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The Collapse

Evangeline Anovilis

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[b]Eastern Orinoco Front[/b]

De Mollier took his pen and wrote down a few lines. He always wrote a few lines, then waited and made a few more. Mostly, this was, because he learned already to react and stop, if hearing an artillery grenade falling, given that he would screw up the writing, where he doing it while the grenade impacted, shattering the ground. The piece he was writing was the report of the day and he just wanted to send it, when the artillery fire stopped. However it still became noisy outside. Curious he left his tent and saw what made his heart sad, altough it was not really shocking or suprising. The Vicidalian soldiers, barely trained, under-suplied, mostly fighting while lying in the blood of their companions and hiding behind their corpses or eliminated artillery pieces, had no real fighting will to begin with. They fought for Vicidalia, but what was Vicidalia? It was not united by a religion, or a nation or an ideology. All that was holding it together, was just that it had been the posession of her Highness Louise. They could as well live under the thumb of anyone else and considering their high prospects to die, after the artillery failed on them, they routed. It had began when a few soldiers ran and left their artiller position, and soon others joined. Even the most loyal forces threw away their rifles and took all their strength and agility to get as much space between themselves and the enemy as possible. They did not care about holding a line anymore. The reign did not keep them alive, and also no other profits. De Mollier took his pen, added another paragraph and sat down at the telegraph. Typing down his message, as the responsible soldier was AWOL, he just hoped the court would be save. After finishing it, he took his cane, unbound his horse and rode away. He may only live for a few more months, but everything was better than dying on a front that was lost.



When the message arrived, the court was in uproar, Most feared the Lunar army. The Grand Princess was already threatened once by another country, now they may kill her too. Lisette immediatly sat Louise into a plane to Lieselotte. Her safety was of utmost importance, given her new status as first pretender on the throne of Vicidalia. After this, Lisette vanished herself, in the chaos of the aristocrats trying to save their posessions and lives.

Charlotte had expected such a defeat. Since the beginning, she had plans for such an event. While others would flee, she went to the basement of the palace. The basement had not much. There was the Princely Library, the Archive, the old storage room, the bunker and one more thing. The Treasury. The guards were already gone and nothing blocked her way.

Just as she had loaded the last bar of gold onto the pallet, Charlotte closed the tresor and went out. Whatever came now didn't need it and the Compagnie was thankful for such a gift. It wasn't much. Just a few bars were left, the rest was molded in Louise d'Or gold coins and had served to finance the state up to now. But most had been expended on the various investments of Vicidalia and a good deal of the gold was stored in her gome province, Nouvelle-Châteaudun, due to its proximity to the mines. But these reserves were already secured. With a forlift from the storage, she heaved up the almost two tons of gold and drove over the marble floor of the Palace grounds. In comparison to the clearing of the gold reserves, this was a minor sin though. Just as she drove past the library, she saw something moving and rolled back. She hadn't really much time. The loading took quite some time and the troops were most likely closing in on Charlottenbourg now. In less than two hours they may already be there. But let's see what was there. In the corner of the library in her chair sat Dalian, reading the French newspaper as always, oblivious to the defeat of the Grand Principality. "Ahem, may I have your attention for a short moment?" Frowningly, the second Princess lowered the newspaper. She just hated it if people disturbed her when reading. "The army had a mass rout. I think we should get away as fast as possible." The Princess was shocked. Then she looked sideways, making a bitter face, as she said. "Well, sadly, it was to be expected. Though, it is a bit early." She took up her newspaper again and continued reading. "Won't you leave? They may hang you. The revolution could flame up too." "So be it, what should I do anyways?" Charlotte sighed, left the forklift walked up the Princess and took the young girl[sup]1[/sup] under her arm. "I'm not leaving you here to die. Get a grip. We are nobility. Our destiny is to rule and to serve the country. Noblesse oblige. Get to some friendly government and survive. Only then, we can ever put forth our claim on this throne again." Dalian looked perplexed. In this daekest hour, people really treated her with little respect, but to be honest, she had to agree with Charlotte. "But not without my cookies." Dalian longed out and took the tablet. Then she sat on the Palette on top of the gold and they left the palace confines.


[b]Charlottenbourg Port[/b]

As the palace lowered the flag of the Grand Principality, a small storm brewed together over the city, and while the [i]Reine de Berry[/i] left the harbor despite high waves and heavy wind, Dalian looked back at her homeland in melancholy. It was the end of the First Vicidalian Grand Principality. Maybe she'd never return.


