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Operation Oatmeal


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OOC: First off, this is a closed thread. It is between:
Lynneth, Evangeline, Sarah, Mara, Triyun.
Also TBM and Melech, after consultation.
Others may be permitted to participate after the main actors agree on it.
I ask for others to [b]not[/b] be opportunistic scoundrels and take advantage of what is happening within this thread.
I have been permitted to use my satellite Icarus for this RP, and I'm slapping my personal rules on it: Each use eats 2 nuke slots, one use a day.

Winning conditions: I win if I manage to replace the government.
Eva&Co win if they make the campaign too costly or long for me.

Other stuff applies as well, and conditions may be changed if everyone agrees to it.
Also, this post has most of my military hardware in it: [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=106348&view=findpost&p=2876568"]Clicky[/url]


[b][Lunar Announcement][/b]

"The nation of Vicidalia recently made a very [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=107983&st=0&p=2890262&#entry2890262"]polarising[/url] announcement. Within it, they fully condone colonialism, supporting it directly and actively. Within it, they approve of the outdated notion of 'divine right', classism and the more than outdated notion of an 'ancien regime'.
We cannot condone such a view, and we will not support a nation in such endeavours. We, as protectors of South America, see it as our duty to free the people of Vicidalia from their plight, and to prevent Vicidalia from supporting colonialism.

Our ultimatum is thus: The current governmet of Vicidalia will resign, to the last man. A new, liberal and progressive government will take over and prepare Vicidalia for transformation into a modern society.
Otherwise, Vicidalia may consider itself in a state of warfare with the Lunar Republic.

And no, I don't give a damn how this affects USAN."

- Laura Leclerc, Speaker of the Republic

[b][Classified and all that][/b]

Even before Vicidalia's response, the Republic began to move forces into the french puppet-state, a total of around 140,000 soldiers moving into the neighbouring state, two tank-divisions - totalling in 200 vehicles - as support in the heavy and difficult terrain. They were instructed to fire only if fire upon, though then a barrage would be unleashed from numerous artillery pieces far behind the frontline. The [url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v284/Lynneth_del_Serpentas/AE/CNRP/Corp/fctbk/New11.png"]AH Mk.2[/url] had an approximate maximum range of 110 kilometers in optimal circumstances, after all.

In the air, orders were to keep air-superiority to allow surveillance by AWACS aircraft and Lunar zeppelins. A greater use of air power wasn't expected at the time, though hostile planes taking into the air would be engaged if detected. For the time being, 5 squadrons of AC-77A Kovas fighters were patrolling to keep the air around the frontline clean. If attacked by SAM, 2 squadrons of 229 Saber stealth planes were on standby to deal with the AA weaponry.

In the ocean, the two carrier battlegroups were largely sitting menacingly before the Republic's coasts. Other orders were not given at the time.

Far above, however, [i]Icarus[/i] was being moved. The satellite would be a useful asset in the coming war, a precision weapon without peer, once it was in position above the norther border with Vicidalia.
The war was on - if the french puppet government did not give in.

OOC Fake Edit: Triyun wants Melech and TBM in, too.

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The advance was soon noticed by the Border Guards, as the advance of the Lunar forces [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=107135&view=findpost&p=2873870"]triggered the various bouncing mines that had been layed in a thin zone of 50 metres right at the border[/url]. Immediatly they ran away from the frightening appearance of the demons from hell and messaged the court.

The court was shocked. Had the Grand Principality really just been attacked by its eastern former allies? Immediatly an emergency session of the High Council convened. Present were, the Grand Princess, the First Princess, the Second Princess, the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Comte d'Amacure[sup]1[/sup] and a few higher commander of the Armed forces. For the longest time, discussions went back and forth, without result. While Louise had no idea how to conduct a war, Henrietta was accusing the Ministers of having led to this terrible war, asking for a surrender, as it seemed hopeless. Lisette and Charlotte however were not going to accept such ruling, given the senechal would not allow for such things, and so it all depended on the decision of Louise, who was not making any decision, as she was unable to even perceive the situation. And while all others quarreled, Dalian sat in her seat and ate her cookies. The military itself had already given up and watched how the debate went down, realising that the country really was in a terrible state.

Dalian watched this and slowly her cookies began to taste bad. Noone would listen to the second Princess anyway, given that she was the second, not the first and not the Grand one. So she had given up on the matter and spent most of the day reading and drinking tea, while eating some cookies. But what she saw there was just terrible. And just as Lisette made another attempt to argue why the end of the regime could mean anarchist takeover and beheading, a brown chocolate cookie, roughly 4 cm in diameter and of 1 cm thickness flew across the room. "Stop it! Just stop it!" She stood up, clearing the lower part of her dress from the crumbs of todays pastries. The room was shocked anew, the ever-silent and calm Dalian had wasted one of her precious cookies in a rage fit. "This cannot go on. While we argue, they march on our lands. Henrietta, get a grip, humans aren't nice. They wouldn't betray us if they had honest intentions. And you ministers, you are just afraid what the Senechal may say if she returned to a conquered country. Really, you are all just lacking Lieselotte. As long as she was here, at least you followed one line, hers. I say prepare a defense and let them bleed until they retreat. The Finns got through, so will we! Who's with me?" Ashamed, the rest of the government raised their hand. Hopefully Lieselotte would return soon. "With this cleared, let's set up..." She took her book and threw it at the Marshall de Mollier, the highest ranking army official in the room. "Hey. You there. stop dreaming of grandheur in the West if you can't even stop the blamage in the east. Get to work. I want a plan for a defense. One hour time limit." The old man stood there, shocked as if a book had hit him on the head (it had) and just saluted, taking his cane and and going at work with his colleagues. A wonder that guy survived that long, Dalian thought.

[i]Maréchal Godefroy Timoléon de Mollier, commandant of the Armée Reformée Vicidaliénne[/i]
As the Grand Principality saw little chance in opposing the forces with the border guard, they were ordered to retreat. De Mollier himself took care of the orders of the Second Princess, who seemed to have assumed command. Together with 5 divisions, he marched to Simonville[sup]2[/sup], to set up his army command. Altough the Vicidalian army had more troops than just these five divisions, most of the forces were deployed in the West, but now they had to leave their fortifications. Vicidalia had long planned that the next war would be against the New Panaman rebels, or the Texans, however this was not the case. The one ally perceived as most stable next to France had betrayed the Grand Principality and now, they had to fight. In about a day, the first troops were scheduled to arrive via the railway between Maturin and Nouvelle-Châteaudun and over the next four days, the whole bunch of 10 additional divisions was to arrive. Godefrey Timoleon was old, but he was not that stupid to not see the fear in the eyes of his soldiers, soldiers that were underequipped, pressed into service and fighting for a system that was by far not the best. Maybe, underequipped was an understatement. The Minstére de la Defense had purchased 200, 000 assault rifles from Sweden once, but of all these rifles, only 120,000 were inside Vicidalia, far too little to be used by all 270,000 soldiers that were under his command. Armed with Berthiers, they now went on the Champs de Bataille, hoping to survive the massacre they saw it as. And indeed, without adequate air support, nor any armor, the Maréchal himself doubted strongly that he'd be victorious.

[i]Vicidalian soldiers on the march to meet the enemy. Morale is low, Fear is widespread.[/i][/center]

Adele Valmy was still young, but here she served, in the godforsaken mountains, to face off an invader a few times her force. Her task was to hold the front on the Orinoco in the West. Having only 3 divisions, it looked horrible, but on couldn't complain. at least the enemy was not outnumbering them. And the rifes were automatic. She had not fought any war yet in her career, but hopefully this first one was not her last one. "Compagnie! Arretez!" After the few hours of marching, they had reached the Orinoco. Now orders were to set up a front and not to let anyone pass. The Fusiliers and Chasseurs took their shovels and slowly but steadily they dug their trenches. "Vite! Vite! The enemy won't wait till we are finished before he shoots."

