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The North American Summit at Wilmington


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[center]-Official Dispatch from the Continental Republic-[/center]

The Continental Republic hopes very much to establish good relations with none more than our fellow Americans. Louisiana, Dixie Confederacy, the East-American Union, Canada, Pravus Ingruo as well as the Republics of Texas, California, Newfoundland & the Midwest are American powers that summon our deepest admiration & if you would all entertain, we offer lasting peace in our time for this beautiful Continent that we share as our common American home. Together, let us keep her strong & sovereign while we enjoy a summit of brothers & sisters. We invite you all to attend & representatives are welcome. At our summit in Wilmington we will enjoy dinner, share dialogue, & set the stage for better American cooperation. We await your arrival.

[i]President Wilmington[/i]

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