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Californian Government Functions


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[b][u]California Republic Government Hub[/u][/b]

This is a government hotline to connect to different part of Californian government, please wait while we reveal the options. We may provide in the future more options.

[b]Press 1 to reach the Office of the Secretary of State[/b]
Dialing the following numbers are to reach other sub-departments in the State Department:
1-110: Office of Diplomatic Corps
1-111: Foreign Relations Office
1-112: Goodwill Ambassador Office
1-113: Office of Immigration and Visas

[b]Press 2 to reach the Office of the Secretary of Defense[/b]
Dialing the following numbers are to reach other sub-departments in the Defense Department:
2-220: Department of the Army
2-221: Department of the Air Force
2-222: Department of the Navy
2-223: Office of Military Intelligence

[b]Press 3 to reach the Office of the President[/b]
Dialing the following numbers are to reach other sub-departments of the President Cabinet:
3-310: National Security Adviser
3-311: Careers and Internships

One of the first message to be sent outside of the new hub was sent by no less than President Farren on a national security topic.

[quote]To: Empress Mara I, Northern Imperium
From: Colin Ferren, President of the Californian Republic
Subject: Northern Imperium Troop Withdraw

I regret to inform you that my government has authorized a near full withdraw of your troops from California. I have just signed the bill regarding this. It is provided that you have 60 days to withdraw all of your divisions; however, it is provided in the new law that you may station just one division here in California at Joint Base Nellis while we sort out a new base for your [u]one division[/u] if you choose to accept. We will help facilitate in your withdraw. Non-compliance will be met with force.

I will thank you for providing us with the protection from New France during the time your forces were here, but we are prepared to handle the threat accordingly. California is also reviewing our diplomatic relations during this withdraw.


Colin Farren
President of California[/quote]

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[b]Grand Assembly Actions[/b]

"Here ye, here ye. The Californian Republic's Grand Assembly meets for the 4th session to tackle the issues facing California. I welcome all the new members and their families on this special day of this sacred institution of representing the people to this 4th session of the Grand Assembly. We have must to address in the coming weeks of the issues in front of California. May we start in a prayer from our chaplain." remarked Vice President Colelain.

"Thank you Vice President. Heavenly father, we thank you for this great nation and the beacon of hope that this nation represents to the unfortunate from those around us. I ask for forgiveness from those that have trespassed against you and the sins of what this nation has committed. These are grave days and I pray that you protect our servicemen and women that are in harm's way. We ask you to lead them as you lead us. Above all, we ask that you continue to bless this nation. In Jesus name, amen."

*the Californian pledge of allegiance is said*

"Without objection, the gentleman from Redding, California, Congressman Doug Peterson will be recognized for one minute."

"Thank you Mister Speaker, I am here to formally propose the bill of enacting military support for Canada in the Pacific Northwest. HOCB-0349 (House of Commons Bill 0349) to formalize the use of Californian troops in the defense of Canada. We must support our ally in this time of need, and we need to do it now."

"The floor is open to motion of HOCB-0349."

"Congressman Richard Wolbe motions to discussion."

"Discussion seconded."

"The floor is open to discussion of HOCB-0349. Yes, the gentlemen from Phoneix, Arizona, Congressman Nate Calhoun has the floor for one minute."

"Thank you Mister Speaker. As a member of the Commons Committee on Foreign Relations, we're in a delicate situation with our alliance with Canada, Tianxia and the Northern Imperium. We have people on both sides of the conflict, are we really in a position of defending Canada?"

"Yes, gentlewomen from Provo, Utah, Congresswoman Elizabeth Corday, has the floor for response."

"Thank you. Congressman Calhoun, when did we have an alliance with the Northern Imperium?"

"Congresswoman Corday, the alliance with the Northern Imperium is being shed of light in the public this day with the general public due to the war in Canada. It is part of a three-way alliance with the Northern Imperium, Texas and ourselves called the North American Treaty Organization. Actually, on paper, this treaty supersedes our treaty with Canada. We've kept this quiet due to the complications with our relations with Canada."

