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Proclamation from the Greater German Reich


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It has become obvious quite obvious that in various parts of Europe, Volksdeutsche are being treated poorly and unfairly. As a nation dedicated to the rights of the Germanic people, such behavior cannot go ignored.

In ancient Rome, just three words were enough to protect any citizen: 'Civis Romanus sum': I am a Roman Citizen. So great was the power of Rome that an attack on a citizen of Rome was considered an attack on Rome itself. This is the message I am sending out to the nations of Europe: anyone who carries a passport from the Greater German Reich, anyone born in our great country has but to utter these words: 'I am a citizen of Germany'. If you can speak those words, know that you will be protected. If you are a Volksdeutsche, know that you will be protected.


Reichskanzler of the Greater German Reich and Leader of all Germanics,
Michael Visari

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Was Visari incompetent to the point he has not enforced such a basic duty of the nation until now? This is interesting to say the least. Furthermore, exactly what is Germany's definition of Volksdeutsche? Those of German blood? Germanic blood? People who swear undying loyalty to the cult of Visari?

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Surely being a citizen of the world is enough to justify humane treatment from the nations within it, including those of the Reich? In any case, any German, or any other person for that matter has nothing to fear from the Principality so long as they respect the law of her lands should they set foot upon them. Any disruptions caused by Germanians declaring their loyalties or citizenship of the Reich, however, will fall under local and national noise ordinances and would be dealt with accordingly.

OOC: Hmmm... looks like CN is overzealous when it comes to its competitors.

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"I'm positive this will be upheld with the greatest consideration to your people, Lord Visari. At least until you can use these same people as slaves for the advancement of the war machine. Hundreds of thousands of ghosts who now haunt the Caucuses still call out for revenge at what you did to your own people. If the trumpets of war ever sound again, I am certain, without a drop of doubt, Poles, Ukrainians, Serbs, Dutchmen, Hungarians, Roma, and I shudder to think, even your own German people, will be nothing but pawns in a twisted game of cult worship and death."

[i]-Grand Empress Maria Theresia of Tianxia[/i]

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I am sure the displaced Koreans along with the Caucasian widows and orphans will be happy to read about this proclaimation in the Newspapers tomorrow. It is so good to see Germany show such sincere concern. It is a shame it cannot be extended beyond an ethnically select group of people.

-Khagan Yuan Jia

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