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A combined announcement from FEAR, Paragon, URoN, NEW, and WP:
The Last Republic entered this war in defense of their allies in Menotah. They have fought a good fight, and when their leaders came to us a while ago to discuss peace options, peace was granted after a final fireworks display. One week of final battles with 3 top nations leaving PM was decided on.

The Last Republic agrees to surrender to the combined forces of FEAR, Paragon, URoN, NEW, and WP. The Last Republic also agrees to not re-enter this conflict. We wish The Last Republic all the best in the future.

Signed for The Last Republic:
President and Sec. of FA sojourner
Sec of IA StockHunter
Sec. of Development Edward Reed
General of The Republican Guard Bernhard Klein

Signed by the combined forces of FEAR, Paragon, URoN, NEW, and WP





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