[i]The Vicidalian line of defense. Marked in black are the divisions directly under Maréchal de Mollier, in dark blue the ones under Major Valmy, in dark green the semi-independent Korps of 5 divisions d'infantrie légere[sup]3[/sup][/i][/center]

[i]Armée du Oest[/i]

Commander: Major Adele Valmy

[*]XIX[sup]ieme[/sup] Division d'Infantrie
[*]XX[sup]ieme[/sup] Division d'Infantrie
[*]XXI[sup]ieme[/sup] Division d'Infantrie

[i]Armée d'Est[/i]

Commander: Maréchal Godefrey Timoleon de Mollier

[*]XXVIII[sup]ieme[/sup] Division d'Infantrie*
[*]XXIX[sup]ieme[/sup] Division d'Infantrie*
[*]XXX[sup]ieme[/sup] Division d'Infantrie*
[*]XXXI[sup]ieme[/sup] Division d'Infantrie*
[*]XXXII[sup]ieme[/sup] Division d'Infantrie*

[i]Corps centrale[/i]

Commander: Maréchal Godefrey Timoleon de Mollier, though led by semi-independent Officiers

[*]XXII[sup]ieme[/sup] Division d'Infantrie
[*]XXIII[sup]ieme[/sup] Division d'Infantrie
[*]XXXIII[sup]ieme[/sup] Division d'Infantrie legere*
[*]XXXIV[sup]ieme[/sup] Division d'Infantrie legere*
[*]XXXV[sup]ieme[/sup] Division d'Infantrie legere*

*signals a lack of SMG8 assault rifles, in their stead Berthier rifles are used.

[b]Ehestadt, Temple of Ares[/b]

Lieselottes hand was shacking. These news were terrible, the Lunar lunatics had attacked her homecountry, demanding the abdiction of her Highness. She knew, had she not gotten help, there would have been the next heart attack. But calm she had to be, else she wanted to shatter the glass of wine in her hand. Her breath went fast as she tried to calm her mind, and it slowly she put down the glass. But by then, her anger already went into despair over the safety of her Grand Princess and she sat there, lifeless like a corpse. "They attacked Vicidalia. If I just had never left my country. But I thought it was safe. What do I do now?" She murmured aimlessly, most likely adressing noone but herself.


[sup]1[/sup]Amacure: Mostly the Orinoco Delta, where most of Lynneths forces invaded, according to the planning.

[sup]2[/sup]Ciudad Bolivar

[sup]3[/sup]While the composition of a Division d'Infantrie can be seen [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=107531&view=findpost&p=2886388"]here[/url], a Division d'Infantrie legere is:

4 Regiments d'Infantrie legere à

[*]4 Compagnies des Fusiliers
[*]4 Compagnies de Grenadiers legeres
[*]6 Compagnies des Chasseurs
[*]2 Compagnies des Tirailleures
[*]2 Escadrons des Dragons
[*]4 Batteries d'Artillerie

Each Compagnie are 120, each escadron 90, a Batterie is 8 [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=107637&view=findpost&p=2889613"][i]AdA 155mm CAM Cordilleres[/i][/url], 8 [i]AdA ARAM Tempeste[/i] and 12 [i]AdA Obusiers de 155 mm Modèle 50[/i]. Every division are around 10,000 soldiers. Every Compagnie has 6 squad level MG42's, 4 [i]AdA Canones de 105 mle 1936 Schneider[/i] and 4 AdA 100mm Canones AAC. Every Berthier rifle comes with attachable bayonet, every Dragon has no rifle, but a carbine, as well as a saber and lance, instead of a bayonet. The Fusiliers, Grendiers, Dragons and Chasseurs use SMG8's (if available), Tirailleurs and Artillerists use Berthiers (Tirailleurs with scope). All Infantry has 2 hand grenades, cavalry has no hand grenades, Grenadiers have a bag with 8 grenades (hence the name). Heavy Grenadiers have 5 pelotons (20 soldiers platoon) with normal rifles and 1 peloton with PTRD's.

Good luck, though I think I'll need it more. :awesome:

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[quote]To: The Grand Principality of Vicidalia
From: The Northern Imperium

We have noted the Lunar Republic's invasion and have sent reinforcement in the form of our Tenth Line Parachute Division, with more to arrive within the week, activating our MDAP agreement.

Christian Kehenna,
Duke Bethel,
Northern Imperium Foreign Minister[/quote]

[b]Jump Day,
Nellis AFB, Republic of California,
Imperial Encampment[/b]

"Alrigh', people!" shouted Jump Master Sergeant Jebediah Kerman."We've got a situation." He said, waving his platoon into their seats. "Our allies in Vicidalia have been attacked, and the Empress and the Lady General, in their infinite wisdom, have seen fit to reinforce them. The Tenth Line - us included - will be boarding transports to jump into Vicidalia and bolster them until our heavies can arrive by Horde boat." A series of cheers sounded off in the briefing room. "Yeah, yeah, I know. Finally some action, eh? Don't get too excited, this looks to be a Class A charlie-foxtrot. We're going to be moving five divisions in to Vicidalia within this next week, and more in the event we need them. We'll be joined by the Eleventh and Twelfth Guards, as well as the Third and Fourth Line Jungle divisions. "


The next day was consumed by packing, cutting orders, and giving farewells to loved ones; emotional partings between mothers, fathers and their children, sons and daughters and their parents, brothers and sisters, spouses of all ages and genders. The first of the big C-17 transports lifted off of the runway at Nellis, and they didn't stop for nearly two hours as ten thousand troops minus materiel made best speed towards Vicidalia's lines. C-5 and Antonov transports loaded up their light vehicles and air-defense units, following the next day when the C-17s returned empty.


Private First Class Elias Sturm stood as the red light came on in the cavernous bay of the C-17 heavy, the high-pitched whine of the escorting F-22s and -23s so close he could hear them over the sound of the C-17's own jets. The PFC checked the gear of his squadmate, Julius Wiggin, making absolutely sure everything was secure, even as Natasha Kozlova did the same for him. Complete, Elias looked up just in time for the light to turn green, and the huge bay doors opened into the night sky. "GO GO GO!" Jumpmaster Kerman shouted, pulling people towards the yawning opening, out into night as dark as space. The platoons shuffled forward, even the most nervous among them being pushed out by the people behind them, and so forth, with the most experienced bringing up the rear to do the pushing.

Then it was Elias' turn.

One step and suddenly he was weightless - falling - looking up at the dim green light of the bay receding before him just before the static line pulled his chute open, jerking him nastily upright, and he put his hands on the riser handles, steering himself to keep with his squad. It seemed to take forever, but a mere three minutes later he noticed the ground rising quickly before him, tucking his knees and rolling with the impact as he'd been trained. Hitting the release on his chute harness, he hoisted his kit bag onto his back, grabbing up his M-21, and went to join his squad at the rally point.


Thousands of similar scenes played themselves out all over the stretch near the Orinoco Delta, right next to the Lunar border, and a division of armed Imperials began to search out the Vicidalians they were reinforcing, broadcasting over radio their presence to avoid friendly fire.

Jane Whitelighter frowned. "Someone attacked a Sisterhood nation?" she said quietly, eyes sparking with anger."We must fly at once."