[quote][center][font="Times New Roman"][size="7"]Proclamation of the Republic of Vicidalia[/size][/font][/center]


Today, the reactionary forces of the Ancien Regime were defeated, the court has departed from our shores and borders and the Revolutionary council has taken over the state. Without a Princess and no army, the state has fallen to us, we who we were suppressed and enslaved, We who had to pay for the Imperialism with our money and our lives, with our prospects and our families for a regime we did not want. We hereby declare the end of the Vicidalian Grand Principality and proclaim the Vicidalian Republic, a country of freedom and peace. May it be known that Vicidalia has rid itself of its tumor, that the monarchy was and that we now embrace our now ideals. Until there are elections, the country will be headed by the Congress national and the Revolutionary council, a coalition of all revolutionaries, may we be Pan-francaises, Liberals, Socialists, Anarchists or any other Vicidalian Revolutionary group.

We also ask the Lunar Republic for peace, as the casus belli was removed. We are willing to let the ones responsible for the elimination of the army and our liberation from our chains be our friends and help us to regain internal stability and a working country.


[font="Lucida Calligraphy"][i]Valerie Bourquet[/i][/font]
[b]Presidente de la Republic Vicidaliénne[/b][/quote]

[b]OOC:[/b] You can't expect some divisions I drafted in the last minute and sent in to fight to do much, not if you die in barrages and counter-barrages.

The forces of the Grand Principality are 348832 (Yes, it is not 350,000, but every division has a little bit under 10,000, so it worked to 35 divisions). Of these, the new country has 80,000 as a maximum soldier count. The rest is reserved for the pretenders to the crown.

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OOC: Lawd. Fastest war for me, ever.


[center][size="5"][b][Lunar Announcement][/b][/size]

"As Speaker of the Lunar Republic, I am pleasantly surprised in regards of these developments.
I would like to formally welcome the Vicidalian Republic, now free of oppression of the so-called 'ruling classes' and 'nobility', and make peace with you. It is my hope that our two nations will become like brothers, close and helping each other out.

Effective now, with permission of Congress National and the Revolutionary Council, as well as President Valerie Bourquet, I would like to place the Vicidalian Republic under the Protection of the Lunar Republic, until a point at which both nations deem such Protection no longer necessary.
Welcome to the world of democracy and freedom.

Lastly, a request to the honourable and valiant forces of the Imperium: I ask you to leave the new Vicidalia in peace, without the thunder of guns. There is no need for further conflict. Thank you."

- Laura Leclerc, Speaker of the Lunar Republic[/center]

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"The East-American Union is pleased to see this war end quickly and in favor of the Lunar Republic. Another tyrant has fallen, and democracy risen. God bless to all in South America and to those fighting for liberty worldwide."

-Harold Cheve, President of EA-U.

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[b]Unknown to the public[/b]

Onboard of the Reine de Berry, Dalian listened to the radio. She turned itlouder as news from Vicidakia came, but more quiet, as the reign of her sister was denounced as tyranny. The ship was cramped with expatriates and most had nothing with them but what they wore and a suitcase of their most important posessions. The storm had calmed already, but it was still cold and winds made it not even one degree warmer. So she huggled in her blanket and leaned on Charlottes side. Hopefully they would soon arrive in Nantes, where they hoped to be accepted.

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Mara watched her flatscreen bitterly, watching the fall of an ally, nursing a glass of red wine. Muttering curses in all style and number of languages, the Empress switched it off in disgust after a half hour of watching the coverage, and picked up the red phone next to her bed, for it was late at night in the Imperium. She called the Lady General, aboard one of the City Movers headed for Hawaii.

"Captain DeWitte, please patch me through to the Lady General Whitelighter."

A minute passed.

"Yes, milady?" the tired-sounding General said into the phone. No doubt she'd been asleep as well.

"Jane, I need you to turn those ships about and head home. The war is over."


"Vicidalia surrendered. You'll catch enough about it in your briefs in the morning. Tell the captain to come about and get some rest, please."

"If you say, Your Highness."


The Imperium's forces began their retreat, engineers working furiously to construct the airfield the transports would land on to take them home, every ADS in-country now focused on the four square miles they'd cleared from the virgin jungle, a snarl of patrolling fighters making it a very, very stupid mistake to attack the site.


[quote]"The Imperium withdraws its' forces from Vicidalia but does not recognize and will not communicate with the forces of the false Vicidalian government."

