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ODP between Athens and the DROG


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[size="5"][b]A Declaration of Optional Defense[/b][/size][/center]

In recognition of mutual security concerns and global stability the Athenian Federation and Democratic Republic of Gallifrey, hereafter known as the signatories, sign this treaty in good faith and mutual trust.

Article I:
The signatories agree to refrain from any kind of aggression towards each other and pledge to withhold any support from a third party doing so.

Article II:
Should one of the signatories come under attack the other signatory may use this treaty as a means to assist, such a defense while optional is highly recommended in the interest of the mutual security concerns and friendship.

Article III:
The signatories shall work towards decreasing trade barriers between the two signatories.

Article IV:
This treaty may be cancelled by either party if 72 hours notice is given prior to cancellation.

Signed for the Athenian Federation,
His Imperial Highness Valerio Moretti of Bourbon, Emperor of the Western Athenian Federation, Lord Protector of the Delian League, Supreme Commander of the Hellenic Forces, Hero of the revolution.

Signed for the Democratic Republic of Gallifrey,
Theta Sigma, Lord President of Gallifrey

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