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The Republic of Aremor


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[b]AP Special Report, Stradenhom.[/b]
Nobody before has heard of the Aremorian nation. It is a small ethnically homogenous area in Northwestern Africa, populated primarily by Caucasian Africans, descendants of the Norman empire that briefly controlled the Straits of Gibraltar ((a bit Alternate-History)). They're an adaptable people who value both hard work and the importance of leisure and rest.

For the history of the area, the Aremoricans have been a forgotten minority, speaking their Aremorian language, an off-shoot of French-Gaelic and Arabic, have learned to adapt to the changing political landscape of Africa by adding Arabic and Spanish as required learning in school.

Few politicians have made mention of the Aremorian minority, except for one local man by the name of Willam Neugand, a politician at the forefront of Aremorian Nationalism. For the past few months, he has been raising awareness for the case of an Aremorian state, and gaining strong political allies. And now, at the turning of a new year, Neugand and his Aremorian Unity Party have gained recognition as a legitimate political entity, capable of raising the nation to statehood.

[b]Stradenhom, Aremorica[/b]
In a warmly colored conference room, members of the international press and various dignitaries stood in wait for the inevitable announcement from the AUP. Precisely at the scheduled time, Willam Neugand took the podium. As few people outside of the AUP had seen Willam before, some national officials were surprised with his appearance. He looked energetic, youthful, and well rested. For a middle-aged man in his line of work, this was rare.

"Good Morning, members of the international community. For the past year I have been working with the various communities of the land to work out who would be in favor of an Aremorian state. I started the AUP with the clear intent of uniting our former minority into a people that could have a say with what goes on in the world. Although we don't have much in the way of military power or diplomatic standing, we have a unified nation and flag to look to in our time of need.

As I have never been one to make long speeches, I will make this short. An overwhelming 91% of communities polled voted in favor of this nation, which now covers almost all of the Aremorian ethnic area. In time, we will have elections, and a functioning government which I hope will not only work for the betterment of Aremorians, but for the international community as well. Thank you."

OOC: Pronounced like Paramour.

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