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A Familiar Darkened Face


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[font="Book Antiqua"][b][size="5"]The Second Coming : Yaza Hajin Enters Najambia[/size][/b][/font][/center]

[b]Lagos, Najambia 11:42 AM[/b]

A long time ago, Africa's Rich History comes back to several dangerous benevolent dictators who which submissively gave away their minds and souls to radical Islamic military groups who would use terrorism and other acts to conquer the minds of the infidels and attempt to bring down their loyalty to their current religions and bring them close to Islamic Deitys. Those regimes have been stomped into dust under the Iron Boot of foreign world powers, yet the Yaza Hajin never disintegrated. In-fact, The Yaza Hajin has been a whisper in the wind. They have been greatly reduced into a small group of only 12 men, who continue to carry out Allah's will unto the people globally. Once, a mighty empire of millions of men and women who served Allah, and now just a small isolated speck of dust in a sandy Saharan Desert.

The small group of the remaining 12 men have kept a watchful eye on Africa, the home to these dangerous and powerful Regimes who have been destroyed and only remain as a piece of history. They've been watching as they move country to country in order to find someone powerful enough and high enough to once again create a world power that can bring not only Yaza Hajin back to life, but the Islamic Dominance as a whole. The Yaza Hajin has carefully monitored the activities of Najambia since word spread of the Christian Religion being illegalized and rumor spread of the killing of many innocent Christian Civilians. The men would illegally sneak into the border of Najambia via Cargo Trucks. They past by several of the countries homes. It is no secret that Najambia is an incredibly poor third world nation. They see the buildings and consider pulling back, but as the 12 men grow smaller and smaller they need someone to bring back the Yaza Hajin, even if it just by a small amount.

The men sneak up to The Supreme Leader's Palace and attempt to enter. Several of Tafadzwa's personal police arrest the 12 men, when the men attempt to explain they need to speak to Tafadzwa and it is information that is of great important to the people of Najambia, they eventually call Tafadzwa down and disarm the men. The men were all stripped naked and given dirty ragged clothes to wear. Once they were dressed, Tafadzwa would meet them in her conference room, accompanied by many guards. The men asked that they speak to Tafadzwa one-on-one and after a small debate, she eventually dismissed them. They informed Tafadzwa of the Yaza Hajin. The Yaza Hajin was of no secret to her. She knew of her distant cousin Rotavele, who once controlled Republique du Fleuve in Central Africa. The men begged Tafadzwa to understand the goals of the Yaza Hajin. Tafadzwa had already taken great interest in the Yaza Hajin. In-fact she had once dreamed of leading the organization one day. There is no way the world could openly know the Yaza Hajin still existed although, they would have to secretly carry out missions in order to save Islam and establish it as the world's primary religion.

With careful deliberation, Supreme Leader Tafadzwa accepted it and called in her Cabinet to inform them of her decisions. Najambia would now do everything it could to fund Mosques and other organizations who housed Yaza Hajin Operatives, Najambia would use the PRN Forces to rescue and further assist the Yaza Hajin. Recruiting from the Yaza Hajin would be allowed in all cities. They were none-the-less now above the law to do as they wish in order to protect and promote Islam. The 12 men were given USD $12,000,000 a piece from Government Funds and told to use it towards taking care of their personal needs and to establish An Armory, An HQ, and A Mosque in Lagos to fatherly help them establish the Yaza Hajin. Tafadzwa gave them a list of Radical Islamic Leaders and Mosques stationed in Lagos and around Najambia who would greatly assist and become members of the Yaza Hajin.

The men set out and began recruiting Yaza Hajin Operatives, Going from a weak member-base of 12 members, they soon found themselves to be at a steady and strong member-base of 72 members. A rather strong member-base for only 8 hours of Recruitment by 12 men. The Yaza Hajin was now growing and re-constructing themselves as the leaders of Islam in Africa. The Yaza Hajin seeked to construct themselves to be the protectors of the Holy World and they begin to assign tasks, Contract workers to build their Head Quarters, and Train Operatives on how to fight the New World Jihad.