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As there were already the first reports of the Lunar demons and their appearance, the Imperials were fairly safe. Altough, it was once that a Fusilier shot at one of the paratroopers, though he missed. De Mollier was not sure wether he should be happy over the preservance of that Imperials life or in despair that the soldier was lacking targetting practice and shook of fear. Regardless, he gave order to collect the Imperials, lead them together and to assign them their position. Which would be the outer end of the Orinoco, in order to avoid the enemy from landing there.

[b]Meanwhile in Ehestadt[/b]

"Really?" Lieselotte regained her spirit slowly again. "Angelika, please let me go to my home country. My Grand Princess is endangered."

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[i]Ehestadt, Temple of Hippolyta[/i]

It has been no longer than three days since Lieselotte, Jane, and Angelika had met together in the Temple and the oath of the Sisterhood taken between them. The news of the Lunar Republic's declaration of war against the Grand Principality came as a surprise. Angelika had figured, the defense of Vicidalia would be fought against New Panama, or the Umbrella Corporation, after talking to Lieselotte it seemed these would be the nations to aggressively move against the Princess' Regime. The Lunar Republic was supposed to be a nation of diplomacy, moving slowly, always calculating and this war seemed to be completely the opposite of their modes of operation. Nevertheless, as the Austrian Princess saw the announcement on television, she sat down her glass of wine and uncrossed her legs as she sat up from her chair and rubbed her eyes. "God knows how Liesel's taking this."

Walking through the temple complex, she found Lieselotte already in the rear garden beyond the Temple. She sat allow at one of the wire rim tables with a glass of wine in her hand and the Princess could see she was visibly shaking. Jane was already there, sitting next to the Senechal with a frown on her face and her fingers tightly clasped together.

[i]"They attacked Vicidalia. If I just had never left my country. But I thought it was safe. What do I do now?"[/i] Said Lieselotte, her voice sounding dismal and defeated while Jane responded almost with a snarl.

[i]"We must fly at once."[/i]

"Jane's right." Said Angelika, finally joining into the conversation. "I refuse to let the Lunar Republic think they can dictate what happens in South America. The Western Hemisphere is burning and Vicidalia is trying to present themselves as a stabilizing state and this is how they react. That was their biggest mistake." She walked over and put strong hand on the Senechal's shoulder. "Liesel, you had to leave your country, because now you're ready to fight for it, ready to fight for your Princess and we are all going to fight with you. I will send a letter to Theresia today that the Amazon reserves won't be able to head to the West, we're going to save Vicidalia." With a chuckle, she put her hand around Lieselotte's own and with a gentle squeeze, the glass shattered. "It's time to lose control."


Later that day on the stairs of the temple Angelika called an emergency meeting of all the Sisters of the temple. Hundreds of Adepts and Acolytes with spears in their hands filled the Great Court and looked up at the Princess. Angelika was not their Queen, but she had taken the title of Centurion having been a war-leader in Idaho-Montana. With Oyona at her side, she took her spear and pounded it hard against the marble ground.


We are not, nor will we ever be, a people built on the designs of peace. Our very existence was forged in the fires of oppression, the oppression of the powerful over the weak and now that scenario that my sister once saw all those months ago in Vaule has returned; this time in South America. Vicidalia, a nation within our Sisterhood has been attacked by the Lunar Republic. These aggressors see Vicidalia as a threat to continental stability, but it the Lunar Republic that is the threat! It is the Lunar Republic that designed the continental treaty bloc that allowed nations like Gallifrey to go unpunished in assaulting our Indian cousins. It is the Lunar Republic that allowed threats to form from other South American nations that threatened Vicidalia's very security and existence. This is an outpouring of prejudice, sexism, and animosity that will not be allowed to stand any longer. No one dares attack a nation of our Sisterhood and we shall all ride with Lieselotte de Nouvelle-Beziérs and will defend her nation, or die trying!"

Cheers went up as the Amazons raised their spears into the air chanting the eternity of Princess Louise and death to the Lunar invaders.

"Word has been sent to the Naval Commanders of the Horde who will ferry our brave sisters across the water to the fire filled fields of Vicidalia. The Space-Demons want war? We will give them war. They will walk into Vicidalia over fields of their own dead bodies. No one will retreat. It will be a bloodbath and it is their blood that we offer to you, Ares, Artemis, and Hippolyta! Make our bodies strong, our feet fast, and our minds cunning and we will bring you victory - victory unparalleled!

Sisters! To War!"

"To War!"



The Vicidalian Campaign would present a series of problems for Angelika upon her first real military command in nearly ten years. Firstly, the five phalanxes formed for fighting in South America were fresh. None of these regiments had any real battlefield experience, aside from their Commanders, most were women who had just begun training at either the Temple or at Horde bases throughout the Khanate. Fifty-thousand women could be spared to the Campaign, instead of going to fight on the Western front against the Germans, but given that both the Pacific Ocean and either the Atlantic or the Caribbean Seas separated the Amazons from reaching Vicidalia, naval support would be a necessity. Word was sent to the Vice-Imperator to prepare for naval action to transport the Amazons to South America, given that the German War was primarily land based, Angelika doubted that the Horde's navy would turn down her request for naval support, after all, the Amazons were part of the Horde and denying the Sister of the Grand Empress would incur the wrath of the entire Imperial Court.

Angelika's plan was to begin shipping the five phalanxes from Ehestadt, these units would rendezvous with the Imperial Fleet in Hawaii and then from the Horde's bases in the Pacific would sail through the Panama Canal and land on safe shores in Vicidalia. From there, it would be off to the front and the Daughters of Ares would once again have their mettle tested against another empire, more powerful than the Germans and just as fierce.

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Rhee was put in the uncomfortable position of being the Imperator's eyes and ears for watching over this operation. Ostensibly, the Khagan's own interactions and relations with the Lunar Republic had been decent. It'd be hard to characterize them as the best in the world but they weren't the worst. With Ryu out of commission on a combat injury, and Chakri leading campaigns for Jia in Germania, the Korean was the only senior imperial knight left, Jia was not foolish enough to think anyone who was a junior could handle this task. Nor could it be left to the regular military. Kou and Angelika would get into a dick waving contest in no time.

He had received a curtly worded message from Vice Imperator Kou earlier in the day,

[quote]Word from the front. Action approved by the Imperator. You're to supervise this diversion. I've ordered two squadrons of Pelicans to move them to Hawaii, they'll refuel, fly under escort from the Sea Bridge, final flight will be the [i]Mao Zedong's Carrier Air Wing[/i]. Total journey should be about three days. Deploy with the 19th imperial guard ranger battalion and a vanguard of knights. Don't $%&@ it up.


Rhee sighed as he looked over the message again before pushing open the centurion's door. As he went in, he looked at Angelika, making finally military preparations for the phalanxes to head out.

"Centurion. Imperial Knight Rhee Chang-sun reporting in." he said with a formal salute to her, "By order of the Khagan and Vice Imperator, I have been given instructions to see to your escort across the Pacific and Caribbean. Pelican Ultra-Lift Sea Planes should be prepped in six hours for transport to Hawaii and onto Vicidalia under heavy air and sea escort."

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The next day, the transports returned to find airstrips built by the paratroopers ready for use, in a limited fashion due to their size. Skimming over the ground, parachutes pulled AN\TWQ-2/4 vehicles out, the air defense vehicles quickly driven away from the strip as heavy transports continued to arrive at near-stall speeds, dropping off THAAD and Imperial Patriot vehicles along with CV-90120 light tanks and -9040 IFVs, along with M-563 Hammer APCs and their modular weapons systems. The Air Defense vehicles were quickly set up up and down the "line", forming a sphere of protection over the entirety of the it, the skies watched dutifully by F-22s, F-23s and EF-23s along with troops armed with Stinger missiles until the ground systems were set up and Imperial Army Engineers showed up to set up a more powerful radar and build the airstrip into something landable, the task made difficult by the delta's terrain.

