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Sellers/Holders needed!


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i am in the process of my transition from seller to buyer, and am looking for hopefully long term (although short term is okay) sellers. my conditions are 3m for 100 tech with a 3m bonus after 2 complete cycles. which comes out to a 9m for 200 tech deal.

however, im looking for sellers that would be willing to do a modified tech holding scheme. heres how it would go, with each 3m i send you being a 50 tech deal.

1. i send you 3m plus 50tech
2. i send you another 3m plus 50tech
3. you send me back the first 50tech
4. and then the second.
5. then two consecutive 50techs for the 3m i sent you.

at this point we would resume the above mentioned tech deal of 3m/100tech with a 3m bonus after 2 cycles.

if your interested but the above deal isnt quite right for you, pm me in game and im willing to negotiate, reasonably of course. thank you!


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