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[b]Aperture Science Laboratories Headquarters - San Jose, California[/b]

This begins the vaunted story of science... of daring science by a group of scientists in California whom have gathered quietly under the banner of Aperture Laboratories here in San Jose. Their leader was self-proclaimed CEO Cave Johnson. The power of Aperture was very deep in California, no environmental regulations, massive tax breaks, discreet government earmarks, all provided by supporters of the laboratories in the government. It went even so far that President Colin Farren didn't want to know what was going on there as long as nothing got into the public's view, so he allowed Cave Johnson free reign to operate in California. Over the decades before the formation of California as a protectorate of JAndres, science was given a chance here in this discreet suburb of San Francisco. The instability after the collapse of JAndres lead to Aperture Laboratories to quietly perform it's work over the years as successive governments came and left. Now things were changing in Cave Johnson's view... the fourth CEO of Aperture Laboratories since it's founding back in the early 21st century. They had the power, now they needed to gather more talent and explore things they've never done before.

[u][i]Aperture Grand Meeting Room - 9 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, Private[/i][/u]

"Ladies and gentlemen," started Cave Johnson. "Welcome to our 27th annual board meeting for Aperture Laboratories. It's been many years since we've been publicly known to the world and for them to know about our work. Today. We're going public on the local stock exchange to garnish support of more investors locally and globally to continue our work in SCIENCE. We've perform brilliant work in advancements in AI, cake, and personal safety devices. Currently, our long-term outlook is to continue our work in artificial intelligence systems, better cake, polar phenomena, and military applications. We've long been a profitable venture and our hope it will continue to do so as a public company. Remember, we're a trusted friend in science."

The meeting continued on with slide shows of the current work and profit charts so far. Meanwhile, the board windows stared out towards the vast underground facility of the laboratories.

[u][i]Drogheda Stock Exchange - Next morning 8:30 AM PST, Public Announcement via Local Channel 5 DBKO News[/i][/u]

"The buzz today at the Drogheda Stock Exchange is a newly unveiled IPO by Aperture Science Laboratories that was nearly two years in the making. Not much was known before about Aperture Science Laboratories (Stock symbol - ACLB) except it has been here in California as a private company for a very long time. The initial public offering for the company is $1.2 billion as it disclosed heavy amounts of shareholders by various corporate companies and wealth individuals that have contributed to ACLB while private. We've had a chance to talk to it's CEO Cave Johnson with this short interview here.

-Reporter "Yes, Joe, I'm with CEO of Aperture Laboratories Cave Johnson. What do you think of the IPO of your company?"

- Cave Johnson "We're pleased with the reception we're getting with this, we believe most new shareholders will be glade to see their wealth go up even higher as we push forward to better mankind with our research."

- Reporter "May I ask what sort of research?"

- Cave Johnson "Of course, we pursue all worthy ventures in all scientific fields. Materials science, artificial intelligence, space, astronomy, food tasting... I must note we have a scientific staff devoted to making better tasting cake. We have a motto, we do what we must, because we can."

- Reporter "Interesting... we'll there you have it folks, a taste of Aperture Science folks. Back to you Joe."

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[quote name='Generalissimo' timestamp='1326252932' post='2897198']
Procinctia politely presents this following inquiry; is Aperture Laboratories' IPO in any way related to the defunct Aperture Science company/country?

A pre-prepared statement to Procinctia was given this reply, "No, this IPO is not in any way to previous Aperture Science company/nation. We have no interest in governing last, but to advance scientific research."

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[b]Aperture Science Alternative Energy Campus - Remote Location west of Redding, California[/b]

The pack of SUVs left the local Aperture Science Offices in Redding, California onto Highway 299 west into the Coastal Range toward Eureka. In the large forests of Northern California was the center of new development of advances in various alternative energy; however, this location was for wind energy test demonstrations. The campus was relatively small for a research center as it was built mostly underground from a structure of a nice looking cabin mansion from space. Really, all of Aperture Science's remote facilities were to be not noticeable to satellites and to just blend in with their surroundings.

From ground level, there was a chain link fence with twisted barbed wire surrounding the house in a half mile in each direction. Actually, the entry would seem to be like an entry to a celebrity's mansion with a brick wall and a security post with a wrought steel gate. The perimeter further inside would have motion-detectors and the road itself had key-activated security rods 500 m. up to stop any vehicle short of a military armored vehicle. Trees and short ditches would surround the road leading in. While Aperture Science had a dedicated military division of research, it wasn't here, it's just the private company took great lengths to be known for it's security. It couldn't count on any government to protect them, they've seen too many come and go through there time to let their guard down.