At this point the lower house went into a loud murmur at the revelation of this news that was finally breaking light in California for the first time in the public light.

Corday responded, "Wait. is this even legal to have a treaty that bypasses the approval of the legislature?"

"Since you're a relatively new member of this institution, you cannot comprehend the difficulties of our relations in our early days. Most of the founding members of this assembly did vote in secret in a closed session to pass this treaty. Most of them voluntarily selected to leave political office to facilitate the secrecy of the treaty until the time was necessary to unveil it."

"So... if this treaty is in effect. We're obligated to defend the offensive actions of Tianxia and the Northern Imperium?"


Members of the assembly traded glances at the revelation of the new situation, it border-lined on a political scandal to keep such a treaty secret. One-by-one, most got in line towards the new reality to the point that one assemblyman said.

"Yes, gentlemen from Yuma, Arizona, Congressman Mark Oali has the floor for one minute."

"Well, I motion to put up to motion to vote on the activation of the NATO treaty against Canada."

"Is this motion seconded?"

"Motion seconded."

"Motion of voting is now on the floor. All those in favor of activation of NATO raise their hands."

The lower house now had 589 members, and over 300 hands arose.

"All against, raise your hands."

The most the rest rose their hands.

Activation of NATO against Canada through the House of Commons:
Aye - 310
Nay - 243
Abstain - 36

Activation of NATO against Canada through the Assembly of States:
Aye - 10
Nay - 2

EDIT: Adding the two parts of my legislative body to the vote process.

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[b]Presidential Mansion - Outskirts of Sacramento[/b]

Sacramento was buzzing on the news of the war in Canada and California's reversal on it's operations in the war. Meanwhile, President Farren talked in an emergency meeting of his cabinet members on the war in a [i]private[/i] meeting.

"Gentlemen, trusted friends. Today is a glorious day for California to formalize it's control along western North America. As the Canadians are embattled with Tianxia and the Northern Imperium up north, we are preparing to assert control of Canadian held territory up to the historic border line of the former United States and Canada at the 49th parallel. I trust that a good portion of our forces are prepared?" stated President Farren.

"Our forces have lined up all along the northern border with Canada, sir. Just give us the go ahead and we'll be in Portland, Boise, and Denver within a few days." replied Army Chief of Staff, General Jeffery Wenisik.

"Remember people, the news from the Grand Assembly hasn't reached the presses yet, although it should in a few minutes. We haven't exactly cancelled our treaty with Canada, so for better or for worse, we've probably pissed off the entire Canadian population with this betrayal of trust." Secretary of Defense, George Mallard spoke.

"Indeed, George. This is risk worth taking now, Greater California will be realized, it seems prudent that the day has arrived. Any word from our ambassador in Ottawa?" said Farren.

"None yet, Mr. President, "replied Undersecetary of State, George Byrne. "We haven't heard a peep from the Canadians since the conflict started. However, I expect that we will hold our part of the treaty."

"Intelligence readings on the border?" asked Air Force Chief of Staff, General Antonio Aponte Salio

"Seems lightly defended still since they think we're their allies. They must not have picked up our movements on the sats they have. Probably due to the offensive assets of Tianxia or the Imperium in their war." stated David Oglia, Chief of Californian Military Intelligence.

"Well, I think we have things in good order, I'll be sending some messages along to our "allies". General Wenisik, you have go ahead on Operation Northwestern Abvolt."

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[b]Livermore, California - Not Public[/b]

A small convoy of three, white government SUVs, bearing the seal of the Department of Energy, rolled through Livermore, California to the a government research facility on the outskirts of town. They proceeded to the entry of the facility, a prominent sign off the left stated, "Livermore National Research Laboratory - Californian Department of Energy." The vehicles stopped at the guard station, a few of the noticed guards brandishing Kimber SMGs checked the vehicles and IDs for a few minutes before allowing them inside.

