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CNRP Awards: 2011 Edition


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Inspired by Sargun's CNRP Awards for 2009, I hereby open nominations for the following categories:

Friendliest Nation
Most Hostile Nation
Best Diplomatic Nation

Best Military
Best Nation Building RP
Best Economy Building RP
Best Rookie Nation (First-time Player)
New: Best SCIENCE!

Most Powerful Nation: Military
Most Powerful Nation: Influence (IC)
Most Honorable Nation
Most Active Nation
Most Influential Nation of X Continent (6 winners, excludes Antarctica)
Most Powerful Bloc: Military
Most Powerful Bloc: Influence (IC)
Bloc Most Likely to Succeed in 2012

Best National Leader (IC)
Nicest Player
Funniest Player
Most Controversial Player (IC)
Player of the Year
Best Upcoming Player: 2012

Best Declaration of War
Best Wall of Text
Biggest Controversy (IC)

Best Character RP, Arc
Best Character RP, 2+ players
Best Character Development

Nominate current or defunct [b]CNRP[/b] nations/players of 2011 here; links are encouraged & please support your nomination with a sentence or two. I'll start the voting threads around the 15th and announce winners on the 31st.

A few rules:

1) No discussion; this thread is for nominations only.
2) No joke nominations/trolling.
3) Please do not renominate players/nations for the same categories.
4) Please nominate only one player/nation per category.
5) Please do not nominate your nation more than once (blocs/characters Ok).

EDIT: clarified rules
EDIT2: added Best SCIENCE!

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Friendliest Nation: Slavorussia, Procintia, Selenarctos
Most Hostile Nation: Greater Germany, Hethnamark, UFE/Tianxia, Athens, Greater Germany/Continental Empire of Dalmatia
Best Diplomatic Nation: France/Amazonia, Athens, Austria

Best Military: Transvaal, UFE, Germany, Athens, Kingdom of Cochin
Best Nation Building RP: Transvaal, Germany, Sri Lanka, Holy Empire of Ursalia
Best Economy Building RP: Transvaal, Ceylon/Guyana
Best Rookie Nation (First-time Player): Evangeline Anovilis, TheShammySocialist,
New: Best SCIENCE!: Ceylon/Guyana/Lunar Republic, Marscurian Siberia, Procintia

Most Powerful Nation: Military: UFE/Tianxia, Germany
Most Powerful Nation: Influence (IC): France, UFE, Austria
Most Honorable Nation: Slavorussia, Sweden, Slavorussia, Selenarctos
Most Active Nation: France/Amazonia, Athens
Most Influential Nation of Asia: UFE, Kingdom of Cochin
Most Influential Nation of Europe: Athens, Commune of France, Germany (Martens), Germany (Vektor)
Most Influential Nation of Oceania: Selenarctos, Union of the Southern Cross
Most Influential Nation of South America: Lunar Republic, Holy America Empire
Most Influential Nation of North America: Cajun Federation
Most Influential Nation of Africa: Aeon
Most Powerful Bloc: Military: UFE/Athens, The Sovereign Initiative
Most Powerful Bloc: Influence (IC): The Sovereign Initiative (Triyun, Malatose, Centurius, Lavo, Sarah, Shammy, and Voodoo), Indian Ocean Entente (Cochin, EM, Lyn), Red Dawn
Bloc Most Likely to Succeed in 2012: The Horde (Sarah, Triyun, TBM, Melech, Mara)

Best National Leader (IC): Theresia Hapsburg, Maria Hapsburg, Generalissimo
Nicest Player: Sarah Tintagyl, Californian (Ty), Cochin
Funniest Player: Kaiser Melech, Tidy Bowl Man, Generalissimo, Fizzydog
Most Controversial Player (IC): Kankou, Triyun, Rotavele
Player of the Year: Pravus Ingruo, Sarah, Centurius, Shammy Socialist, iKrolm
Best Upcoming Player: 2012: Sands, Evangeline Anovilis, Mara Lithaen

Best Declaration of War: Executive Minister for [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=108053&st=20"]This is not a Drill[/url], Kingdom of Cochin for declaration on Rebel Army
Best Wall of Text: Executive Minister for [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=99886&st=80&p=2718242&#entry2718242"]Egression It works both ways[/url]
Biggest Controversy (IC): British-Ottoman war in North Africa (Zoot/Red Dawn vs. Fizzy and Rotavele), TSI-Cochin War, Korean War, Cochin invasion of Rebel Army