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[size="5"][b]The Movement : Picking up Lost Pieces[/b][/size][/center]

As the Yaza Hajin continues its great conquest of Najambia, the membership rises to that of around 1100 members. The Temporary HQ has been established and the first tasks begin to take conquest. 150 Unarmed Yaza Hajin Members begin to use civilian ships to sneak into a nation known as "The Imperium". It is formerly the Republique Du Fleuve and the former Head Quarters of the old Yaza Hajin. The Members attempt to sneak in and head to the forest lands of Rural Huila in order to establish a temporary base. The base's sole purpose is to begin recruiting former and ex-Yaza Hajin members in order to establish a foreign base for Yaza Hajin operatives to train and begin the great movement of becoming a continental oppressing Islamic Regime.

Once in Rural Huila, many operatives would begin to chop down the forest trees in order to construct a shack-styled military HQ for Yaza Hajin Operations. The Operations Commander would later arrive in the next wave of Yaza Hajin Operatives unto The Imperium. The Yaza Hajin begins making weapons and using many tactics to remain stealthy in their missions to secure The Imperium as a Colony of Yaza Hajin. Continental Domination would soon be under way and Islam seemed to be pouring through the Veins of Africa. The Islamic Invasion will soon be underway in The Imperium and the world will be a witness to the dangerous Iron Boot of Tafadzwa's Supreme Intellect and would conqueror of the World's Religious Ideologies.

Edited by Rotavele
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[size="5"][b]The Movement : Picking up Lost Pieces II[/b][/size][/center]

An AHZ1 Viper, Issued by the PRN has taken flight as well as a Ocean Liner of 1000 Yaza Hajin Operatives reach the ports of Tunis. Upon reaching the ports, The Operatives set out and began actively searching for Al Dei, Former leader of the Yaza Hajin. After an 8 hour search, it had appeared he had developed a family and lived in a small farm south of Ariana in a rural area. His house was breached and the Yaza Hajin entered to find him reading a book about Weaponry. The AHZ1 Viper landed in his front yard and he was forcibly kidnapped. The Viper was loaded with him and 4 operatives, ignore Al Dei and his requests to return to his home. He was unaware of who the operatives were and why he was being kidnapped.

Upon arrival in Lagos, he was taken by Car to the capital building in which Tafadzwa shortly briefed him on the return on the Yaza Hajin and how he was deemed to be the leader. Al Dei smiled and had a tear in his eye. "My mighty empire is once again returning." Tafadzwa shook her head "No you will lead the Yaza Hajin, this is my empire." Al Dei responded "Right. Any who where is the Head Quarters and will i be allowed to visit my family during my leadership?" "Of course you will, after you do the tasks required as leader," Responded Tafadzwa. Al Dei went off the the Head Quarters and was met there by Yaza Hajin operatives who deemed him as the "Royal Leader of The Yaza Hajin". Al Dei was once more in charge of the Yaza Hajin and was given a rifle to protect himself. Al Dei once now had his Yaza Hajin Operatives at his finger tips. Al Dei became one of the most powerful people in Najambia over night.

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[b][size="5"]Friendly Assistance : Cyber Version[/size][/b][/center]

Mission Type: Intelligence Gains
Mission Target: Pravus Ingruo
Mission Instructor: Al Dei
Mission Explanation: Security Breaches, Acquisition of PI Military Intelligence.
Mission Timing: 12/29/11, 3:42:11 AM
Mission Location: Yaza Hajin HQ, Lagos, Najambia[/b]

The Yaza Hajin Intelligence Sector, Compromised of around 53 Agents begin commencing scans of all Internet Service Provider Addresses on Pravis Ingruo's Military Sector. Acquiring the Addresses, they began testing the addresses to find out which addresses led to the security system and fire walls. Once acquired, all security firewalls were heavily DDoSed by several thousand machines. If successful, the fire walls would go down, allowing the Yaza Hajin to later install several hacking devices onto the Pravus Inguro Military HQ systems in order to view all Military Movements, Building Locations, and Troop Placements. The File name STWRVAR.exe would be placed onto the military system and remotely activated by the Yaza Hajin. Once installed, the virus would give full access to the Yaza Hajin who would relay the information unto Tafadzwa. The virus will remain until removed by PI Government Officials.

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