The vehicles pulled ahead into a large parking lot in front of several bare white buildings. They parked in front of the main entrance and stepped out a dozen men, most suited men and women, along with some military brass, walking into the foyer entrance. The marble floor had a simple engraving on it stating, "Science and Technology for the interests of California.", in which the group walked over.

The group was here today to inquire on the status of Livermore's production of nuclear technology. They convened in a small meeting room and began their discussions.

"So folks, welcome to today's meeting here at Livermore on the topic of California's progress on nuclear technology, both of peaceful and military applications." stated Undersecretary of Energy, Jen Deckker. "I would like to introduce at this time a couple of Livermore's scientists here on some of the progress made here for their work on a working fission reactor, Dr. Ryan Kilson and Dr. Floyd Jennings."

"Thank you Mrs. Deckker," replied Dr. Kilson. "As you know people that Livermore has been bombarding Uranium isotopes with neutrons to create a stable chain reaction; however, we've ran into problems with a lack of Uranium 235 to make sustain these reactions. We simply need more U-235 from the non-reactive U-238 that is useless to us."

General David McFallon answered, "Military scientists at Hanford have run into the same problem; however, they've replied that with gaseous diffusion, U-238 for large scale production of U-235. They've also broken through that Plutonium-239 is a byproduct of bombarding U-238 with neutrons. We've have since sent large construction crews there to get an enrichment facility there going."

"Excellent work up there it seems," remarked Dr. Jennings. "The military always seemingly one step ahead of us. Once the facility is running, anyway to get some of the enriched U-235 down here at the earliest convenience?"

"Of course, Doctor." answered General McFallon.


[b]Hanford, Washington - Not Public[/b]

The once defunct nuclear site at Hanford was recently restarted by the Californian military to ramp up production for reactor-grade and weapons-grade U-235. Inside the large complex, apart from the roving of military vehicles patrolling the edges of the reservation, construction was in full swing for a large factory for uranium enrichment and an underground facility to test a prototype nuclear weapon when the time came.

Giant cranes, excavators, bulldozers, and hundreds of workers worked around the clock to complete the newest buildings to the complex. Meanwhile at the two reactor buildings, military scientists continued their work on experiments on the nuclear reaction process.


[b]East of Idaho Falls - Not Public[/b]

As military applications for nuclear research was ongoing at Hanford, the Californian government contracted work to Aperture Science and other scientific firms to develop a private-governmental reservation on the high deserts of Southern Idaho. Their initial work would be towards civilian nuclear reactor designs, experimentation of nuclear waste disposal, infrastructure cyber-security, bio-energy, and other advanced energy techniques. Part of the complex would also be the future home of nuclear waste. Security here would be just be as tight as any other Californian military installation.

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[b]Hanford Energy Research Complex, State of Columbia[/b] -Private

Crews at Hanford have completed most of the uranium enrichment facility there; however, some work remained to finish up parts of the facility. Beyond the final touches, weapons-grade enrichment was well underway through parts of completed facility and would ship commercial-reactor grade uranium to Livermore in California via truck convoy, as a lack of a rail network was currently unavailable, as the WPRR Portland-Salt Lake line was not finished yet. Local crews have built a rail depot and have initially laid the branch tracks from the WPRR line to the Hanford site and Tri-Cities area.

Military scientists were preparing their first nuclear weapons test that was being sent to Utah at the Dugway Proving Grounds. A very large military convoy would be escorting the truck to Utah from Hanford.


[b]Livermore National Research Laboratory, California[/b]

The first shipment of enriched U-235 arrived at the facility for scientists there to use on their reactor there. They began their testing of their experimental reactor with the enriched U-235 fuel rods placed into the reactor pool, along with boron control rods mixed in. The reactor core water started to immediately boil and the steam produced immediately started to churn the generator in which the steam was piped towards. From outside the complex, the large cooling tower began to vent large amounts of water vapor to the outside world, signaling the beginning of the nuclear age in California.

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