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Throughout the nation, various army units were called up and ordered to the train stations in the various rayon capitals to travel to Vladivostok. All in all, 25,000 troops and all their equipment including jeeps, trucks, and mortars, 50 tanks and tank destroyers, and a few medium and light artillery pieces were sent on the trains east. When they reached their destination city, they would report to Princess Angelika, who was going to be their top commanding officer for the remainder of the campaign.

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Looking up from the war council, Angelika and five of the other Amazon Commanders looked in turn at the Imperial Knight. The Princess smirked and dropped the ruler and pencil she was using on the table. "At ease, Officer and you can cut the formal crap, Rhee. I have no time for it right now. But Jia and Kou have allowed us to move then?" She chuckled, "God knows how much Theresia had to pull his ear. Well then, sisters, you have your orders. Begin readying the phalanxes to be shipped to Hawaii. It should be smooth sailing all the way to Vicidalia or at least let's hope it is."

The other Amazons snapped a salute and they filtered out of the room as Angelika leaned back on the table and crossed her arms looking at the Knight. "So you're going to be escorting us? The Khan doesn't think that his sister-in-law can take care of herself. Well Rhee, I hope that your assistance doesn't end in Hawaii, I'd be honored to have you when we land in Vicidalia. With only fifty thousand men, I'm hoping to spread out into the jungles. All of these women are coming from the Steppe and the Mountain Zones, guerrilla tactics should be in their blood, I could use all the help I can get."

As they talked, another Phalanx commander walked in and sprung a salute. "Princess Angelika?"

"Yes, Commander Nazari?"

The Arabic woman looked around the room for a moment with a displeased look on her face and then clasped her hands behind her back. "Well, the Marscurians have arrived and we're not quite sure what to do with them."

With a heavy sigh, the Princess stepped forward and pushed her white gloves over her hands. "All right, I'll take charge of this, so long as the planes are ready for take off in six hours. We shouldn't have a problem. I'll beat anyone who causes a disturbance in my camp." Nazari left after another sharp salute and Angelika turned back to Rhee before leaving the office in turn. "Oh, and let Kou know, if he tries to get in my way about planning these movements, I'm going to shove a boot up his ass. He's Vice-Imperator, well I'm pretty much Vice-Empress, so make sure he knows he's dealing with his equal." She said with a smirk and walked out into the marble corridors of the temple.

Six hours later, the first Amazon and Marscurian regiments were boarding planes to fly off to Hawaii.

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Rhee dropped the salute along with his formality as the other Amazonians left the room. "I cannot really speculate on family matters of the Imperial Family Angelika, but no... it doesn't. I'm to follow you and umm..." Rhee said thinking of how to put it to Angelika without her attacking him, "make sure you're safe." He looked at her cautiously wondering whether a swarm of Amazons would pop out of the word work and behead him for antiquated notions of paternalist chivalry.

However, instead he was given a far more grave punishment than that. Instead he was left to deliver the message from Angelika to Kou, something he knew could only end poorly for him. But before he could object she left the room entering into the temple where he could not enter under pain of death.

"God damn. Should have stayed in Korea." Rhee said shaking his head.

The flight to Hawaii had been rather uneventful. His unit had been prepping their weaponry for the operation and going over detailed plans. He'd sent the message to Kou timing it so he'd receive it while he was asleep buying Rhee possibly time to get... shot first. Landing at Pearl Harbor a massive logistics staging point had been setup. Aircraft had begun shifting major military stockpiles to the build up points across Hawaii with Pearl Harbor being by far the largest.

Stepping off the aircraft Rhee headed over to find Angelika and watch for the arrival of the Spartans and Imperium forces involved in the operation as well.

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[b]21st Spartan Infantry Brigade Combat Team[/b]

Movement orders caused the men to grab their equipment, munitions, and weapons and make their way to the tarmac of the nearest airbase. Waiting for them are dozens of huge transport planes with their ramps down and ready to fly. As the men are hustled onto the former Cochin aircraft they do so feeling a bit grim about their prospects of returning home.

From start to stop the entire process of loading up is eight hours. As the first planes are loaded they immediately take off and head to South America. The remaining men are hustled about as deck space comes available. As the men are loaded onto the planes they notice case after case of rifles stashed under the seats as well.

Few think to ask questions as they recognize the markings on the crates. The odd writing of the former Kingdom of Cochin tell them that the rifles contained with them are a 5.56x45 caliber weapon. A few of the veterans of the 21st Spartans who served in India with the 1st Spartan Marines recognize the rifles and other weapons as the ones looted from Cochinese reserve depots. Spartan Logistical Officers have dubbed the rifles with the name of the [url=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e4/800px-G36bw.jpg]R-1[/url].

As the HALOBS are busy hauling men, the AN-12 Transports are fully loaded with the R-1 rifles and 5.56 ammunition. They also have a large quantity of th M-240B Machine Guns thrown on board as well. With them are 81 mm Mortars, and other equipment. This alone will not be enough to fully equip the Vicadilians. A further shipment is needed to bring them up to parity.

In Nha Trang six fleet replenishment ships are being loaded as rapidly as possible. One them the last of the Cochinese rifles, more M-240B machine guns, mortars, ammunition, medical equipment, field rations, Starstreak Anti-Air Launchers with missiles, and a large supply of TPAT ATGM launchers and ammunition directly from local stores. The ships carry enough weapons, food, medical supplies, and ammunition to keep the entire Vicadilian forces in the field for a week. Within hours of being loaded they depart for South America.

Further shipments will follow.

[b]Naval Assets[/b]

Both Battlegroups and both Submarine Wolfpacks immediately change course and head for Hawaii. The LHDs and the 2nd and 3rd Marine Divisions head with them for the time being. Orders are cut for the infantry battalions of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Spartan Marines to board planes for Vicidalia as soon as possible.

[b]1st Spartan Mobile Force, 17th Spartan Brigade Combat Team, 18th Brigade Combat Team[/b]

The 17th Spartan Brigade Combat Team is already at sea. They are ordered to make way to Hawaii to rendezvous with the rest of the fleet and ships. The 1st Mobile force is ordered onto several RORO ships that are located nearby. The loading takes time, but before long the men and machines are on-board and at sea. The same goes for the 18th Spartan Brigade Combat Team as they are loaded up onto RORO ships and dispatched for Hawaii for their date with destiny.

[b]Air Assets[/b]

The 555th through 561st Air Strike Regiments are routed to Hawaii as well. However, their path is significantly different. Once the planes have refueled in Hawaii, they will be following the Federation Carrier line from Hawaii to South America to take advantage of mid-air refueling and the security of the MOBs in place off the South American coast.

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The Third and Fourth Line Divisions, the "jungle" divisions, loaded onto the MLT(Z) transport airships, the massive 300 meter long, 100 meter wide airships being loaded down with almost one hundred fifty tons of materiel or seven thousand troops each. Three M1A3s vanished into each massive maw, and a total of one hundred thirty four airships waited on the fields near Bethel AFB.


Joining them were the Eleventh and Twelfth Guards Divisions, another twenty-five thousand of the Imperium's warriors vanishing into the massive airships as the Sixteenth through Twenty-Fifth Air Superiority squadrons' 240 F-22s and -23s took up station above them. One hundred and sixty hydrogen-cell-powered electric turbofans sprang to life about the periphery of the airships, eight per airship, raising the behemoths slowly into the air, gaining speed and lumbering off to Hawaii, eventually reaching 120 knots and topping out their speed. Their guardian fighters shepherded them there.

