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ODN Election Results


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Our members have voted, the ballots are all in, and democracy has triumphed yet again. Thus, I have the honor of presenting the ODN Government for term XLIV

Secretary General: OsRavan

Assistant Secretary General: Proximus
Secretary of the Interior: Italiarules
Secretary of Economics: DSwan
Secretary of Defense: Zaxon
Secretary of State: Walling

Senate XLIII:

EnrigoDonkini, Scotch, Yankeesfan924, Lucius Aerilius, Omniscient1

In the secretariat, ODN saw an unusual amount of stability, as all of the secretaries returned to their positions. However, based on the jobs they've done last term this is not a bad thing at all. A special nod to Zaxon for all of the extra war work he put in this last term.

If the secretariat did not change much, the senate made up for it. New faces to the senate include long time member (but first time in gov) EnrigoDonkini. Enrigo has served in every department and held nearly ever job in his time in ODN, and now rounds out his resume by running for the senate. He is joined by two other new senators with long histories inside and outside of the ODN, Scotch and Omni, as well as the experienced old-hands of Yankeesfan and LA.

All in all, it is a great team and I am confident ODN can expect great things to come this term.

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... So many people I love. Why did I ever leave. :P

Congrats to Zaxon, EnrigoDonkini, Lucius Aerilius, and Yankeesfan924 as well though I don't think I've had the pleasure of really getting to know any of you guys.

Good luck :D

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[quote name='Stefano Palmieri' timestamp='1325571359' post='2891324']
Omni? In government? Just disband now.

Merging into Sparta first.

[quote name='Lucius Aerilius' timestamp='1325621529' post='2891613']
Thanks :)

Also, Yankees and I are old hands now? What. The. Actual. Frack. I remember when we were both considered youngsters in Gov.

You've aged. Yankees ages like fun wine. You happen to age like adorable milky there.

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