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A Small Deinos Announcement

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The other day I heard a small noise. I found myself a tiny bit interested, and so I decided to have a little listen! Basically, I learned a lot about evolution, islands, elephants, and really about how small we all are when you think about it. I'd tell you the whole story, but I have a small hunch that T-Rex can tell the story a wee bit better than I.


Do you see, everyone? Do you understand the magnitude of what has just happened??

[size=6]Tinytowne Accords: A Small Bloc[/size]
In the interest of education, protection, and most importantly, friendship, the undersigned alliances have hereby agreed to:

Article I: Sovereignty
Whilst the undersigned alliances (hereafter referred to as Tinytowners) agree to the guidance and protection of Deinos, they are understood to be independent and sovereign entities. This pact shall not infringe upon any member’s sovereignty.

Article II: Friendship
Tinytowners agree to peaceful and respectful relations to other Tinytowners. Should problems arise, diplomatic action shall be taken, through mediation of the Tinytowne Vice-Mayor if necessary, and violence shall be avoided. Tinytowners also agree to not share state secrets with foreign entities.

Article III: Protection and Defense
Tinytowners are under the military and political protection of Deinos. Military action brought against a Tinytowner is military action brought against Deinos. Should a Tinytowner be attacked, other Tinytowners are encouraged but not required to provide political, military, and financial aid to assist their brothers and sisters. Deinos assumes responsibility for the well-being of Tinytowne and shall work towards solving issues on behalf of the bloc. Tinytowners are also encouraged to defend Deinos should the need arise, but are not obligated to do so.

Article IV: Progress and Education
The main goal of Tinytowne is and always will be for the education, support, and growth of members. To this end programs will be provided to help encourage Tinytowners to grow and learn. As soon as an alliance achieves membership, Tinytowners and the Vice Mayor of Tinytowne shall agree upon achievable, yet challenging, growth goals to be met. Should the Tinytowne member not achieve the goals, Deinos and the Tinytowner may explore alternative options.

The Vice Mayor of Tinytowne shall be a member of Deinos appointed by the Tyrant King to oversee the bloc as a whole, for assisting Tinytowners through growth programs and education, for coordinating joint programs between Deinos and Tinytowne, and for working with the Government of Deinos to select new Tinytowne members.

Article V: Foreign Relations
Tinytowners are understood to be in an education, protection, and growth program, and as such agree to consult Deinos before pursuing any outside agreements or treaties. Tinytowners shall follow the rules of decorum on public forums and shall be courteous to foreign entities.

Article VI: Aggressive Action
Tinytowners are not to engage in aggressive military action of any kind. This includes but is not limited to: Tech raiding in any capacity; aggressive inter-alliance warfare; and espionage. If Tinytowners engage in these activities their membership shall be re-evaluated by the Vice Mayor of Tinytowne and the government of Deinos.. Violating this article may be cause for termination of membership.

Article VII: Economics/Senate
In order to help Tinytowners grow they shall have the opportunity to participate in Deinos’ trade circles. To this end, Tinytowners are required to reside on the Blue Team. Tinytowners on the Blue Team are further encouraged to participate in Blue Team Senate elections by supporting a candidate recommended by Deinos.

Article VIII: Termination of Membership
Tinytowners may terminate their membership to Tinytowne at any time, effective immediately. In doing so they will no longer be held to the tenants of this agreement. Deinos may remove any Tinytowne alliance at any time, with a forty-eight (48) hour grace period where they will remain under the protection outlined in this agreement.


[b]For Deinos[/b]
Cheyenne, Tyrant King
Silver Empress, Dromiceiomimus Princess

Walt Thizzney, Raptor Lord of Diplomacy
Dera, Raptor Lord of War
Xibalba, Raptor Lord of the Interior
Merry Rarebit, Raptor Lord of Development
Magister Agricolarum, Raptor Lord of Finance

[b]For The Austrian Empire[/b]
Kaiser Karl V, Emperor
Leopold von Habsburg, Chancellor

[b]For Native[/b]
Vandelsand, Chief[/quote]

For the convenience of those who would seek to raid these nations, as well as those who would prefer to see the OWF remain uncluttered, all alliances considered to be under the protection of Deinos via these Accords will be listed as such on the wiki. We will not be making a separate announcement on these forums for every new arrival to Tinytowne Island.

Additionally, I am proud to announce that the first Vice-Mayor of Tinytowne is none other than Bones Malone, former Prince of Deinos. I would also like to thank Dera for his own tireless work in the creation of this bloc, prior to his being elected to the Raptor Court.[/center]

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So New Frontier's alliance merges with Bones Malone's alliance, all so the new alliance (headed by New Frontier) can then spawn a protectorate (headed by Bones Malone)? Right.

Unless I'm getting that wrong, in which case I'd love to be corrected.

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[quote name='Silver Empress' timestamp='1325925192' post='2894675']
No, but close! Bones is just overseeing a bloc which acts as a protectorate for small alliances on Blue Team.
Ah, so it replaces NpO.

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[quote name='Silver Empress' timestamp='1325925192' post='2894675']
No, but close! Bones is just overseeing a bloc which acts as a protectorate for small alliances on Blue Team.
In that event, good luck to him.

(A couple asides: 1. HTF do you have less posts than me? and 2. I like your avatar.)

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