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National New Year's Resolutions


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Last year Catalina Martinez, Procinctia’s temporary interim administrator put forth a variety of (non-biding) national New Year's resolutions.
While the initiative had [i]mixed[/i] results Procinctia’s new legislative government is willing this concept another pass. . . with slightly more forethought.
To avoid putting it off we’re limiting our selves to one day of deliberation.
Maybe external input would help this time around?
Please share your nation's (unofficial) 2012 resolution.

-Procinctia’s Legislature, government of Procinctia-

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Sovann has his own New Year's resolution. He wants to blow something up for no other purpose than to blow something up. With this in mind he examines the available forces and notices he has a sizable contingent of Spartans in Alaska or on the way to Alaska. He smiles and says, "Yes Procintia, this will do just nicely," as he quickly has a message dispatched to the Northern Imperium.

[quote]To: Northern Imperium Officials
From: South East Asian Defense Command, Spartans

Might we have access to certain parts of your territory for a much needed operation to eliminate reactionary elements in the nation of Procintia?[/quote]

Once this is completed he sends word to his ships, planes, and men to begin deploying directly to the Fort Beihai region to prepare for a cleansing of the map to deny reactionary forces the ability to preach their foul dogma on the international scene.

Total Forces Committed to the operation at this time:

1st, 2nd Wolfpacks
555th, 556th, 557th Air Strike Regiments
Battlegroup 1.2
2nd Spartan Marine Division
15th Spartan Brigade Combat Team
Air Transport Command
Sea Transport Command

OOC: To Generalissmo.. This is my opening post.. obviously this is coming as a surprise and in the spirit of attempting to plan wars I will say I'm looking to reclaim 75 percent of your territory for the Federation. I'm sure a small Island or two can be left to your devices. Will negotiate though, I'm not completely inhuman.

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