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United Virginian Socialist Republic


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"The recent election of socialist parties to political offices in Virginia and West Virginia has seen record approval ratings from voters in both states. After much deliberation, both states agreed on the unification of the Virginian territories under the banner of United Virginian Socialist Republic. Governor Matthew Lindow further agreed to serve under Governor. Thomas Yokas. After weeks of speculation and polling, the people of the United Virginian Socialist Republic have elected Governor Thomas Yokas as their first president. A crowd of millions has gathered at the capital of Richmond for an address from the newly elected president."

[b]Richmond, VA[/b]

Captain James Davis glanced down at the crowd from his position on the stage. The crowd was one of the largest to gather at the capital for nearly a decade. The President hadn't even shown himself but the cheers and support from the crowd was deafening. Some held signs in their arms, others had hoisted children onto their shoulders. He couldn't suppress a smile as the jubilation in the air added with the natural joy from the new year. He received word that the President was ready to begin his speech and crisply turned, adopting a stern face. When the door opened and the President, followed by Vice President Lindow, exited, James and the rest of the guard crisply saluted. It was through their pushing that the President accepted a militaristic guard rather than a noneffective ceremonial one. James waited for the president to sit down before turning on his heel and facing the crowd once more. It was less than a minute before President Yokas began his speech, his voice low and comforting.

"Greetings my fellow Virginians. I thank each and every one of you for showing up today and thank those watching at home. It is through your support and your approval that these events have transpired at all. No matter what you may think, I am still nothing more than a factory worker or a farmer. The people, you, are the rightful rulers of the nation. I hope to be able to do the duties that you have placed on me through the recent elections. With the recent unification of West Virginia and Virginia into the United Virginian Socialist Republic, I hope to enable the people to thrive. Our government is full of citizens that you have elected. With the help of my advisers and through you, I hope to make this new nation a better place for you, the people who reside in it. Plans are in the making for regional councils that will update me as to your plights and to ensure that I do not lose touch with my people. If I lose touch with your needs or begin abusing my power then impeach me. I implore you to rid me of office, by force if necessary, to ensure that the nation and her people survive. You, the people, are the true leader of this country. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise or attempt to subdue you. Together we can take the country into the future, though the trip will not be easy. Stand fast, Virginians, and we shall overcome."

The reaction from the crowd was deafening. Cheers deafened the captain as he about-faced and walked formally to another man in a suit who was standing behind him. The man turned and handed James a folded flag that was to replace the state flag. James took it between his hand and noticed that the crowd had gone deathly silent. James turned and stiffly marched to the awaiting color guard, the leader of which professionally but promptly took the flag from James as soon as the captain stopped. As the flag was unfolded before him, James could only watch, trying his hardest to prevent from smiling. He glanced onward as the old flag was taken down and brought his right arm up in a crisp salute as the new flag was raised. Cheers erupted from the crowd and James felt pride well up in his stomach. He brought his arm down and turned with the rest of those on stage towards the president. Simultaneously the men saluted the new leader and watched as he saluted them each individually. Each of them passed the president and vice president and each man shook the hands of their leaders before saluting them briefly. James watched as the two leaders joined their line between two sergeants that James didn't know and accompanied them off stage and into the sheltered rear. James knew that the tiny nation would have much to endure but pushed the thoughts from his mind as the first citizens began working their way towards the president.

[ooc]Comments and constructive criticism welcome, as I'm new to CNRP. Oh, and here's a picture of the flag for reference:


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"Avalon welcomes and recognizes the new nation. We hope that the wisdom of your judgment and the extent of your diplomatic prowess will surpass that of your more recent predecessors." - Michael Atrevier, Councilor Superior of Greater Pacifica

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[color="#0000FF"][b]Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean...[/b]

General MacDougal was miserable. Years of living under the sea had finally given him an intimacy to the gentle rocking of the submarine (although it still disturbed him that the submarine was rocking at all, if it were built properly it wouldn't have been doing that), but he still was getting sick. Not from sea sickness. It was worse. It was Chipolte. As delicious as the food might have been it gave him bloody excrement, and it was killing him. The best he could do was nurse himself with sleep and more delicious Chipolte. Currently he was sleeping. Then his cabin door slammed open.

"General!" cried a seaman.

Bah. And I was having such nice dreams. Of Chipolte without the bloody excrement. A pleasant fantasy, but the seaman just had to interrupt it. "I'd invite you in, Seaman, but it appears you already took the pleasure. What brings you here?"

"News from the mainland, sir. The commies have taken over our beloved Virginia." the seaman said as he handed me the memo. I took it, and I couldn't believe what I was reading. How could such a thing happen?

"God Almighty....." I sighed, knowing that there was but one course of action available to us now. "Seaman, send word to the doctors. It is time to take the Pope out of cyrofreeze." I thought about it carefully before saying the rest, but I relented. "And bring me some more Chipolte, and some toilet paper too if you'd be so considerate."[/color]

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