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American Diplomacy


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After leaving earlier in the day with a stunning press conference on the New France embargo, Secretary of State Kevin O'Malley was whisked to the airport on probably his most important diplomatic mission so far. They were going to Texas, at the same time, he sent his Undersecretary of State George Byrne to Canada to continue their relationship with their northern neighbor.

These were trying times for the continent and Kevin O'Malley knew it. The foreign aggression from France was at their doorstep and it needed to be stopped. For him, Communism was one thing he hated more then the hippies inhabiting Silicon Valley, although he mused that he got along fine with Colain Farren, who used to be one of the top executives in the valley. He was pouring through his folders since the trip served two purposes, a private meeting with Texas and the one with NATO. He also knew of the grim attack in Houston provided that the Southwestern Herald and every other Californian media outlet was covering it. But no matter this situation, unity must be forged and he was the man on a mission.

The plane was set to land in Austin and to met whatever personnel Texas sent to meet Secretary O'Malley.

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The plane would be escorted by two F-16s to Austin since all civilian air traffic had been grounded after the attacks in Houston. Upon landing, Secretary of State Matt Damon would be waiting at the airport to greet Secretary O'Malley. From there, Secretary O'Malley and Secretary Damon would be driven to The President's Estate which was the residence of the President.

Once they made it to the President's Estate Secretary O'Malley would be brought to President Gates's office where he would be waiting for the foreign diplomat. Ice cold water would be on a platter on his desk, waiting for the men to arrive.

The President stood upon his door opening, "Good evening Mister Secretary. How are you today partner?" Benjamin extended his hand to shake Mister O'Malley's.

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Secretary O'Malley reached out his hand to shake Benjamin's hand.

"Pleasure President Benjamin. Under circumstances, some days have been better, but hey, it's part of the job. California offers it's deepest condolences to you and your nation with the horrible attack in Houston." said Kevin solemnly. "First before I state why I am here, I'll need to get something to drink and sit down, it's been long week so far. I must admit so far Texas is a wonderful place, and heard many wonderful things about the people here."

The chivalry and gratitudes were things O'Malley was well-versed in as these discussion were to move forward. He always had a thing about the South, the accent made him smile inside. He wanted to set his briefcase down, so he tilted the briefcase against a leg of a chair.

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"Thank you for your condolences Mister O'Malley. The People of Texas have been through a lot in the past month." The President handed O'Malley a glass of water however Secretary Damon wasn't satisfied and yelled out to Ben's buttler Jim, "Can you get us some whiskey?"

President Gates folded his hands, "So what is it here that you wish to talk about, Mister O'Malley?"

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Secretary O'Malley took a sip of water from the glass and dove to the point, "Straight to the point, I like a leader who does this Mister President. Ah yes, California is aware of the situation in the former Gulf Federation and your actions so far. What you'll find President Gates is that the resolution in this region and your actions are of mutual benefit to us. California doesn't believe in the Communist influence in North America, especially from the godd#&! French. We want America to stay American.

You need not stand alone in your course of action, California and Texas should cultivate a grand partnership. Yes, Mister President, California isn't blind to the woes next door, unfortunately, we haven't been able to do much. The foreign influence has resulted in a massive demilitarized zone between Arizona and New Mexico. As I speak today, my Undersecretary of State George Byrne is in Canada to secure the next step in our relationship with them with mutual defense, intelligence sharing and economic stimulus.

North America is a shadow of what it once was. The powers that have long held back foreign influence have long disappeared, although California is a shell of what was left of the Tahoe Republic, although less of the infamous legacy it left behind. Do we look to Pravus Ingruo? No, they have retreated back to New York. And we both know Canada is weakened state of the late Viniland. Separated, we are divided, we are manipulable, and we can be conquered. Together, as a united front, we can succeed.

California offers the same offer we have given to Canada and before I landed in this nation of Texas, I know their answer, yes. A treaty of mutual defense, non-aggression, intelligence sharing and in peace, paths of economic growth between us is just the start of what I offer you. California also pledges to help in this case of ensuring the freedom of the Louisiana Federation to the extent of the use of military arms."

O'Malley paused, this time to pour a shot of whiskey. He promptly drank it down.

"Rest assured, we have our faults. Unfortunately, our darkest moment we've allowed the Northern Imperium to stage nine divisions in our nation, for we lacked a full-trained army at the time. We have express concern with NATO, in which, after meeting here, I will inquiry on it's progress, although the imperialistic attitudes they have disturb me. Fortunately, they may be forced to leave soon as people are getting restless about them. And without formal treaty ties to them... they shouldn't be here, ah President Farren may yet regret his decision for letting them in. We also know of their ties to New France, although loose they are.

So President Gates, what do you think?"

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Ben took a hefty sip of his hard whiskey after he heard that, "Well first off, Mister O'Malley, to put it simply... That sucks. Everything you just said, excluding your increased relations with Canada, sucks. However, I would like to work with California and the new Louisiana Federation, and Canada to make it suck less. The continent is undergoing a downfall and I forsee more countries crumbling into ruins, their institutions of government and false security blankets being turned into glass or rubble, however this will not be the case of every single nation, God willing, so that is why I agree we need to work together as well.
However I am a little intrigued to know more about the Northern Imperium and their relationship with New France? I don't really have any knowledge of this and I'd oblige if you could explain further, in detail, about that, and the dangers of NATO - if you would be so kind."