The cabin, built back in 1995, had a circular paved turnaround area to where the SUV convoy stopped. About two dozen men and women stepped out and walked inside. Around the facility were forests; however, to the southeast were conventional wind turbines that had three turbines powering the facility outside of the solar panels on top of the cabin. The group walked into the entry, simulating a lobby, but smaller with a double-door to downward stairs to the larger 2-story underground work and conference area measuring 10,000 sq. ft combined into a hillside. The group took on lab coats and settled down into a small conference room for 12. The underground addition was done back in 2035.

"Fellow scientists, welcome to the Alternative Energy Campus for Wind Power Technologies. Here in this range, we test to improve the efficiency of wind power techniques currently in existence and ones that are on the drawing board. Today, we have Jacod Rolan, Head of New Wind Tech here with us to speak today." spoke Timothy Dellgur, Chief of Alternative Energy Department. "Mister Rolan, has some promising technology for us to review, are you ready Scientist Rolan?" Dellgur inquired.

"Indeed Mister Dellgur, I present to you today, Project Windstalk." Rolan started, taking the pause to start his Powerpoint presentation. "Okay, in short, Project Windstalk is to promote wind energy away from noisy, bird-killing, large land footprint, and large bladed turbines in existence to blade-less turbines." Rolan explained.

One scientist chimed in, "Blade-less technology? How? And power output?"

Rolan replied, "All excellent questions, sir. Each stalk will contain alternating layers of electrodes and ceramic discs made from piezoelectric material, which generates a current when put under pressure. In the case of the stalks, the discs will compress as they sway in the wind, creating a charge. Since the thin stalks sway in the wind, there is no mechanical friction. Plus, power output is comparable with existing technology today, but with square footage required it is estimated. As the technology matures, it should surpass conventional wind turbines in terms of power output."

A picture would show a rendition of a Windstalk farm on the next slide.


"We expect to have a demonstration facility up and running in a year's time to prove this technology if it approved by the company's finance department. Do you know of our status Dellgur?" Rolan inquired.

"Indeed, I had word before I came up here for the project Rolan, it is tentatively approved for demonstration purposes. If successful, we'll court several private companies to build this commercially." Dellgur answered.

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[b] Aperture Laboratories Headquarters - San Jose, California[/b]

It was another day at the Aperture Science Headquarters with the grounds abuzz with scientists strolling around to conduct various official, non-experimental business for the most part of the 16 floor building. On the 15th floor of the Complex, laborers were putting the final touches to a new division for the Laboratories for polar research. The new hires were spread out across 15th floor preparing reports as the new boss, Doctor Gregory Malcone, Ph.D. exited the elevator to his corner office. In front of the elevators was a reception desk followed by a wall with doors flanking each side into the main work area. Doctor Malcone walked briskly to the desk to one of the two secretaries manning the desk and asked, "Morning, ladies. Any news today on our contractors in Sweden, Ms. Ulenski?"

"Yes, Doctor Malcone, a fax from Karlskrona AB just arrived this morning. Your aide is waiting for you to brief on the completion of the project," replied Ms. Ulenski.

"Thank you. I'll talk to you later." Malcone said pleasantly, while turning left to another corridor leading to his office.

The office could see the rest of the work area, but its main entrance was completely separated from all the other workers who could enter through a side door. Malcone smiled every time he looked at the door leading into his office, being somewhat smug of his title, [i]Dr. Gregory Malcone, Ph.D, Director of Polar Research[/i]. He took off his thin overcoat as he entered his office and greeted his aide. "Good news I assume Evan?"

"Indeed doctor, the Swedes have completed the icebreakers on schedule and within budget. They are awaiting our crew to undergo initial training before the ships embark on their journey to California." stated Evan Sheehan, an experienced aide who worked at Aperture for 3 years, as he handed Malcone the fax.

"Very good Evan, you'll have to cancel all upcoming meetings I had scheduled since the Swedes have finished. I want to observe the maiden journey of the laboratories' icebreakers. Tell the crew we've hired to be assembled at San Jose Airport immediately for departure to Sweden within the next 24 hours. We'll be leaving this instant to fly ahead of them. I'll leave some instructions to Assistant Director Nancy Scofield to complete in my absence." Malcone briskly replied as his wrote furiously some instructions to his assistant director, "Let's not keep the Swedes waiting."

Doctor Malcone and Evan left the Complex to awaiting black sedans to be whisked to the San Jose Airport where a Gulfstream X jet awaited them. After the brief pre-flight checks, the pilot took off to Sweden and the icebreakers. Meanwhile, in San Jose, a reply message was sent to Karlskrona AB to notify them of Aperture Laboratory personnel set to arrive very soon in Gothenburg.