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OOC: You guys are deploying astoundingly fast. It'll take a few IC-days to do this, no? Play nice.
Especially those divisions you moved in blimps Mara, that's just silly.
Time flows a bit differently in war threads.

And please always remember that time doesn't flow without me posting.


[b][Frontline, first hours of the war][/b]

As soon as the first of the bouncing mines detonated, the advance was brought to a momentary halt as fuel-explosives were being deployed along most of the front to clear a path for Lunar forces. Some dozen men were lost to these mines.
It would be a delay of an hour at most, but once several paths of some dozen meters had been cleared with the detonations, Lunar forces continued their march, the soldiers in their [url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v284/Lynneth_del_Serpentas/AE/CNRP/Corp/helldiver_by_sttheo-d4gfyqi.jpg"]STACOS Mk.2[/url] armour looking rather frightening, indeed.
In the east, seven infantry divisions were now moving from the Guyana Province into Vicidalia, supported by two divisions of Type 170 main battle tanks, their advanced defenses expected to be capable of withstanding quite some punishment. All forces had support by Bionix II AFVs and U-600 AA vehicles, the former of which were fully amphibious.
Along the rest of the line, another seven infantry divisions were moving, with the aim to keep the countryside clean of potential guerillas. Luckily, Lunar forces were experienced in jungle warfare, having fought against HAE remnants for several months after the occupation of South America.

Legend: Yellow dots - Infantry divisions
Yellow bars - tank divisions
Yellow in the ocean - CBG groups, sitting there menacingly
Green lines - projected paths the divisions will take

While these forces were on the move, artillery formations were far behind the front line, abusing their great range to rain fire and hellstone upon Vicidalian forces from distances between 80 and 110 kilometers. Each division was generally supported by 200 artillery pieces (AH Mk.2, to be exact), generally working in direct support by firing upon enemy lines in the path of the assigned division.
In the east, however, more artillery was added to the advance. Around 1,000 pieces - in addition to those in support of the infantry and tank divisions - were positioned there.
This additional artillery was ordered to fire for a full fifteen minutes at the corridor between the two red lines near 'Ciudad Guyana' to force a massive gap in Vicidalian lines while the other 1,800 available guns were split into four groups (450 each) and ordered to open fire upon any enemy forces within the red boxes. As this bombardement was going on, the lack of enemy forces along their paths until the Orinoco river would allow Lunar forces to advance rapidly. Cruise-missile attacks were launched as well, targeting enemy fuel depots and military airports. The tank divisions were ordered to force their way through the gap, supported by three infantry divisions and the artillery that had fire upon this corridor, around 500 pieces attacking each side of the gap.

[b][Air combat][/b]

As the Imperium began setting up their AA forces and patrolling, this was of course noted by the Lunar airforce. Five squadrons of 229 Saber stealth fighters were launched to seek and destroy hostile radar stations with the advanced [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=106348&view=findpost&p=2877974"]guidance systems[/url] of their missiles, which had a great enough range to easily stay out of Stinger range, as well as keep away from hostile air superiority fighters. Saber fighters were capable of carrying 7 missiles internally, and in this operation ordered to use them 'as needed' - meaning that they would likely come home without a payload.
While this was happening, three AWACS would fly around 350 kilometers away from Vicidalian lines, still easily in range to coordinate strikes against patrolling airplanes by seven squadrons of AC-77A Kovas that had been launched in support of the operation. Each Kovas could carry eight missiles internally without ruining their stealth characteristics.
At the same time, the immense range the U-600 systems had would be utilised. As the Kovas began targeting and firing upon Imperial planes, several of the advanced AA missile systems were fed this targeting information as well, prepared to take out whatever survived the first wave of attacks.

Furthermore, Cruise Missile attacks were launched upon Vicidalia's interior, targeting airfields, fuel depots, railway stations and any other infrastructure in order to prevent the Principality from moving its forces too easily.

Lastly, [url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v284/Lynneth_del_Serpentas/AE/CNRP/Corp/fctbk/028.png"]I-12[/url] [url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v284/Lynneth_del_Serpentas/AE/CNRP/Bayern/Gun/stealthbomber.jpg"]Seagull[/url] stealth bombers were filled up with [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FOAB"]FOABs[/url], each plane capable of easily carrying four. Eight bombers were armed with the bombs, resulting in 32 warheads.
Warheads that would be used to support the advance into the Orinoco Corridor already created by artillery guns. The Seagulls would split into 3 groups of 3, 3 and 2. The groups of three were attack Vicidalian group concentrations in the two smaller regions, while the two last bombers had orders to drop their payload onto hostiles just behind the corridor.

By now, it will be likely that Lunar ground forces had begun engaging Vicidalia's defensive lines.

[b][Von Braun][/b]

"Laura, intel reports that the Vicidalians are receiving reinforcements. Airplanes are landing and sat intel confirms infantry forces emerging from them. This may be a greater effort than we initially thought."
[i]"So? Let them come, Alex. We can deliver more forces to the lines and have greater reinforcements."[/i]
"That may be so, but you do know that we cannot send everything we have into this conflict?"
[i]"Yes, yes. It would weaken us too much. I know."[/i]
"And if we take too long with this, the population may try and do something about it."
[i]"You don't have to tell me that. I'm always astounded how all those wars don't result in regular revolts and revolutions all over the world. It's not as easy here in the Republic, though."[/i]
"We could tell MoM to be a bit more.. persuasive."
[i]"No. I don't want to go down that route. Our people are free to voice their opinion without fearing repercussions."[/i]
"Very well. It's your decision."
[i]"That it is."[/i]

OOC: According to GoogleEarth, Orinoco River is usually around 3-4 meters deep, which should be easily fordable by my tanks (4.1 meters).

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[b]OOC:[/b] The blimps are only being loaded, as far as I saw. They haven't even left the Northern Imperium.


Hundreds of Vicidalians vanished in the artillery barrage, as it cratered the Western side of the mighty Orinoco. The trenches lay dead after whole regiments of Fusiliers were torn apart and burned to ashes[sup]1[/sup]. Maréchal de Mollier threw his hat on the map before him. "This is a slaughterhouse. And we haven't even had sunset." The staff stood quiet. They awaited the Maréchals orders. He scratched his head and coughed. "How many were lost?" A young Officier, barely 25 stepped forward. "A whole lot of 14 Compagnies. The first line is badly hurt, but even worse, here..." The Officier pointed at a point of the map. "Here, they have wrecked our forces completely, creating a corridor and the enemy tries to force his way over the river, it seems." De Mollier shook his head. "I never thought I'd ever have to defend this country again. Or that I'd have to do this to our Orinoco. Throw in the second line as soon as possible, and open counter fire. We need every piece of artillery we can get our hands on. Even the few remaining ones of the first line." "As you command." The young Officier left the tent. "Officier Laplance?" A middle-aged woman stepped forth this time. "I expect you to please notify Simonville immediatly. And bring this message for the refinery. We need all support from the economy as we can get. This may be well my last war, and I want to end it honorably." "As you command." Laplance followed her colleague. "Hopefully this will keep them away for now."

