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The ground beneath your feet is shaking


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[center][b]The “Tsunami Accords” [/b][/center]

[center][b]Oceania – Avalanche oDAP[/b][/center]

Realizing the potential force of water and ice, Oceania and Avalanche have decided to get their feet wet before taking the plunge. Accordingly; they agree to the following:

[center][b]Early Warning[/b][/center]

Should either party hear of an impending big wave, they must notify the other party as to the direction the wave will go.


Ocean + Snow = basically the same thing. The parties agree to settle differences by splashing about harmlessly.


Should either party feel as though they are lacking oxygen or hydrogen, the other party is strongly encouraged but not bound to give some spare elements to the other party.

[center][b]Tsunami Generation[/b][/center]

Should either party become compromised or need to unleash the force of its might, the other party may be asked to combine energy to clear a destructive path, but are not obligated to do so.

[center][b]Global Warming[/b][/center]

Should either party feel as though relations are drying up, they may cancel these accords after giving the other party 72 hours notice.

[b]Signed for Oceania[/b]

- Big Brother -

Stelios - [b]Minister of Love[/b]
Mikeyrox - [b]Minister of Plenty[/b]
ADude - [b]Minister of Peace[/b]

[i]Freestlye - Channel Stealer[/i]

[b]Signed for Avalanche[/b]

[b]Alpine Patroller[/b] - Minion Rouse

[b]Nordic Patroller[/b] - SirDog

[b]Mountain Host[/b] - Sir Exodus

[b]Auxiliary Patrollers[/b] -
[b]Nitropenta[/b] - Tech Deals
[b]Melchizedek [/b]- Military
[b]Twitty[/b] - Recruiting

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Onwards to a great future for both of our alliances!

o/ Oceania
o/ Avalanche


Edited by Stelios
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[quote name='Drai' timestamp='1326254304' post='2897213']
Some serious magnitude


Where did you find that Community .gif and where can I get more?

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[quote name='Sir Exodus' timestamp='1326252051' post='2897184']

o/ Far <--- for the hell of it

Damn straight, S.Ex! Nothing but good things for us since you guys came over.

Also, in all honesty, I think Oceania's flag looks pretty kick ass.

Praise for AVALANCHE.
Praise for Oceania.
Praise for... molecules.

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Yes. It is shaking... and soon it will shake even more and more. New ideas and guidance; a new way of making politics and

friendship,and ... the OTHER things...! INFLUENCE has branched out even another way and mean of playing The Game...!

Small is relegated to the size of your shirt, undies,and... that too... From Now on, make a good second take on[size="4"]... US !

________***'TILL VICTORY 'N BEYOND***________

o/OCEANíA !!!

[/size] Edited by HDSupreme
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