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The Federation of Independent States

Admiral Hart

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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to view this post. I am Admiral Hart, and I would like to welcome you. I am not new to cybernations but this alliance is. The Federation of Independent States was founded on December 21, 2011. We would like to ask members to join. Our fundementals are slim but with your help we can become a prosperous alliance. All I ask, is that you click "Edit My Nation" and change your AA to "Federation of Independent States". I would like members to join so we can establish our government. We will have the following issued below...

Goverment Positions Open:

Prime Minister-
Minister of Foreign Affairs-
Minister of Defense-
Minister of Internal Affairs-
Senators (x3)

Deputies will be established once we have our ministers. So let me ask you this, "There are many alliances out there, but some don't have the priveledge to do what they may." I want all members to enjoy cybernations. We will all have great times in this game. So ask me this, "What will you do to promote this alliance?" Well I will do my best to ensure the alliance is war-free. We have many alliances that are powerful, The Goons, Sparta, RnR, NPO, IRON, LoSS, etc. but they don't have to be our enemies. We can assist them in their wars if we feel the need to. So nations of Cybernations, help the Federation of Independent States become a great alliance.

Please visit our [url="http://fis-cn.webs.com"]website[/url]

We will also hope for alliances to view our forums so that we can better understand our neighbors in the world of Cybernations

Thank You
Admiral Hart
Founder and Lord

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