Under-minister of Foreign Affairs Leah MacNulty, speaking for the Empress.[/quote]

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[quote name='Mara Lithaen' timestamp='1325719119' post='2892720']
"The Imperium withdraws its' forces from Vicidalia but does not recognize and will not communicate with the forces of the false Vicidalian government."

Under-minister of Foreign Affairs Leah MacNulty, speaking for the Empress.


The Imperium's forces began their retreat, engineers working furiously to construct the airfield the transports would land on to take them home, every ADS in-country now focused on the four square miles they'd cleared from the virgin jungle, a snarl of patrolling fighters making it a very, very stupid mistake to attack the site.[/quote]

"Regardless of whether you recognise the new Republic, thank you for ending this without further bloodshed."

Bloodshed indeed. The somewhat unexpected use of [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=108047&view=findpost&p=2892701"]advanced craft[/url] by Imperial forces had, during the course of the short conflict, resulted in the complete loss of three full squadrons, largely [i]Kovas[/i] and [i]Saber[/i] airplanes, as well as damage to several other squadrons. The toll on Lunar forces likely was higher than that of Imperial troops.
But that was in the past now. The dead would be honoured and given a monument in Paramaribo district.

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"The Republic of Vicidalia hereby anounces the 2nd of January to be the Day of the Revolution, on which we remember the Victory over the Ancien Regime and mourn for the dead it needed to expell them from our country. There also shall be a cemetary in Simonville to bury all the ones that have fallen and were found."

Many employees of public services, like the police and the fire brigades were working hard to gather the corpses that lay all over the Orinoco Delta, to bag them in and to send them to specialists for identification. The ambulance tried to take care of all the poor souls wounded in this conflict that caused so much bloodshed for such a terrible person as Louise was.

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The Republic of Texas will recognize the new government of the Revolutionary Council as of [i]now[/i]. Please do not give us a reason to withdraw recognition of your new state, the Western Hemisphere has seen enough unnecessary bloodshed.

[i]Matt Damon[/i]
[b]Texas Secretary of State[/b]

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"We are elated to see this conflict come to an expedient end. We are relatively indifferent to whom holds the reigns of power in Vicidalia; rather as long as it's someone holding them. The alternative being the anarchy that was so pervasive to the region prior to the rise of the Principality and the other assorted regimes of South America. It is our hope that this Republic ushers in a new age of regional stability among the other powers that be and works closely alongside our own efforts to stabilize the region."

- Lord of Affairs Emilo Bourbon of New Spain


[i]Privately Emilo & Enrique would discuss the daily news at dinner in private.[/i]
"It would seem the monarchy of Vicidalia has fallen and a Republic has risen... populist movements are gaining an increasing foothold in the Americas with only a handful of monarchies left." Enrique would respond to his younger brother. "It would seem that way but what of it? The vast majority of Monarchies do little to promote the standards of living for the people which is their failure and only compounded by over-expansionist ideals which is just an icing on the issue. We have done well to avoid both of these mistakes so I don't see what your eluding towards Emilo." Emilo would stop cutting his smoked salmon and drop his utensils with a clunk onto his golden platter. "I'm only saying one should always remain on guard Enrique, that is all i'm saying... or have you forgotten what grandmother used to tell us about our ancestors who were driven out by these same populist idealists? I have little desire to have my children suffer for our affronts." Enrique would listen with slight surprise as to his brothers outburst. "Your preaching to the choir Emilo, I have a better memory then you and a sounder grasp of things. Now enjoy your stake or I'll have Ares eat it."

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"The United Virginian Socialist Republic hereby recognizes the independence and self-governing right by the people of the Republic of Vicidalia and wishes it luck in avoiding further conflict, as well as in being prosperous."

-Vice President Matthew Lindow

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The Confederation of Kuklos is watching the collapse of a legitimate government and its replacement with a peasant republic with some trepidation and anxiety. It publicly extends an invitation for all standing monarchies and conservative governments world-wide to stand together against the ever-present thread of anarchy and rebellion. For, in the words of a great religious man,

[quote]whosoever can, should smite, strangle, and stab, secretly or publicly, and should remember that there is nothing more poisonous, pernicious, and devilish than a rebellious man. Just as one must slay a mad dog, so, if you do not fight the rebels, they will fight you, and the whole country with you.

-Fr. Martinus Lutherus[/quote]

The Supreme Pontiff of the Confederation therefore extends reluctant recognition that there is now a republican government in power in Vicidalia. He will supply comfort and aid to any and all refugees affected by this rebellion.

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