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Kevin nodded, his face in a grim demeanor. He was going to need another pour of whiskey, "Yes Benjamin, this situation does suck, but you are right, working together will make it less so. I know from my communiques with Canada they are willing to fight back against the Communist aggression." O'Malley stopped to pick up the whiskey and pour some more into his glass.

"California's experience the Northern Imperium is first-hand. I think you are aware of NATO Mister President, I've read some the communications, they have you listed as a recipient. I wouldn't play coy with me." O'Malley said sternly. He simply produced a communication dispatch from the Northern Imperium that was addressed to Colin Farren but as well addressed to Texas and former Gulf Federation leaders.

[spoiler][quote]To: Colin Ferren, President of the Californian Republic
From: Empress Mara I, Northern Imperium
CC:President Benjamin Gates, Republic of Texas; David Johnson, President of the Gulf Federation

My fellow rulers,
I wish to form a North American Treaty Organization between our countries, being the most democratic nations on the continent (despite my title). We would protect each other against aggression on other nations' behalf, and trade would be allowed to flow freely between us.

Additionally, there are the matters of New Spain and New Portugal, two nations which, frankly, don't belong here. I propose an alliance against first New Spain, and then once we have conquered it with our forces and the help of the Commune of France's Navy, we can turn our sights northward to New Portugal. Any land gained would be spread equally (or as close to equally as the balance of forces provided against the Spanish and Portuguese allows) among the alliance's members, and we would have one less bothersome nation to share the continent with, and then two.

Please reply by way of this email address - it is the, as I like to call it, "Moscow Hotline" address, going straight to myself. I'd like to know your thoughts.

Mara I, Empress of the Northern Imperium[/quote][/spoiler]

"Would this jog your memory Benjamin? No worries though, I'm not going to hold this perceived dumb-foundedness against you, it's been awhile after all. Obviously, the aggressive nature of NATO towards Canada and New Spain, well, you know a simple land-grabbing technique that simply isn't logical. While NATO seems to be in theory a new North American security blanket, it's attack two of the largest powers in the Americas. They are both stable, New Spain and Canada, why upset the boat of stability. Plus, both of our nations are treatied to Canada, ours pending right now" Kevin stopped again to produce another document.

We, the Confederation of Arctic Nations and Dependent Areas, henceforth known as Canada, and the Republic of California, henceforth known as California, strive to aspire for improved relations. In this, we seek to further economic growth, ensure mutual cooperation and assistance, and to provide our nations the opportunity to achieve the highest national and economic potential as possible.

Article I:
Each signatory shall agree to reduce or eliminate tariffs on goods and products from the each other, with the tariff rate set as agreed upon by both nations.

Article II:
Each signatory shall share information pertaining to trade mediums, as well the relative infrastructure needed to sustain and faciliate trade between both nations. Each signatory shall also share intelligence on matters pertaining to the national security interests of other signatories.

Article III:
Each signatory shall recognize the sovereignty of the each other, and as such shall pledge themselves to a peaceful co-existance and non-aggression. Both signatories shall not commit hostile actions against the each other in any way, including but not limited to waging war or conducting espionage.

Article IV:
An attack on one signatory shall be considered an attack on the other, and shall merit appropriate response. Any signatory has the option of providing support and assistance to the other in any war of offensive nature.

Article V:
Should, for any reason, either signatory deem it necessary to cancel this treaty, the signatory shall give a one hundred and sixty-eight (168) hour notice to the other signatory. This agreement shall remain in effect during that time period.[/spoiler]

"This here is our draft treaty with Canada, should become public through Californian media outlets here shortly if timed right." said Kevin, stopping again to sip on his whiskey. He pondered how his undersecretary of state was doing and the treaty progress with Canada.

"As for the relationship between the Northern Imperium and Commune of France, is relatively new to use. My office is unclear what the relationship entails since from what we do know of Commune of France, being communist and the Northern Imperium being a polar opposite is intriguing. The only way we knew was a news press release from one of their newspapers. For now we can only speculate that the relationship is a national security threat to us and have decided to review our relationship with the Imperium. Hence the expulsion of Imperium troops in California that is imminent for sure."

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"I am more then aware with the communications between them and the French in the NATO situation however after that they seemed to be extremely loyal. What I am asking is if you have any information of them being more loyal to France now? From what I understand, they are an ally of The Republic of Texas, and France, so they would never harm us. Wouldn't you say this is true?"

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"I cannot prove that the Northern Imperium is more loyal to France than it is to either of our nations that has relations with them. However, we do know the intentions of France with communist expansion in America, and the Northern Imperium has exhibited the same expansionist ideals in a more right-wing approach in NATO. They may not harm us, but the relationship may change, and that's what I'm more concerned about. I would give you partial credit to say that it's true, for now."

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