At the front, the remainders of the first line fought on. Altough most had no real will to fight, it was still that the devastation around them had shown them the futility of running backwards, leaving the trenches. So most took all their courage and kept resisting, even though their 8mmR Lebel rounds were rather useless against the tanks, so were the 100mm anti-tank guns. Most saw themselves as the last stand, most likely being killed in the next few minutes, but then there was a grey mass coming over the hills and craters. The second line had arrived. Crouchingly they neared the trenches, pushing forth their support artillery and steadily trying to close the gap the barrage had caused, stepping over their dead companions, as they lay in their own blood. Crouching, they hoped to not get hit, altough the thing hitting, would not that much be the Lunar forces, but the barrage of the artillery batteries, with their mix of rocket artillery systems, self-propelled guns and howitzers. A massive 20 minutes barrage of over 2000 artillery pieces was fired on the Lunar demons, releasing a mix out of anti-tank cluster munition, thermobaric warheads, and HE rounds. as they tried to reach the Orinoco[sup]2[/sup]. Under the cover of the real batteries, the Vicidalian army remained their trenches and readied their guns that were assigned to their Comagnies, firing at the tanks on sight, as well as loading their 100mm smoothbore cannons with grapeshot, to prepare a deathly hail, should anyone try to cross this river.

After this barrage, the artillery batteries drove back by 10 km to avoid counter-battery fire, while still keeping the Orinoco in range.

[i]In blue, the areas attacked by the Vicidalian artillery[/i][/center]

Further up the Orinoco, Laplance had informed Simonville. In order to secure the independence, it was essential that noone would cross the Orinoco on the first day, nor on the following ones. And altough the artillery may have hit something, it was better to ensure the denial of the crossing by preparing for a possible destruction of the bridge, as well as other measures. On the square, next to the main bridge over the Orinoco in the East, a few army trucks, filled with reinforced barrels, had parked. Quickly the dragoons under Officier Laplance unloaded the barrels, rolled them up the Bridge and dropped them into the river, after activating the contact trigger, as well as the remote. Filled with gelignite, these presents would be carried down the Orinoco to allow for some nice fireworks, should they hit a massive obstacle, or be triggered by remote control. Hopefully this would delay them a bit further, giving room to prepare even more obstacles.


In the Headquarters of the CCCV it was rather quiet. With trade being halted, due to the possibility of commerce raiders, the heart of the Compagnie had stopped beating. Mario Guileford sat on his table, before him a sign, labeling him as the coordinator of the petrochemistry. Without oil exports, he also had lots of free time now, so he just played with his rubber and spinned the pencil between his fingers. However, this boredom came to an end, as a the notice of a new telegram arrived. Lazily he went to the communications office and read it. "They want what? Why? Well, if they need more fuel in the east, so be it." And so all the surplus oil was funneled to Simonville, where others were busy to break open the pipeline, that was crossing the Orinoco to supply the other side.


As the reports went in off Lunar bombings and fighters flying over the frontlines, the Forces Airiénnes de Vicidalia started to patrol the cities and industry behind the lines from possible bombings. a whole lot of 7 squadrons were issued to be in the air at all times, the rest kept to be scrambled should the enemy violate the airspace even more.

[b]Internal, unknown to the public[/b]

[font="Times New Roman"][size="7"][center]Declaration of the Court[/center][/size][/font]


To our loyal and honorable citizens,

We are, now, in a state of war with the Lunar Republic. Their forces crossed their borders today and since 17:45, the Vicidalian Reformed Army returns fire, in defense of our homeland. This war, even if victorious is a setback, as it destroys our peoples lives, eats up ressources, hampers our trade and weakens our diplomatic force. We had to give up on enforcing the right of Free Trade in Texas, we had to give up all plans on reclaiming our old homeland in the West, our enemies celebrate their triumph over the Vicidalian Grand Principality, their triumph over you and me, over us all, due to this aggressive action by the Lunar Demons. They claim to have won, to have beaten us back, mieschieviously planning to extinguish the House of Vicidalia, as the Francophone Axis gets pounded in their wars. The Lunar Republic asks us to abdict, to let this country fall to a puppet regime. Now this is what they ask for. But to they really come, just for this? They want to change Vicidalia, to change its way of live and its way of thought. Now I ask of you all, as you are proud Vicidalians: Weren't these policies they disapprove us the ones that brought us here? Has Vicidalia not gotten better through our reign? The economy improved, so did our standing. Our army is now trying to hold their ground at the Orinoco. The forces of Vicidalia are giving their utmost to preserve our independence, and we ask of you, help them. Vicidalia shall stand united to survive this war, not be incorporated into the infernal realms of the Lunar Republic. Let us forge a destiny for Vicidalia to rule, not to be ruled by outside forces! Only if we all pull together can Vicidalia hope to keep its existence and to make the dreams of Grande-Vicidalia true. Only if we have secured our position in the shados, we can ask for a place at the sun. Let them know, Vicidalia will not let them have their way. We willbe victorious, in the East, in the West, in the Nort! Let Vicidalia arise from its ashes as we avenge the betrayal, and then reclaim our place, in order to eventually bring down the foes that are now smirking and planning our demise. They have not won more than a bit of time.


[i]Louise Françoise I de Vicidalia[/i]
[b]Grande Princess de Vicidalia[/b][/quote]


[sup]1[/sup]I know, a FOAB doesn't burn you down that much, but it sounded more dramatic. Consider them dead corpses spread across the ground.

[sup]2[/sup] The forces have 6 divisions with 4 regiments a 4 artillery batteries. Each battery has 8 Tempeste rocket throwers, 8 Cordillers SP artillery and 12 155mm howitzers. That makes 768 Tempeste's, 768 Cordilleres and 1152 Howitzers. Subtract the losses and imagine a 20 minutes barrage. The first two ammunitions are 9M55K1 self guided anti-tank clusters and 9M55S thermobaric rockets from the Tempeste (which is a BM-30 SMERCH), the last is just a normal 155mm HE round used by howitzers.

Edited by Evangeline Anovilis
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Grand Papua condemns this hideous and imperialist invasion on part of this "Lunar Republic". While the reactionary actions of Vicidalia does need to be changed, we consider the breaking of the USAN to be above the problems. It seems the scoundrals of the false communist country of DDR are at it again, only disguised as a hypercapitalist technocracy.

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The Imperial artillery added their fury to the battle shortly thereafter, tracking the incoming shells with artillery radar, backplotting them to their sources. Then M-201 MLRS raised their snouts to the heavens, flinging M-30 guided rockets with their payloads of M85 submunitions towards the advancing troops, MGM-140A ATACMS missiles towards the artillery and MGM-140M mine-scatterers towards the heavens, seeking out the Lunar positions, the M30s and MGM-140As to destroy the positions and the mine-scatterers to render them unusable without a painstaking cleanup. Expending their onboard supplies, the M-201s unlocked their tracks and quickly retreated to their supply dumps.

Meanwhile, the 35th through 50th Air Superiority squadrons rammed forward under the protection and guidance of the ground-based synthetic-aperture AESA radars and the massed Anti-Air emplacements on the ground below, from THAAD and Patriots to SLAMRAAM platforms, Avengers and truck-pulled Phalanx anti-air systems. The EF-23s of the 40th, 44th and 48th AS, a total of 72 planes, spat out active electronic jamming to blind and confuse the systems of the Lunar fighters. Each plane's jammers were networked with those of the rest of the flight group's, each scanning differently for the new frequency the Lunar craft were using as soon as they changed, and with 72 planes mounting 2 streamlined internal ECM pods apiece, 144 jammers were constantly assaulting the electronic senses of the Lunar forces. Meanwhile, the main-combat planes ripped in to their opposites, 288 planes in total. Volleying AMRAAM and Meteor II missiles, they closed with their enemies with short-ranged but lethal Starstreak Air-to-Air missiles, a variant on the original Starstreak SAM, along with their paired GAU-8 20mm cannons.

