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A Haiku for Pingu


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[center][img] http://i891.photobucket.com/albums/ac119/O-Dog_photos/ODN_Europa.jpg[/img][/center]

With great pleasure, ODN and Europa present....

A Haiku for Pingu

Article I

We have the option,
but not the obligation,
to fight together.

It may be defense.
Maybe even aggression.
But we shall prevail.

We will fight others
and not fight one another
While the treaty lives.

Article II
This can be cancelled,
but it must be a haiku
that voids this treaty.

Give two days' notice
if, for some bizarre reason,
you want to end it

[b]For the Baskin Robbins Council[/b],

O-Dog -- Grand Ayatollah, The Queen, Stay at Home Dad
Ernesto Che Guevara -- Mint Ayatollah, SWAT Leader, Guardian
SnowWolf -- Vanilla Ayatollah, Lovable Runt
Minister of Silly Walks -- Strawberry Ayatollah, Worthless Texan

For The Orange Defense Network:[/b]
Secretary General: OsRavan
Assistant SecGen: Proximus
Secretary of the Interior: Italiarule
Secretary of Economics: DSwan
Secretary of Defense: Zaxon
Secretary of State: Walling

Senate XLIII:
Dylan Lusk, Twizzler, Yankeefan924, Rikhard II, Lucius Aerillius

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