:55] <Nya> ...is it alright to go out with more than one woman? [2011-07-24 00:53:02] <Nya> As I'm currently seeing a police officer and a nurse. [2011-07-24 00:54:29] <Piro-chan> Personally I'd say don't go for polygamy, but if you can pull off a harem situation, go ahead. - 24



Sardonic[GOONS]: I wish I understood girls like I did the treaty web - 182

[b]Largest E-Peen[/b]

Ardus - 72
Goldie - 12
Impero - 49
Omniscient1 - 29
Roquentin - 48
Sardonic - 47
Schattenmann - 74

[b]Best Villain[/b]

Ardus - 106
Crymson - 52
NSO - 41
Xiphosis - 140

[b]Most Missed Player (Player that has gone inactive/quit)[/b]

Archon - 118
Cortath - 13
Electron Sponge - 66
GinoTheRoman - 16
Ivan Moldavi - 75
KingZog - 49
SeasonsOfLove - 11

[b]Best WaterCooler Thread [/b]- 2012 GOP Nominees

"Kingzog meets" ( http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=102855 ) - 111
2012 GOP Nominees - 108
Paradox Interactive thread - 91

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Yeah, so I'm late. Took longer than expected to count votes, I have ~6 categories left to count then I gotta format the post, so we're looking at closer to update time. Probably 15 before.

On a side note, if people could stop opening the doc for now, I'd appretiate it, I'll leave it up but it's going really slow since so many people are viewing it.

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I am disappoint.


Here's an idea, why don't you edit the results into the OP instead of the subsequent post, yeah?

Also, I vote for Gopherbashi to compile the stats.

Finally, are the CN Awards usually controversial? If not, why is it different this year?

Edited by Farnsworth
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[quote name='Farnsworth' timestamp='1326350166' post='2897949']
I am disappoint.


Here's an idea, why don't you edit the results into the OP instead of the subsequent post, yeah?[/quote]

The OP is the presentation of the awards (just the winners) and the subsequent post is the tally of the votes (includes all runner ups).

[quote]Also, I vote for Gopherbashi to compile the stats.[/quote]

He doesn't want to.

[quote]Finally, are the CN Awards usually controversial? If not, why is it different this year?
I don't know, I wasn't around last year. I thought it was controversial because so many people complained to me.

[quote name='Chief Savage Man' timestamp='1326356533' post='2897987']
While I appreciate and agree with the award, I have to mention that Umbrella's flag was designed before Umbrella even had any allies so I don't quite understand what you mean by that.

Similar to the Genmay flag... they were your close allies right? I'm not exactly sure what happened there because CN wikia jumps around a bit in that time period but I assumed they were your original protectors or something..?

Edited by Unknown Smurf
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[quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1326357338' post='2897993']
I demand a recount :colbert:.

you'll always be my player of the year

e: Genmay were not allies of Umbrella at any point, Genmay did not exist when Umbrella was founded.

Nice effort on the little tidbits for each award though.

Edited by Chief Savage Man
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