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[b]La Gran Sabana[/b]

As the forces of the Lunar Republic approached the mountain ranges, they faced fierce resistence. The harsh terrain would slow them down and with more time to fortify their elevated positions, the Chasseurs awaited the enemy. Instead of firing immediatly, they would try to remain hidden until the Lunar artillery had come at least 40 km close. However, should they be discovered and fired upon, the artillery was ordered to fire at anything in range, with the Tempestes using a mixture of mine laying cluster munition and HE fragmentation.

While the Fusiliers were mostly recruits, Chasseurs were more skilled in using rifles, while Tirailleurs where veteran sharpshooters. With Berthier rifles, they all were able to fire at least a kilometer far, though accuracy was known to hoorendously fail for most of the Division at such distances. And so the order was given for Tirailleurs and Chasseurs to only open fire if the enemy was already at most 700 m away, while Fusiliers held fire up till 400 m distance.

[b]Sierra de Guampi[/b]

These forces wereexpected to have the longest time to prepare for enemy forces to engage them, so they dug various holes and trenches in a line over the plateau and mined the 2 kilometres in front of them with bouncing mines. As vegetation was cleared, the artillery was to have free sight on every of the invaders, would they attempt to disfuse the mines. As a last measure, two rows of barbed wire were laid 50 metres before the trenches and the wood that was felled to allow for clear sight was piled up, to possibly illuminate the minefields at night.

[b]Western Orinoco-Guacamaya[/b]

Major Valmy only had her troops pile up a few sandbags, as by the time they reached the territorry, not even an hour would remain for hostile contact, should the enemy really want to force their way through. However, it was not Valmys intention to even hold the Guacamaya for long. In secret, while the infantry readied themselfs to block every attempt to cross the river, the cavalry mined the land, safe a few corridors only known to the Vicidalian army, to allow for a retreat to the Guaviare. Here, the artillery was obscured with vegetation and all artillery batteries only 20 km behind the lines of Valmy.

[b]OOC:[/b] If you want, we can also have some fun here.

Also, the more forward positioned Divisions in the mountains are the ones with SMG8's. The rest uses Berthiers.

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OOC: Mara, would you be so kind as to provide casualties? There seem to be none in your post, despite an attack on your troops as seen in the 'Air combat' part of my previous post. I won't be able to reply to your moves until that is done and factored into your previous post.
I would also appreciate knowing when you brought artillery in, as you airdropped in [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=108047&view=findpost&p=2891081"]this post[/url] and I see no mention of any artillery whatsoever in [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=108047&view=findpost&p=2891200"]this here[/url] post. You went through the trouble of mentioning all that you brought without saying anything about artillery; I would thus imagine little to none had been brought? It would affect the first paragraph of your latest post.

And Eva, you seem to have neglected replying to my Cruise Missile attacks into your mainland. I would appreciate that being rectified.
Also, all of us; I'm a bit guilty of this, as well... The battle's moving in the minutes now, so please try to refrain 'we'll do this for 20 minutes'. It's sort of awkward if those plans get interrupted by your opponent's next post, so don't use definitives - use possibles. Not 'We do this', but 'we would do this' or something along those lines. Thank you.


[b][Orinoco front][/b]
[quote]A massive 20 minutes barrage of over 2000 artillery pieces was fired on the Lunar demons[/quote]
Within minutes of the first rounds fired by the enemy the battery commanders resorted to standing orders to counter-fire. Lunar counter-battery radar traced the hostile barrage to their point of origin, using their superior range to attack Vicidalian artillery. An estimated total 60 percent of the available artillery guns thus counterfired upon Vicidalia's guns and MLRS.
During that time, [url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v284/Lynneth_del_Serpentas/AE/CNRP/Bayern/GDR/Bang/RSZO_Smertch.jpg"]VD-82 MLR[/url] systems - a total of 2,000, kept from the time as Ceylon - had been brought into range and began unleashing a hellstorm of missiles, largely using anti-personnel cluster munition ([url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v284/Lynneth_del_Serpentas/AE/CNRP/Corp/fctbk/024.png"]9M55K[/url]), the advanced fuels giving these MLRS a maximum range of 120 kilometers, though they had approached the enemy artillery to around 105 or so km.
Further support would come from 10 squadrons of SF-6 [url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v284/Lynneth_del_Serpentas/AE/CNRP/Corp/fctbk/027.png"]Wraith[/url] CAS planes, dedicated to attack anything that moved in Vicidalia's part of the front, though concentrating on hostile artillery.
Furthermore, E-L9 UAV Drones would start to be launched and deployed in the dozens as the MLRS begin to fire in response to the enemy artillery, carrying AT guided missiles and AP rockets. While expendable, these drones - like any Lunar aircraft - had considerable stealth characteristics, using the latest in technologies to minimise detection capabilities by hostile forces and radar. The mission of these drones - attack anything that moved in or behind Vicidalian lines. Vicidalian vehicles would be under great pressure whenever they attempted repositioning or moving.

This would most likely result in Vicidalian artillery attempting to fire upon Lunar forces, while under attack by Lunar artillery. Now, the sudden use of artillery by Vicidalia did take the Republic's forces somewhat by surprise, and they failed spreading out in time. An estimated total of 2,900 men and 12 tanks would be declared casualties, a majority of the infantry luckily having survived, but out of combat for the rest of the war. Also, four dozen Bionix II AFVs were disabled or outright destroyed by the bombardement, some with a full crew within. In addition, 2 Type 170 tanks and several Bionix II had been disabled by the 100mm AT guns Vicidalia had brought, the former by what was assumed to be lucky shots right between the turret and chassis.

Despite the losses, Lunar forces advanced near the shores of the Orinoco, infantry and supporting vehicles firing upon Vicidalian troops if and when in range, the standard GAR 22 having a maximum effective range of 460 meters in standard configuration, while the DB-250 'Flashlight' - employed in small quantities, with around 600 of the weapons utilized along the front - had a maximum effective range (full damage) of roughly 350 meters. The 30mm guns of the Bionix AFVs were easily capable of firing several kilometers, while the advanced ETC weaponry of the Type 170 tanks allowed them to stay up to 15 kilometers from the river while still being fully capable of firing beyond it, into Vicidalia's lines.
All tanks and two infantry divisions were positioning themselves for crossing the river at the gap, Bionix in bridging configuration being prepared even as around 600 standard Bionix supported the infantry in their preparations, keeping fire on Vicidalian forces. While waiting, Lunar forces would get into any cover they could find or set up.
Furthermore, mortar teams were setting up to shell their enemies with HE and AP rounds, while sniper teams separated from their divisions, using the powerful [url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v284/Lynneth_del_Serpentas/AE/CNRP/Corp/Heavy_Gunner_ZX_800_by_KaranaK.jpg"]ZX-800[/url] [url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v284/Lynneth_del_Serpentas/AE/CNRP/Corp/fctbk/New04.png"]sniper rifle[/url] to pick off any Vicidalian that looked important or, really, came into their sights.

Lastly, the Cruise Missile barrage into Vicidalia's interior was intensified, almost three times the previous amounts of missiles - now numbering in the hundreds - being prepared and fired at Vicidalia's infrastructure. Railway stations, fuel depots, airfields and anything else that would make moving and supplying forces harder.


