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Révolution nationale


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Quite a quiet town it was, Vichy. This spa town had once been a glamorious place, with its ever popular termal baths being the main center of attention. Ths stylish buildings, the Convent of the Celestins, l'Opéra, Castle Franc and the Pavillon Sevigne, all pay homage to how important the city was to French society. Yet, now it was quiet. The constant wars, conflicts, and upheavals ahd drained the city of its people and money, and now it was just what it had been in the past: a quiet countryside town. But this was just the calm before the storm, as various forces slowly gathered.....

In one of the smaller multi-use rooms of the Palace of the Congresses, elegent men in suits were gathered around. There was the atmosphere of frustration, as "reds", "murders", "commies" could be heard occasionally through the soft chatters. In the room covered with marble in neat decorations was a large table, where these men were seated. At the head, a person in the uniform of the old Imperial French Army opened his mouth as he looked upon a golden scroll.

"Gentlemen, we once had a destiny, a destiny where we would be the rulers of Europe and thus the world. Under the gracious rule of the Grand Emperors, France was to be the Empress, to whom all looked up to in fear and awe. That was what was supposed to happen, gentlemen, the fulfillment of our manifest destiny." Closing his eyes and after giving out a long sigh, he continued talking. "There is only one duty that we have. [i]We[/i], as the representatives of the French people, must be the rulers of this land. Only then would the final realization of the dream of Charlemagne and ultimate peace be achieved. We must go on the same path as Charles XI had done."

A very thin man, wearing a stern face, raised his hand to speak. "By Charles XI, do you mean the so-called Charles Martin de Bourbon-Hohenzollern, recorded in history as Karl Martin? Why would we want to follow that particular evil, who had gave so much away? Would this not be against the very principles upon which our movement is based on? "

"A very good question, and one which shows us why we are all gathered here. Consider what is going on with our grand nation right now." A map of France showed up on a screen at the far side of the room. "For a short time the Red have attempted to expand into the Amercias, and it had succeeded for some time. But, with recent movements such as the successful rebellion of New France and the Lunar invasion of the puppet Vicidalia, the grip is loosening. Now, the direction that the Commune had taken is the basic reason why the triumph is so short: Instead of going were we need to go, the Red took the opposite direction. It is in Europe that France can be great, and the goals of Charlemagne and Charles XI in obtaining hegemony through unification is what he must strive for. It is, after all, why we have formed [i]Croix-de-Feu[/i]."

"My apologies for now realizing this."

"It is forgiven. Now, gentlemen, we have most of our supporters ready to rise up through the long time of ceaseless preparation. We shall first wait for a major crisis to drain the powers of the Reds, at which we strike. Most likely a final clash will happen in the Americas with which the foundations of the Commune will be shaken. Before this, we are to have some incidents happen in the northern parts of the country, and when the time comes.... we rise. With our strong base, we shall sap the Reds dry and then advance into the rest of the country. Any questions?"

"What do we do before then?"

"We just wait, until the time comes. If there are no furhter details, the meeting shall end for now."

The white marble slowly turned blood red as the sun set over the horizon.

OOC: Closed RP with initially only Sarah and myself. Inquiries on joining should be sent to either Sarah or me.

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Paris...the City of Revolution...

"You would think that our own people would tire of these constant outcries of change at the smallest incident." Simone said massaging her forehead with her hand as Regine stood at the doorway of the room. "This is exactly the reason why this nation has always been second to either England or Germany throughout history, because we can't damn well stick with anything. I've never seen a people so discontented about anything in my life." She turned from the window over looking the capital and unscrewed the top of a decanter of whiskey. "Drink, Admiral?"

"No, Comrade. I'll be okay. But you called me in about these riots? These are pertaining to the message you sent while the army was in New Orleans?"

Throwing back the shot of alcohol, Simone opened a drawer of her desk and pulled out a small clear folder with a few written reports and threw them over to the Admiral. "I trust you, Regine, that is why I called you. The Prefect system is starting to fail, the wars in North America do not bode well for the population and people are demanding more centerist policies to contract against Communism. There have been rumors surfacing that people want to develop a Hellenic System or perhaps, and this is what bothers me, a return to the Zelle and the Bourbon-Hohenzollern systems."


"Monarchy, Absolutist Monarchy."

