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Charlottes Adventures in France

Evangeline Anovilis

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[b]St. Nazaire, France[/b]

It was evening, when the Reine de Berry arrived in St. Nazaire, releasing a small wave of Vicidalians on the search of a new home. Among this tumult also were two young women. The first being a blonde one, wearing a simple suit, looking rather bourgeoise or at least not proletarian, the second being rather noble, dressed in some dark red on the verge to black, a parasol obscuring her pouting face. "My my, why this grumpy? At least we arrived on solid ground again. And you know, compared to a Kazakh hay wagon, this was a rather pleasant trip." The blonde one smiled. "Hrmph" the answer came from beneath the white parasol. "Why do we need to stay here in the cold? I want to get away from this damn ship and harbor." She seemed annoyed, but Charlotte knew what to do. "Look, a patisserie. I think I can spend 10 Francs on that. Won't you bring both of us something?" Immediatly, the mood of the young girl changed. She nodded took the 10 Francs note and went off. Charlotte smiled still. Noone had to know what the package was, she was waiting to be unloaded.


[b]TGV Nantes-Paris[/b]

After having taken care of the 2 tons of luggage Charlotte had, she just had gone for Nantes, as the TGV was a fast and comfordable means of transport to reach the capital of the Commune. Hopefully, she'd get to trade with France soon. The Headquarters of the Compagnie had already made their move. To remain in Vicidalia was not the wisest of all choices, given the possibility of the revolution going after her as a former aristocrat. To keep a presence, or to even get considerable assets, was nothing she'd be unhappy about, but Charlotte rather secured her trading company, before it got nationalised by the Revolutionary Council. Overall, her most dangerous enemy now would be Lieselotte. Given the Ministers raid on the treasury and takeover of the Compagnie, the Senechal would have her hanged for sure. Not to even mention the revolution. Against Lieselotte, Charlotte still had to protect herself. She respected the former Senechal, Lieselotte was a worthy and dangerous opponent, but still, that one did not seem to see that the Vicidalian cause had ended and that Charlottes actions were the best one could do. What was the point in dying to regain a country where one was hated?

As she kept thinking over these things, she looked out of the window. It was a moonless night and her appearance looked back at her, the blonde hair and blue eyes. And next to her the spoiled Princess, sleeping. That one had a rather harsh journey, given the steamer was by far not the best ship to transport a princess, however, in Charlottes opinion, the Princess would have to learn that there were also harsh sides to live. Slowly she felt how her own eyelids grew heavy, but sadly she couldn't just sleep, as long as they had no room to stay.

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[b]Gare Montparnasse, Paris, France[/b]

The station was busy as ever and the sounds of peoples chatter, the announcements of arriving and departing trains, the trains themselves, the suitcases rolling over the stones, and many more producents, were omnipresent. Dalian never had experienced such an atmosphere, only read about it. In books, this had been rather common if set in a big city, and it only seemed chaotic, but in reality, she also was frightened. The many people, the strangers, they were all so close. All sorts of dirt was lying on the floor and it was a bit smelly. Normally, she wouldn't be so informal, but overwhelmed by this wholly new range of impressions, she held hands with Charlotte. First, she didn't know why the blonde ex-minister was as rude as to say, or even outright order her to not let go of her hand, but as soon as she stepped from the TGV atlantique onto platform 7, it was her only hope to ever get out of the trouble.

Dalian knew not when it had ended. She just knew, she was on the street with Charlotte and it had become far more spacious. There were still strangers, but in comparison to the station, it was nothing. "Everything ok?" Charlotte was worried. The Princess looked rather white and exhausted. But if the Gare gave her this much uneasiness, then a trip with the Metro could be cancalled, unless Charlotte was into torture. But after all, she wasn't Lieselotte. And hopefully that woman would never cross her ways ever again. Most likely, the Former Senechal was dealing with Louise. And given Louises inability to accept the Fall of Vicidalia, Lieselotte wouldn't either. And like this, both of them could become a real pain. At least, they were on the other side of this big continent, bugging other people.

Given the lack of reply, she assumed Dalian was too shocked to answer. "Hmmm, I think I know what we should do. It is still early." Then she grinned and held up a taxi. "To the Place de la Concorde, s'il vous plaît."

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Hôtel de Crillon, Paris, France

Being one of the oldest luxury hotels in the world, the Hôtel de Crillon lived up to expectations, actually far above what Charlotte had expected. There were subtle blend of refined furniture in Louis XV style, decoration that is both sober and warm, antiques and crystal chandeliers resulting in personalised decoration wholly devoted to excellence. The suite had a bedrooms, a separate lounge, a walk-in closet and a spacious bathroom, with the choice of colors and materials to its crystal chandeliers embodying the Crillon spirit. It even overlooked the tranquillity of Place de la Concorde.

If only she had been able to bring Ichika along. Because of the special training sessions going on back home, he had to stay along with the other girls of the Integrated Special Task Force. The thought of what they might be doing to her Ichika made a blood vein protrude momentarily on her smiling face, after which she just let out a small sigh. Oh well, might as well get her job done as soon as possible and return home.

Since her meeting with the various French defense companies was to be done a few days from now, she had a bit of free time. She decided to go out to the square and get familiar with what was supposed to be her home for the time being.

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[b]Place de la Concorde, Paris, France[/b]

They were waiting in the queue, as it seemed, Charlotte was not the first to think of this. Well, maybe she was the first to bribe a Princess with it. and of course, Dalian was all out of it, looking forward to the most delicious crêpe, Charlotte had promised her. The Place de la Concorde was filled with people, altough, the atmosphere was rather heavy. But it also was a bit chilly, so warm crêpes were just right. And Dalian couldn't wait much longer. Hopefully that one before her was soon done. She glared angrily at the persons black, maybe trying to pierce and kill them with her eyes, to get a crêpe a bit faster, Charlotte thought and giggled. Then she took out her purse, to check on her finances and prepare to pay. After all, one needed to be efficient with their time. And then it was already the turn of the blonde before her.

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All the vans and street corner stands serve greasy, over-sweet, pre-made stuff. Just good for tourists on a finger-food diet. But sometimes that greasy stuff is exactly what you need when you're really hungry, and this was the case with Charlotte. However, she did manage to find a diamond in the rough: a stand that actually makes the crepes fresh as they are ordered. After looking over the various toppings (why are there so many? she wanted to try them all), she decided to go for cream cheese (with added lemon juice!), strawberries, and heavy whipped cream. The sweet smell coming from the vanilla was just heavenly. As she took her treat and turned around to go, she saw..... herself standing in front of her.


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Charlotte was startled. Why was she looking at herself? It was no mirror, not even the Lunar Republic would produce 3D mirrors. And also, they already had their crepe. Dalian, unattentive as ever saw Charlotte with a crepe and already wanted to take it (greedy little brat), when Charlotte held her back from robbing the unknown Charlotte her crepe. "What are you..." Now also Dalian noticed the miracle. "Eeeehhh, what? Charlotte who is that?" But that one already had left her present environment and wondered what kind of prank life tried to pull on her with this. She was Charlotte de Nouvelle-Chateaudun. Why was their another one? This was an existential crisis...

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