[b][Other fronts][/b]

Lunar forces were indeed slowed down by the terrain - enough for Vicidalia to open fire with their artillery in the Orinoco front, making local commanders stop for a moment, and send E-L9 drones along all frontlines to scout out enemy locations for their artillery. Sat-intel would be utilised to support the drones in their search. Lunar Artillery would, as response, stay at least 60 kilometers behind the forces they were supporting, giving them the capability to strike deep into Vicidalia, attack their artillery, and avoiding counterfire.
At the same time, the entire Lunar Airforce would be put onto high alert status and would begin deploying for air strikes against Vicidalian positions. Another five Squadrons would be brought into the air along the rest of the frontline, supported by a total of six AWACS for superior detection of hostile airplanes and excellent capabilities of intercepting them to protect air superiority.

Should firefights begin in that time, Lunar infantry, each division supported by over 500 Bionix II AFVs, would return fire upon Vicidalia's sharpshooters and infantrists, relaying hostile positions to artillery for bombardement via anti-personnel munitions. Snipers and mortar teams would be used to take out Vicidalia's sharpshooters and aid in destroying pockets of resistance.
Most of these firefights would likely be in [i]La Gran Sabana[/i], making it a relatively active front.
In [i]Sierra de Guampi[/i], the deployed drones would with some luck be able to watch the Principality during the process of mining, trench-digging and all that. Four Seagull stealth bombers would in response be prepared with FOABs to blow the expected minefield to smithereens, shortly before it was time for Lunar forces to advance through that region.
In [i]Western Orinoco-Guacamaya[/i], combat started quickly, Lunar soldiers and AFV engaging enemy infantry while artillery pounded the enemy's lines from around 80 km away. However, they made no attempts in crossing the river, content with trying to whittle down the enemy with superior firepower for the time being, pinning them in place.

Lastly, further spy-planes and E-L9 drones would be deployed and aided by satellites to try and find Vicidalia's supply lines, as well as the HQ of the Imperial forces.

OOC: Gonna spyroll, will clarify what exactly in the GM thread.

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[b]OOC:[/b] Will do. And on a personal note: I hate your long range. Won't tell you to stop, but they make my peoples live quite hard...until they die because of 155 mm shells from 110 km away.

[b]Eastern Orinoco Front[/b]

As the counter-battery fire was going after the Vicidalian artillery, the Tempeste rocket artillery was moved in order to get out of the destructive rain of 155 mm shells. They already had fired their barrage and wouldn't be needed for the next minutes. The Cordilleres self-propelled guns had less luck and many were hit and blasted up like fireworks. So came that the barrage only lasted 15 minutes, until the troops retreated, even more demoralised and unwilling to drag it on. The artillery had lost about 7000 people and 1200 pieces[sup]1[/sup].

When de Mollier was informed of the failure of the artillery, It was ordered to deploy all artillery about 85 km behind the frontline, in order to only fire, should the Lunar forces attempt to march over the Orinoco. Also, now the Rafales were patrolling also here, in order to engage any CAS, if necessary by dogpiling on them. The reinforcements also took their time, given the destruction of the railroad system. Supplies were hard to transport to the frontlines and the Army already was using horse-drawn carriages, to bring in ammunition, as well as food. At least Vicidalian infantry was unable to waste much ammunition. The army marched on foot, taking even longer to arrive, as railway stations were targeted by cruise missiles and to hazardous to use. In forced marches, they were nearing the frontlines, altough still slow. Most likely, first reinforcements would come only after 2 days.

The second line was in a pinch, given their lack of adequate firepower. Altough their rifles had an effective range of 400 metres, in good hands even more, they mostly had no experience with it. Only the Chasseurs and Tirailleurs were able to achieve proper hit rates. Most firepower relied on the artillery, now especially the 100 mm canone AAC, with its low profile. Also the MG42 was valued to fire at everything moving on the other side of the Orinoco. The barrels of the artillery would be cooled by pouring water on it manually.

Of course it did not help much, as the Lunarians sniped the machine gunners pretty fast and a third line had to be sent in.

[b]Sierra de Guampi[/b]

Would anything clear the minefields, the rocket artillery was planned to be used to fire a barrage at the cleared ground, laying new mines on the remainders of the old ones.

[b]Western Orinoco-Guacamaya[/b]

While preperations were soon disturbed by artillery fire, they soon were complete and the western forces withdrew to the next line of defense at the Guaviare to dug themself in again.

[b]OOC:[/b] I'll keep it mainly at the Eastern Orinoco. Hope that is ok.

[sup]1[/sup]: 30 Tempestes, 573 Cordilleres and 628 155 mm howitzers were lost.

[b]Late Edit:[/b] Found a typo. Hate typos.

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[quote]OOC: Mara, would you be so kind as to provide casualties? There seem to be none in your post, despite an attack on your troops as seen in the 'Air combat' part of my previous post. I won't be able to reply to your moves until that is done and factored into your previous post. [/quote]

Didn't even see it until now. Oops.


The forty MLRS vehicles - dropped with the airborne on a barely-usable strip before combat was joined - sped away from their launch sites as soon as their racks were flushed, leaving guidance to the satellites above; vanishing before counterbattery fire could be calculated. Nevertheless, two were lost to stray shells meant for Vicidalians.

Mobile synthetic-aperture AESA platforms kept constantly on the move, while Phalanx-equipped Avenger systems watched over them in close proximity. The E-4 AWACS accompanying the 35th through 50th patrolled the friendly airspace with its radome's power turned as high as the aircraft's generators would let it go, intending to defeat sophisticated stealth through brute force, even as the battle controllers inside the craft directed THAAD and Patriot fire towards their stealthy prey. A few unluckies, advancing under the orders of finding radar installations, managed to be over half-concealed, silent-running SLAMRAAM positions at the moment of discovery, and got to deal with a volley of radar-guided missiles from the earth even as F-22s and -23s, some of the most stealthy fighters on the planet, came into visual range of their opposites, having never been in patrol mode but always driving forward to engage the Lunar air force, a flying, seperated spearhead of stealthed composites and aluminum. The F-22s and -23s that were guarding the true power of the strike - the 55th through 60th Strike Air's F/B-22s and -23s - broke to assault the Lunar fighters at knife-fighting range, using their paired internal GAU-8 20mm vulcan cannons and their internally-carried pods of StarStreak IIs to their advantage, breaking their stealth only long enough to fire the missile pods at visual range, where the laser finder on the pod could visually lock on to the Sabers, making their stealth all but useless against the 3 hypersonic mini-missiles each larger missile contained. The 35th lost four F-23s, the 38th 7, and the 36th lost nearly all of its' -22s due to an unfortunate gout of U-600 missiles right as their stealth was broken to attack. The Fortieth, Forty-first, and Forty second - 72 planes - guarded the precious AWACS. The Forty-Fourth and Forty-Fifth were dispersed into fighting pairs, their EF-23s making targeting life hell for enemy missiles and planes alike with their internally-stowed long-version ECM pods and internal e-war systems.

CV-90120 light tanks traipsed through the jungle, hedgebreakers letting them go through many obstacles, and they formed an armored spearhead, driving around the south end of the attacking Lunar forces to attack from the flank, trailing CV-9040 infantry and mortar vehicles, some of the -9040s armed with anti-air Bofors and Starstreak pods while others were armed with 30mm Bushmaster and Javelin pods, others still armed with dual 120mm mortars. Nearly a dozen Avengers followed behind and among them, watching the air for missile traces, enemy helicopters, and enemy air power.

The 55th thru 60th Strike Air broke when their guards did, forming up into pairs to attack the ground-based radar lashing their sensors, carrying AGM-87E AARGM missiles to seek and destroy enemy radar and radar emitters - planes, tanks, SAMs, and ADS. CBU-87 Combined Effects Munitions blanketed the jungle floor below them with mines and bomblets of all stripes, anti-tank, -personnel and -materiel intermixing to destroy the advancing Lunars and then close the path they followed.

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