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The Constitution of the Solar Kingdom

Joel James

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[size="6"][center][i][u][b]The Constitution[/b][/u][/i][/center][/size]

[u][size="3"][i][b]Article I-Preamble[/b][/i][/size][/u]
[i]This is The Constitution of the Solar Kingdom. No person residing within the borders of this kingdom or carries the citizenship of this kingdom is above it.[/i]

[size="3"][u][i][b]Article II-Check on the King's Power[/b][/i][/u][/size]
[i]The 100-body Congress will be given more powers to limit the king's powers. 51 members of Congress must support the king's plans in order for them to come into effect. 67 members of Congress must apporve of a war in order for it to be fought. With the support of 70 members of Congress, the king can be impeached. The king can impeach any member of Congress as long as that removal has a majority support. To balance the king's power with Congress, the king is in charge of foreign relations, and can start any construction projects, both militar and civilian, domestic and international. [/i]

[size="3"][u][i][b]Article III-Judiciary[/b][/i][/u][/size]
[i]There are 31 courts situated around the country. They use logic, reason, and the Bill of Rights to deliver verdicts, and must explain the verdict to a jury to see if it is reasonable. The verdict need the support of the majority of the jury, unless it is based on the Bill of Rights. The jury is made up of common everyday citizens who are as unbiased as possible.[/i]

[size="3"][u][i][b]Article IV-Additions and Changes[/b][/i][/u][/size]
[i]This Constitution is the base of running the country. The first three articles are for limiting the kings power. Articles may be added on later, but only with 75 members of Congress approving it.[/i]

[size="3"][u][i][b]Article V-Citizens Rights[/b][/i][/u][/size]
In the Solar Kingdom, the citizens have rights that cannot be taken away from them. They are:
1. Freedom of Speech, Religion, assembly, and petition
2. Any citizen has the right to bear arms
3. the citizens have the right to privacy, and cannot be forced to quarter soldiers in peacetime
4. Searches, Arrests, and Seizures either need a warrant or a probable cause.
5. Secret trials are forbidden and no citizen can be charged with the same crimes except in some very rare cases.
6. The accused citizen has the right to be tried by a jury, and to legal counsel.
7. Forbids excessive bails and fines, as well as cruel and/or unusual punishment.
8. There are rights not mentioned in the Bill f Rights available to citizens

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