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Emerging from the Rabble

Evangeline Anovilis

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It was calm around Karlovac, the streets were rather empty and only a few cars drove around, delivering fruits, wine and fish from the surrounding areas. The atmosphere had a certain peace, even though the country was not really free. For a long time there had been foreigners ruling over the Croats. The Southern Slavs in general were living under German rule and the harsh germanisation policies had left their marks. Nordism and Fascism had left their marks on the whole of the Reich. Karlovac was even lucky, considering its status as protectorate.

But the peace of Karlovac had a reason. While the streets were empty, the Town Hall was filled to the brim. Großdeutschland was fighting in the East, a war of attrition and scorched earth strategies in use. Altough it were a sad days for germans, being put on the defensive, as well as slavs, who lost their brethren in a war in which neither side promised any kind of freedom, at least not for the Slavs. However, this War had let to this meeting. It was already the fifth council of the Croatian Movement for a free Croatia and this time, it should be the last one. The people of Croatia were opressed, yes, but they had not forgotten their history, their times when they fought the Turks, when they were under Habsburg rule, when part of Hungary or even when their country once spanned from the Marchfeld to Kosovo, and from the Bodensee to the borders of the Carpathians. This past was not forgotten, and altough the protectorate was only a shadow of this past glory, it was still land enough to leave the Fascists and Nordists behind.

At the podium stood Ban Milan. Just in his 40's he was a rather ambitious man and also thanks to his ambitions the various people had gathered to see this historic moment. "I, Ban Milan of Senj, hereby proclaim, the second Duchy of Croatia. We are free people, united under one banner, which no longer is the banner of Großdeutschland, but of our free state, a country of peace and prosperity, it shall be." The few hundred people that had fitted into the room applauded, just as the Ban signed the Declaration.



[size="7"][font="Times New Roman"]Announcement of the Duchy of Croatia[/font][/size]

[i]We, the free people of Croatia have on this day declared our independence from Großdeutschland and decided to walk a different path. Our people shall be free Croats and all others willing to uphold the values of the Duchy, the values of tolerance, honesty and freedom. This is our country and we put our faith in god to guide us well, to give us strength and to help us in our darkest hours. The Duchy shall be a constitutional monarchy and our Duke or Duchess will have to respect this will of the people. We ask the world for recognition of our country and want to extend our hands to our neighbours in friendship. On this day, also the Croatian Conference has proclaimed Ban Milan of Senj to be the Regent, as long as we have not found a monarch yet.[/i]

[i]Milan of Senj[/i]
[b]Ban of Senj[/b]

[i]Petar Velkovic[/i]
[b]President of the Croatian Movement for a Free Croatia[/b]

[b]OOC:[/b] This is still an independence movement and Vicidalia is not light blue without reason. I just need to write up the necessary post still.

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[quote name='ishabad' timestamp='1325814873' post='2893635']
OOC: Evanaline do you have 2 nations now or what is going on
OOC: No, I have one puppet regime, 3 pretenders on that throne, a trading company and an independence movement. And a name that is Evangeline.

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[b]Unknown to the public[/b]

The conference had ended and most were waiting in the entrance hall to receive their coats and hats. Ban Milan, however remained at the podium, looked through his speech for another time and put the microphone back in its original position. Soon, the cleaning would start, as the room was still in use also for normal meetings of the town of Karlovac. As he just wanted to leave the Room, something grabbed his left arm. "huh" He turned around. "What are you..." In the last row, a person, wearing a black suit, grey hat and sunglasses had held him up He had first wondered who'd have the rude manners to just hold up him in this way, but just as the person lowered the glasses and looked at him, he realised that he should better not finish the sentence. "Psssshht, not this loud. Do not forget what we agreed upon." "Of course I won't, Madame. But do not underestimate the Croats. We will not play nicely if this is what I fear it is." "Awww, I really hate the view some people have of us. Ban, I'm doing my job for some time now, and I assure you, if I wanted, I could operate you as easily as your average peasant his tractor. But we both know that this would help neither of us. You know what I want, I know what you want. If you help me, I'll help you. Manus manum lavat." Slightly frowning, Milan knew he had to trust her, but would she betray him, he was sure to raise a rebellion.

[b]OOC:[/b] This country begins now.

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[center][font="Times New Roman"][size="7"]Petition for a Croatian State[/size][/font][/center]


The Croatian Movement for a Free Croatia hereby asks the Greater German Empire to allow for the creation of a free Croatian Duchy (further referred to as Duchy) to preserve our cultural identity, as well as to give our people a new home. Croatia promises to follow a policy of neutrality and to defend our souvereignity to the last person. We wish for positive and constructive relations with our neighbours and for a stable Central and Southern Europe. All, we need to follow this path however is your approval, as we are not willing to spill blood over this issue, should the Greater German Empire be unwilling to grant us our freedom.

What we ask for in detail is

[*]The recognition of the Duchy's right to exist.
[*]The recognition of the Duchy's borders and territorial waters of 6 km from the coast into the sea.
[*]The recognition of the Duchy's right to administrate itself.
[*]The recognition of the Duchy's right to conduct a souvereign foreign policy.
[*]The recognition of the Duchy's rights to conduct its own internal and economic policies.
[*]The willingness of Großdeutschland to not interfere in our policies.
[*]The recognition of the Duchy's legitimacy as a monarchy.
[*]The removal of all Greater German administrative and military personal from the Duchy.


[i]Milan, Ban of Senj[/i]
[b]Regent of Croatia[/b]

[i]Petar Velković[/i]
[b]President of the Croatian Movement for a Free Croatia[/b]

[i]Karlo Soljan[/i]
[b]Vice-President of the Croatian Movement for a Free Croatia[/b]

[i]Štefan Kraljević[/i]
[b]President of the Croatian National Council[/b]

[i]Ivana Penkala[/i]
[b]Vice-President of the Croatian National Council[/b]

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[quote name='Centurius' timestamp='1325867421' post='2894144']
"We welcome a new Croatia to Europe"

[quote name='TheShammySocialist' timestamp='1325867765' post='2894148']
"The Union of Sweden hereby recognizes the legitimacy of this new government, providing that Greater Germany allows for this independence movement to take form."

[i]Karl Reinfeldt
Commissioner of International Affairs and Trade[/i]
"The Duchy thanks Athens and Sweden for their warm welcome and hopes for good relations. We sent a petition to Greater Germany and are optimistic to get our independence recognised."

[b]OOC:[/b] He said I can have it, but I still asked ICly, as it seems strange else.

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