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Dark Templar Announcement

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I come to the world of Planet Bob to announce a great sadness in the history of the Dark Templar. There has been a great fire in our hallow halls causing massive destruction to the archives and much history. For this day marks the date that the Dark Templar have decreed the Great Archive Loss of 2012.

In the wake of this great fire we have establish a new line of history as our historians are currently working hard to restore the past to the world of tomorrow. We'd like to invite all of our allies and friends that have visited our previous home to now come to our new home and continue the fun.

Everyone will need to register and setup your embassies as they have fallen to the great fire as well. I look forward to seeing you here.


o/ DT

Myworld, Triumvir

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[quote name='Dajobo' timestamp='1326075784' post='2896075']
Nooooooooooooooo my precious stats!
Don't think your days spent online went unnoticed. This was a message to you, I hope it was clear.

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[quote name='Regent of Omerta' timestamp='1326078477' post='2896096']
You didn't back it up? Dang that sucks guys, sorry to hear it.
We had a backup but it was out dated and older version of what was setup. And the owner for the control panel is no longer around to get in on the host to attempt to fix. So moving time and fresh start.

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My life for A....ww screw it, let's upgrade the forum.

Also, naughty Titan.

Also, does this mean my epic presence on your boards is lost? A travesty.

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