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[center]The Islamic Circle is a global council, overseeing that the rights and beliefs of Muslims are protected and the well-being of Muslims in all countries is assured through peaceful means. The Islamic Circle is the solution to the growing need for an active diplomatic Muslim channel, the goal being to adhere to Islamic values amongst a religiously and ideologically diverse community. We engage in open and transparent dialogue with all nations with a Muslim presence to ensure the fair treatment of Muslims and to give a central voice to the concerns of the Muslim community worldwide. Through diplomacy, we cater to the needs of the international Muslim community, setting out a place for Islam in the modern world.[/center][/color]

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The Horde inquires on areas of concern regarding especially regarding systematic abuse towards Muslims. Its our understanding, aside from parts of the German Caucuses where the Armies of the Horde are ascendant, there is no current reason for there to be a central Authority. As the Horde is ascendant in the Caucuses we also don't see a need there. We wonder what sort of assumptions do you make regarding your role versus the sovereignty of nations, and how do you view islamic values and traditions when contrasted with secular rights. For example in the Federation we'd hope that the rights of any citizen to eat and drink what they please be respected, we also protects the rights of women to wear whatever they want. Do you believe areas of our dominions with Islamic Majorities should be able to deny these basic civil rights?

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