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Joint Australian - Avalonian Announcement


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A meeting was held in Suva between Avalon and Australia to discuss further Avalonian Divestment from the Pacific and the opening trade between the two nations.

[quote]<JohnCFlemming> Hello good sir.
<Michael_Atrevier> Welcome to Suva, Marshall Flemming
<JohnCFlemming> Thank you Good Sir, the climate is certainly good for my old bones.
<Michael_Atrevier> Indeed, I often vacation here I find it- rejuvinating.
<Michael_Atrevier> I understand we are both here with a shared interest in the security of the pacific and mutual economic benifit.
<JohnCFlemming> Yes, we are as a nation interested in these lands.
<Michael_Atrevier> Well my objective in asking you here is two fold
<Michael_Atrevier> First I am interested in normalizing relations between our two nations, opening trade and securing free passage through our respective waters.
<Michael_Atrevier> Second I would like to continue our existing policy of divestment and see about passing off some of our south pacific assets to your nation.
<JohnCFlemming> That would be extremely profitable for Australia, considering our growing interests throughout the world.
<Michael_Atrevier> Excellent.
<Michael_Atrevier> Then to address the first, here is the treaty I propose for your consideration.
<Michael_Atrevier> *Passes tablet with an open copy of the trade agreement*
<JohnCFlemming> Hmm, Forgive me Young Sir, but I am confused as to how to operate this machine
<Michael_Atrevier> Easy, you read it.
<JohnCFlemming> would you have a paper copy to read and sign? (I want to sign with a fountain pen is all)
<Michael_Atrevier> Hrm sure...
<Michael_Atrevier> *passes paper copy*
* JohnCFlemming reads
* JohnCFlemming nods and tugs on his moustache
* JohnCFlemming nods more and signs with his gold fountain pen
* JohnCFlemming slides paper over
<Michael_Atrevier> Excellent.
* Michael_Atrevier signs.
<Michael_Atrevier> Now to the matter of our further incremental divestment from the Pacific.
<Michael_Atrevier> This is the territory we are willing to part with.
<Michael_Atrevier> http://i.imgur.com/jhkgU.png
<Michael_Atrevier> Rather this is what we are offering to Australia.
<JohnCFlemming> This action by the Avalonians would greatly increase the power of Australia as a whole- We see no issue with agreeing to this
<Michael_Atrevier> Indeed, though as a matter of course- we would require compensation for the present value loss of tax revenues, mineral extraction and infastructure investment.
<Michael_Atrevier> As the territory in question is one of our oldest our accountants have placed the value somewhere in the range of 128 million troy ounces of gold.
<JohnCFlemming> Naturally and we would gladly pay for land-
<JohnCFlemming> Could I borrow your telephone?
<Michael_Atrevier> Certainly.
<JohnCFlemming> I need to make a call to the Bank of Australia
* Michael_Atrevier snaps to an aide who then produces a small secure touchphone.
* JohnCFlemming places the call and asks for your banking details
<Michael_Atrevier> If you will just sign this we can officialize the argreement.
* Michael_Atrevier passes contract concerning land purchase
* JohnCFlemming signs with a flourish
<Michael_Atrevier> Very good, then I beleive that concludes our business.



[size="5"][b]Austro-Avalonian Trade Compact[/b][/size][/center]

In joint recognition of the shared visions and regional proximity of Avalon and the Socialist People's Republic of Australia (hence referred to as Australia), both nations here by contract themselves to the following terms.

[b]Section I:[/b] [u]Non-Agression[/u]

Both signatories recognize the sovereignty of their counter-signatory and pledge strict non-interference in the affairs of the other. Both signatories pledge abstinence from any and all forms of aggression and interference which would be directed at the other.

[b]Section II:[/b] [u]Free Trade & Rights of Passage[/u]

1) Both signatories agrees to a bilateral policy of free trade and economic cooperation. Pursuant to this objective, both agree to abolish all tariffs and trade restrictions levied against their counter-signatory.

2) Both signatories grants general free right of passage to all civilian and military marine vessels and air traffic belonging to their counter-signatory. Special exception may be made for declared exclusion zones which are closed to all forms of alien traffic. Such zones must not obstruct or frustrate access to critical international trade routes and the counter-signatory must be given 47 hours prior notification before such zones apply to their vessels and aircraft.

3) Australia recognizes the land contained within, the coastline of, and the thirty kilometer strip of ocean surrounding the Avalonian mainland (the Kergulens) as one such exclusion zone.

[b]Section III:[/b] [u]Optional Assistance[/u]

Both signatories reserve the right to offer voluntary military and/or economic assistance to one another should the need arise and a request by the counter-signatory is made. While providing assistance is not required, it is highly encouraged.

[b]Section IV:[/b] [u]Withdrawl[/u]

i) Either signatory may opt to withdraw from this pact at any time by notifying the counter-signatory. Upon notification the pact will remain in effect for a period no less than 47 hours.

ii) In the event that a signatory violates sections I, or II, this pact may be immediately voided by the offended party.

[b]For Avalon:[/b]

[i]Michael Atrevier, Councilor Superior of Avalon[/i]

[b]For the Socialist People's Republic of Australia:[/b]

Field Marshall John C. Flemming
Supreme Commander of the People's Army of Australia and the Australian Nation

General Secretary Nicolae Karlov
General Secretary of the Communist Party of Australia

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[quote]Diplomatic Dispatch to Communist Australia

[b]To:[/b] Communist Australia
[b]From:[/b] Yuan Xuehua, Imperial Princess of the Great Horde of Tianxia
[b]Subject:[/b] Leasing Agreements


The Great Horde of Tianxia and its Tributaries wish to discuss the possibility of obtaining the Marquesas Islands for a lease of 99 years, the nature of this lease is intended to be primarily of a military nature. However, we will endeavor as part of this lease to also care for the citizens of those islands by giving them access to our social programs and scholarships to go to school in Tianxia as well as provide employment. We would propose that a 99 year military lease be signed on these islands with the understanding that Tianxia shall also deal with administration issues as well. As conditional to this lease we would also propose the stationing of Tianxia radar bases and training bases, as well as a logistical point in Northern Australia to help protect Australian National Security, as well as an agreement to sponsor Australian membership in the Pacific Harmony Accords and should this fail sign a MDP with Australia for its protection.

We believe that the Australian Government may look kindly on this agreement, and I look forward to meeting with you or concluding this agreement remotely so that I may inform the Great Khan of this agreement.[/quote]

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