[b]San Jose Airport - 5 Hours after Doctor Malcone left[/b]

Several buses rolled to a stop outside of the international terminal of San Jose Airport. It was a fairly small airport with it recently coming under control of the Port of Greater Drogheda to serve the need of increasing air traffic around Drogheda. Men and some women stepped out of the buses with their few belongings in suitcases inside. Once assembled Laboratory personnel, dressed in the typical white lab coats, gathered the initial skeleton crew into a seating area to hand them their tickets and a short briefing before departing. In all honesty, the Laboratory was still hiring more crew and scientists for whatever upcoming tasks they were assigned to do. They finally boarded an awaiting MD-12 and departed for Gothenburg.

[b]To: Aperture Science Laboratories, San Jose, California
From: Karlskrona AB - National Shipbuilding Corporation of Sweden - Civilian Procurement Division

Subject: Icebreaker Contract Completion[/b]

Salutations, Mr. Johnson,

We are happy to report to Aperture Science Labs the completion of their icebreaker contract, comprising two vessels. The vessels have undergone sea trials and have been approved to hand off to your personnel, which we ask you to pick them up in Gothenburg. We would like to offer your personnel the chance to undergo a week-long training with the Swedish Coast Guard personnel, which provide our sea trial staff. This is a standard procedure for specialized vessels, and allows the new crews to grow acquainted with their vessels.

During this time, the crews will be able to operate the vessels in the Skargerrak, and will be hosted at the Swedish Coast Guard barracks in Gothenburg as a common courtesy. We thank you for your business and hope you look to Sweden for your shipbuilding needs should any further arise in the future.

Best Regards,

Anna Stollberg
Assistant Executive Officer
Karlskrona AB - Civilian Procurement Division[/quote]

[quote][b]To: Karlskrona AB - National Shipbuilding Corporation of Sweden - Civilian Procurement Division
From: Aperture Science Laboratories, San Jose, California

Subject: RE: Icebreaker Contract Completion[/b]

Greetings Mrs. Stollberg,

We're extremely grateful of the news of the completion of our ships. We've have dispatched our crew to arrive in Gothenburg within the next several hours and our Director of Polar Research, Doctor Gregory Malcone is arriving a head of time to inspect the ships. We will consider you if other shipbuilding projects arise as needs arise.


Cave Johnson
Chief Executive Officer
Aperture Science Laboratories

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[b]Gothenburg, Sweden[/b]

It had been a couple months as now since the completion of the icebreakers for the laboratory. The crew spend so much time training out in the North Sea that they've just missed the news of the war in Canada. It was today that the ships would sail to California. So far the crew thoroughly tested both ship's systems for a final time before they headed out into the North Atlantic. The crew was bare-bones as the laboratory was still hiring final crew and the scientific crew required for the journey.

The spring time weather in the North Atlantic would prove to be fairly decent compared to the late summer-fall hurricane season that would wreck havoc on shipping across the Atlantic, so that the journey to Panama would be one without incident... for the most part. While the Swedes build strong ships, the electronic sides of things still had some quirks that needed to be fixed. Fortunately, they were minor problems that didn't affect the
operability of the ships. It would take the crew about a week to make it to Oakland at the Aperture Laboratory dock that would house them both.

Meanwhile, an ad circulated through California, as well as an online ad proclaiming:

Join Aperture Laboratory's Antarctic Scientific Ventures![/center]

We're seeking the best of the best to be part of a world class expedition to the Antarctic for studies in SCIENCE! Interested in the world's coldest continent, be part of the team with positions as part of the ship's crew or scientist crew to help further studies of the Antarctic. It's a once in a lifetime experience that offers generous pay, stops at exotic locales and all the ICE you'll ever want to see. Join today!

[center]Submit application forms to: Aperture Laboratory, 1827 Greater Science Drive, San Jose, CA 54328[/center] [/quote]

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[b]San Jose, California[/b]

The collapse of the Californian Republic sent Aperture Science back into seclusion over the last couple years. Many of it's facilities laid vacant as internal instability grew after the fateful months of civil war engulfed the republic in it's waning days. While it operated still in California, the Laboratory's real estate portfolio was set to expand once again as the Mexicans established themselves over North America.

As for the research mission to Antarctica, it was scrapped indefinitely; however, the icebreakers remained docked in Drogheda awaiting such a day to fulfill their purpose... and that day seemed on the horizon.

OOC: I'm resurrecting this, but if you have an objection Voodoo, say something.

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