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Recruit me?

Ael Aluciz

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[quote name='Seryxel' timestamp='1326307843' post='2897475']
Looking to be recruited!

I've got rather annoying resources (wheat and spices) and don't really want to have to change from Purple team unless I have to to set up a good trade.


There's nothing wrong with wheat & spices and resources are changeable now, so pretty much anyone should be able to get you into a circle.

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Oceania is where its at.. Other AAs cant compete [img]http://files.sharenator.com/Clever_Awesome_Smiley_The_Awesome_Smiley_Collection-s758x800-75882-580.png[/img]

[url="http://www.edsmatrix.net/adude/index.php"]Click Here[/url]

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What do you seek in an alliance?

Do you seek peace? If yes, Pax Corvus may be the alliance for you.
Our wiki entry can be found here: http://cybernations....wiki/Pax_Corvus
We value integrity, community, neutrality and equality.

Pax is also home to Marine Sniper, one of the best trade circle coordinators on CN. Members of the black team have a website set up dedicated to getting you the trades you want.

Visit us at http://s4.zetaboards...x_Corvus/index/

Come for the coffee
Stay because it's home.

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