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Sweetwater Colony


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[b]Sweetwater Colony, Island 2 Block, Side 2[/b]

"Ewww whats that its shiny?" Yoshi said. The doctoral student floated above the crates coming off the latest shuttle from Mongolia Space port.

"Get back its highly radioactive." growled Professor Nguyen. "I don't have time to fill out the paper work to send you back to Earth for treatment."

Yoshi frowned, "Eh whatever."

Nguyen sighed, his grad student was brilliant but still incredibly immature. Sweetwater was home to many of the best and brightest. The Colony which the Imperator had managed to secure at no cost, was the hub of the Horde's space operations, and was now being used for a very special project. Manufacturing of and assembly of advanced micronized nuclear reactions to be used in satellites. The specification of such systems remained highly classified and the totality of the grid would be compartmentalized knowledge, with teams both on Earth and Sweet Water working on different parts.

Dr. Nyugen growled as the men offloading seemed to rough handle it. "Damnit, we can't afford any leaking out be careful!" he yelled.

The Sergeant leading the soldiers moving them grumbled and continued to do his job....

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