"But these rumors, that's just what they are, rumors; correct?"

Miles from the Palais de l'Élysée, the two women could already hear chanting in the streets. That the blood of North America had forever stained the hands of France. Some said that the Valentin Administration had not fought hard enough, others even went as far as to demand the cession of Caribbean islands to local powers to move completely out of the foreign continent. Since the Independence movement in Louisiana, much of Northern France, the territories which had once included Burgundy, began to chafe under Communist Rule. The Revolutionary Government had dispatched Prefects across the north, to Reims, Lille, Calais, Metz, and Dijon. Arrests were made, but these arrests only seemed to make the dissenters more vocal and given France's position in Europe, surrounded by two Fascist powers along with already having suffered a defeat across the sea, iron persecution of dissent needed to be handled with care.

"Now I wish I would have just killed them all in cold blood." Simone said running her fingers down the glass of the window. "At the moment they are rumors, Regine. But, rumors and dissent, more often then naught, feed in to each other." She turned back and leaned across the desk putting her hand on the Admiral's shoulder. "Whatever you have to do, I'm entrusting you with the safety of this Commune and only you, Regine. These other generals, some of them are Angevins, some of them are old Zellists, I bet a few are even Martenists."

Regine took Simone's hand and nodded her head. "I'll be sure to do whatever I can to preserve this state, Chairwoman. I won't lose my homeland, not again."

Walking out from the Palais de l'Élysée, the Admiral stopped and looked at the clear sky of the sunset. Tomorrow was supposed to be beautiful, which was laughable, things would tip to the breaking point in the beginning of the beautiful days of Spring.

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Quatre wiped his mouth with the napkin as he leaned back. He felt a bit embarassed having gained 10 pounds since coming to Paris, but the Bistros simply couldn't be beat. In their wisdom, the French Revolution had not touched the fine cuisine which the country was famous for. His rabbit confit was simply marvelous. The change in times had necessitated a switch from the slick business suits of the Imperial Era to the more austere garb of the Communist one. He was dressed in a grey suit, with a light blue oxford shirt, no tie. His designer sunglasses had been replaced by simple ones. In truth he felt a bit more comfortable.

The man couldn't help but feel a bit let down, even left out of the changes which had swept Eurasia. Going on assignment to find excitement, the former commander of the PLA had missed out on fighting both the Cochinese and now the Germans. This new Horde, the Amazons, Tianxia was a jolt of adrenaline the Federation had needed... and Ding was left out.

Paying his bill, he got up to leave, looking at the Palais D'Elysee. His mind wandered back to the many times he'd seen it before, with different rulers. It seemed while his own country was rising, France was faltering. His eyes fell on a woman leaving the palace with purpose, he recognized her from the news. There seemed to be a worry in her, but also something else. [i]Perhaps hope yet remains. I better report in.[/i]

As Quatre walked away, he made a mental note of the admiral. He was sure in the coming days she would be included in his reports many times, as he advised the Horde on what to do in this situation.

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Justine Kataoka looked at Lorelei Shimazu with slightly weary eyes as the latter munched through a mountain of [i]foie gras[/i], [i]baeckeoffe[/i], and [i]choucroute garnie[/i], washed down with [i]Vins d'Alsace[/i]. It was always amazing how the girl could eat so much without gaining a gram. What was she, some kind of black hole? "Lorelei, I think you've had enough. We wouldn't be able to sustain out budget with this kind of feasting everyday." She stopped continuing that line of talk upon seeing the teary eyes of the Japanese-German girl.

A few minutes later, the fork was laid on the table, with everything else being demolished.


As the plane neared the City of Lights, she stretched out her legs, trying to get the blood pumping again. Even with the first class accommodations, it still wasn't like what she used to ride in, but this was the only flight she could take without getting caught up by the rest of the group coming from Asgaard. The waitress began passing out hot towels before breakfast, which she decline and used her own sanitized water tissues to do the job. She played with her velvet black hair, twirling it around and around with her right index finger. '[i]Might as well take a rest for once, away from the usual stuff[/i]' she thought silently, her rubious looking out at the French countryside.

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Eastern France

Everything had been prepared. Only one thing was left to do. To roll the dice. It was victory or death now......

"[url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=108236"]Operation Pétain[/url] is go."

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