Best Character RP, Arc: Kitex for Global Research, The Rise of the Horde and Amazonians (Unraveling the Gordian Knot, Gathering all Armies to him, Beyond the Horizon, then spilling into 2012 The Wolf and the Eagle), political RPs by Pravus Ingruo
Best Character RP, 2+ players: Sarah Tintagyl and TheShammySocialist for Beyond the Horizon - Quest of the Amazons, Unraveling the Gordian Knot
Best Character Development: Sarah Tintagyl for Maria, Sarah Tintagyl for Thereisa

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Best Rookie Nation (First-time Player): Evangeline Anovilis

Evangeline has been showing her skills from her SOS Brigade days, and utilizing her skills she has been able to write the most cohesive stories I have seen in CNRP, far above those of the usual crowd. Once her IG nation is at a higher state, I expect her to be one of the great movers of CNRP, rivaling even our resident Queen.

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Friendliest Nation: Slavorussia Slavorussia comes to mind as a nation thats not a god damn hippy but is genuinely kind.
Most Hostile Nation: Greater Germany Certain germans always make the best villian.
Best Diplomatic Nation: France/ Amazonia Two weeks ago what started as a little RP between us, Sarah spread across the entire world.

Best Rookie Nation (First-time Player): TheShammySocialist As far as 2011 goes, I can't think of anyone who didn't start as a great power, who is a great power except for Shammy. He really rose fast into the big leagues.

Most Honorable Nation: Slavorussia Slavo keeps his treaties, even when they are !@#$%* for him.
Most Active Nation: Amazonia/France Just going by current posting, I don't have that good memory to go further back into the year.
Most Influential Nation of X Continent (6 winners, excludes Antarctica) I'm ommitting North America and Asia, Selenarctos-Oceania, Athens- Europe, The Lunar Republic- South America,

Best National Leader (IC): Theresia Hapsburg I know I'm biased on this one but Amazonia Prevails.
Nicest Player: Sarah Tintagyl Seriously the rest of you guys owe her for stopping some serious rampages by yours truly. :P
Funniest Player: Kaiser Melech This guy can always make me laugh. I raise a glass of turnip wine to you sir.
Most Controversial Player (IC): Kankou WUV U!
Best Upcoming Player: Eva I adore the tea topic. Keep it up.

Best Character Development: Beyond the Horizon http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=107696 Again biased, but this is such a great RP. It speaks for itself when you read it.

Edit: Also iKrolm regarding the rules of repeat nomination. I think some of these catagories kinda merit them. The most influential bloc likely also will have a lot of military fire power (just my observation). Obviously the best global military and diplomatic nation also would rival for being the most influential nation the continent (or nents in a few cases) its on.

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[quote name='Triyun' timestamp='1325555195' post='2891094']
Edit: Also iKrolm regarding the rules of repeat nomination. I think some of these catagories kinda merit them. The most influential bloc likely also will have a lot of military fire power (just my observation). Obviously the best global military and diplomatic nation also would rival for being the most influential nation the continent (or nents in a few cases) its on.

Oops, allow me to clarify that: Please don't renominate a player/nation for the same category. A player/nation may be nominated for more than one category, but don't nominate more than one player/nation per category.

Edited by iKrolm
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For Most Influential in Asia, I nominate the UFE, because they are most of Asia
For Most Influential in Europe I nominate the Commune of France because they have the most global influence of any of the nations in Europe
For Most Hostile I nominate Hethnamark because they only let people into their country once a year
For Best National Leader I nominate Generalissimo because he is Generalissimo.

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Most Hostile Nation: [b][i]Triyun[/i][/b]

[b]REASON:[/b] I nominate Triyun for this because he well... isn't afraid of anyone it seems. With his huge number of allies, his decent numbers in military, his heavily RPed technoligy, and his wits; Triyun has been the most Hostile Nation in CNRP to me. (Not to be taken as an insult)

[i]Most Powerful Nation: Military [b]Triyun[/b][/i]

[b]REASON:[/b] While Triyun does not have the highest IG numbers of troops, he knows his military and technology and has facilities around the world to launch operations into most important countries and areas of interest. He has taken down one of the most powerful nations in the game, though it wasn't done single-highhandedly to be fair, The Kingdom of Cochin.
Most Powerful Nation: Influence (IC) [b]SarahTintagyl[/b][/i]

[b]REASON:[/b] While Sarah is by far not the most powerful nation militarily, she does have a lot of (IC) Influence when she wants to. Even though there are very active members like Triyun, Sarah can successfully get almost any male player and either have them at her whim, or get them to work with her. She also seems to do great and uniting the female players of CNRP every time she isn't the only one from what I know. Sarah is by far, the most influential person in CNRP.

