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[center][size="4"][u][font="Georgia"]Official news & press releases from the[/font]
[font="Impact"][i][color="red"]Government of the[/color]
[size="7"][color="blue"]Commonwealth of New Zealand[/color][/size][/i][/u][/size][/font][/center]

[i]30th December 2011[/i]

[b]Parliamentary elections[/b]
Submissions are now closed for parliamentary elections and all candidates are expected to have declared their candidacy officially to the electoral commission by now. Parliamentary elections are now expected within a week. Over 9000 candidates have been cleared by the electoral commission to run.

[b]Presidential inauguration[/b]
It is now planned that the presidential inauguration will take place at the same time the new parliament convenes.

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[quote name='Kankou' timestamp='1325262791' post='2889167']
Grand Papua wishes only the best for its ally, and will wait until the presidential inauguration before pursuing various discussions.

OOC: Quite fast, I was going to edit the OP but since you posted already... :P

New Zealand's interim government thanks Grand Papua for its good wishes and looks forward to strengthening ties and informs Grand Papua that the presidential inauguration may be expected as early as this weekend following a decision by the interim government to dissolve itself as soon as possible and hand power over to democratically elected officials.

[center]------------------------------------More news & press releases, 30th December 2011:----------------------------------------[/center]

[b]Presidential inauguration, parliamentary elections, and opening of parliament moved forward[/b]
It is now expected that parliamentary elections will be held tomorrow on Saturday. Registered parties contesting are the Progressive Liberals, Labour, Socialists, Green, Nationalists, Conservatives, and the Country Conservatives, along with a few independent candidates. The presidential inauguration and opening of the new parliament will take place almost immediately after the results are in through highly sophisticated electronic voting systems able to collect results within 3 to 4 hours - therefore either later on the same day or on Sunday.

[b]Trade barriers lifted, tariffs and taxes abolished for OU nations[/b]
The interim government has issued what is expected to be its last act - the abolition of trade restrictions between countries in the Oceanic Union - the nations of Grand Papua and Selenarctos will be able trade goods with New Zealand free of tariffs starting tomorrow. This was done in accordance with the OU treaty.

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Fireworks lit the skies of New Zealand's major cities just a few hours earlier - Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch... now the Sun was beginning to dawn on those same cities... the first day of 2012... a perfect day for the inauguration of the new president and opening of the new parliament....

---[i]1st January 2012 - News & press releases[/i]---

[u][b]Parliamentary elections conclude[/b][/u]
On the 31st of December 2011 from 8:00PM to 11:55PM New Zealanders went to the polls to elect a new parliament. Now, at about 6:00AM the results had all been collected from the voting machines:

[center][size="1"][Results -- Unicameral - single chamber - of Parliament - the House of Representatives - by party, including brief bracketed description of party -- 100 seats overall:][/size]
*[b]Progressive Liberals[/b] (social progressivism & libertarianism, liberalism, economic centrists) - [b]39[/b] seats
*[b]Socialists [/b](social progressivism, economic left, socialism) - [b]28[/b] seats
*[b]Labour[/b] (moderate social progressives, economic left) - [b]11[/b] seats
*[b]Green [/b](social progressivism, environmentalism) - [b]10[/b] seats
*[b]Nationalists[/b] (no social stand, economic centrists, nationalism) - [b]5[/b] seats
*[b]Conservatives[/b] (no social stand, economic right, isolationism) - [b]5[/b] seats
*[b]Country Conservatives[/b] (social conservatism, economic right) - [b]2[/b] seats[/center]

The new parliament is expected to convene within 24 hours, following which the new president will appoint will appoint a prime minister and other ministers once a coalition agreement takes place as expected among 2 or more of the 4 largest parties in the new parliament (51 seats being needed for a majority).

[u][b]Presidential inauguration, opening of new parliament, and formation of new government within 24 hours[/b][/u]
It is expected that the presidential inauguration and opening of the new parliament, as well as the formation of a new government will take place within 24 hours.

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[i]1st January 2011 - News[/i]

[u][b]President inaugurated[/b][/u]
Finally, [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=107084&view=findpost&p=2869058"]several weeks following the election[/url] of the first president of the Commonwealth of New Zealand, Knowz and the vice president were sworn in today. The president, who by law may not belong to a political party, was elected on a platform of social progressivism and "responsible fiscal policies", as well as general pacifism. The presidency is expected to be a non-partisan office in the Commonwealth of New Zealand's Westminster-style parliamentary democracy, but is granted vast reserve powers by the Constitution.

[u][b]Parliament opened[/b][/u]
President Knowz opened the Parliament of New Zealand soon following his inaugaration.

[u][b]New government formed[/b][/u]
Following a coalition agreement between the Progressive Liberals, the Socialists, and the Greens, a new government has been formed with a strong majority of 77 out of 100 seats in the House of Representatives. Leader of the Progressive Liberals, Arthur Cook, has been appointed as Prime Minister by the president, and the leader of the Socialists, James Clark, has been appointed Deputy Prime Minister.

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[u][b]President resigns, VP sworn in as President[/b][/u]
The President of New Zealand unexpectedly resigned today after opening [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=109083"]Intercontinental Congress[/url] citing a want to be free from "the burdens of political office" - his departure was greeted with an outpour of public support and thanks from he cabinet, the NZ parliament, and the public. Vice President Helen Mateparae, a former Women's rights and Maori activist, was sworn into office by the Chief Justice soon afterwards. She assumes the office of President of New Zealand immediately.

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[u][b]5000 troops raised[/b][/u]
On the orders of the President and the Defence Minister of New Zealand, 5000 troops were raised.
*2000 to be sent to East Nusa Tenggara (1000 troops), Timor-Leste (500 troops), and Maluku (500 troops) - as [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=109083&view=findpost&p=2918976"]ordered by the Intercontinental Congress[/url] - to keep peace and order in those new states.
*1000 in active service ready for immediate further orders - possibly for further orders by the Congress.
*2000 in reserve for further orders and to react to emergencies within this state.
All or most of the armies raised are expected to be disbanded once there missions are complete - as per New Zealand military rules that there be no standing armies - in-keeping with New Zealand's pacifist values.

17th February 2012 - 50 troops were went to the South Torres Strait Islands - which were [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=109087&view=findpost&p=2922614"]handed over[/url] to New Zealand - to keep peace and order.

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"All troops are in place at home in New Zealand and abroad in Nusa Tenggara Timur, Timor-Leste, Maluku, and the South Torres Strait Islands as ordered. We report no disturbances of the peace in any of the deployed locations and the troops are therefore stationed awaiting further orders." - Message from the Secretary for Peacekeeping Missions of the Ministry of Defence to the New Zealand government & the Intercontinental Congress

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