[i]Funniest Player: [b]Tidy Bowl Man[/b][/i]

[b]REASON:[/b] TBM had trolled me for a long time in CNRP however there are times when we get along. While he can be very sarcastic and rude at times, he can also be helpful, honest, generous - and yes funny. His Sarcastic remarks can be funny in RPs when he does them in private, and he always has them be made IC which makes me think it's hilarious that his officials actually think things like that.

[i]Nicest Player:[/i] [b]Californian (Ty)[/b]

REASON: This guy is probably one of the only people I trust ICly and OOCly. Both ICly and OOCly he has been the greatest guy to me, and very very helpful.

(Will add more)

Edited by PresidentDavid
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Since 1 nomination/thread...

Best National Leader: Generalissimo, for reasons state below

Nicest Player: Ty, he's really the only polite one around here. I would love to nominate David, but overall Ty is probably the greatest guy around.

Funniest Player: Generalissimo, I just absolutely love his CNRP IC research he does.

Player of the Year: Pravus Ingruo, from my viewpoint he sure has influenced the world a lot.

Best Upcoming Player: That one guy with the Canadian nation, lemme edit him in. He's got great talent.

Friendliest Nation: Procintia, easy. Everyone else is too trigger happy. He's the only nation I've seen that hasn't gotten involved in political webs and messes.

Most Hostile Nation: Athens, policing the world like it's theirs. Pfft. Triyun's nation is a lot more vicious, but he's nominated triyun already.

Best Diplomatic Nation: Athens again, because of their treaty web. Really, just throw in anyone who's ever signed a treaty, because they automatically become acquainted with a dozen other nations the second their Free Trade Pact hits the web. (lolpuns)

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[quote name='Markus Wilding' timestamp='1325684337' post='2892260']
Biggest Controversy (IC): British-Ottoman war in North Africa. Zoot/Red Dawn vs. Fizzy and Rotavele. Easily one of the most controversial wars IMO.
[/quote]I nominate Fizzydog for the year’s Funniest Player because of the Tagruato corporation’s extreme antics.[quote name='Fizzydog' timestamp='1298761218' post='2645636']

One of the many byproducts of our Petroleum reservoir is paraffin wax, an alkane with dozens of handy uses in your day to day life! Edible, malleable, colorable, and a fine electrical insulator. ParafFun! Wax Distributors meets all your wax needs.

[i]Making shiny candles? ParafFun!
Sealing a jar? ParafFun!
Coating your hard cheeses? ParafFun!
Gripping your surfboard? ParafFun!
Creating paintballs? ParafFun!
Preparing specimens for histology? ParafFun!
Coating your waxed paper? ParafFun!
Propelling your hybrid rocket motors? ParafFun!
Improved bowel movement? ParafFun!
Lighting your camping lantern? ParafFun!
Testing samples in infrared spectroscopy? ParafFun!
Moderating neutrons? ParafFun!
Making a box of crayons? ParafFun!

ParafFun! Rewax, it's ParafFun![/i]

OoC: Content of this thread is from here: http://www.tagruato.jp/paraffun_subsidiaries.php
[/quote]He made a webpage for it ~ that’s awesome!

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Best Military: Botha/Transvaal (In Game = IC = Real World South Africa)
Best Nation Building: Botha/Transvaal (Transvaal Wiki)
RPBest Economy Building RP: Botha/Transvaal (Transvaal Wiki)

More to come by Monday. .
Looking to add Delta Squad and KaiserMelech Mikhail - looking for catagories!

Edited by Generalissimo
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[quote name='Generalissimo' timestamp='1325917487' post='2894587']
More to come by Monday. .
Looking to add Delta Squad and KaiserMelech Mikhail - looking for catagories!

One of the Best Character RP categories or Best Wall of Text, perhaps?

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[quote name='Lynneth' timestamp='1325960348' post='2894909']
Why is there no 'Best SCIENCE' category? :V

[quote name='Markus Wilding' timestamp='1325963304' post='2894945']
Because you would win it by default, Lynneth.

In other words, no contest [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/awesome.gif[/img]

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[quote name='Subtleknifewielder' timestamp='1325972574' post='2895072']
In other words, no contest [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/awesome.gif[/img]
I created an entire economy based off turnips and turnip products. I have cars built out of turnip fibers that run off gasoline made out of turnip biomass. I think I have some pretty impressive science.

The real question is, can I nominate myself?

Edited by KaiserMelech Mikhail
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