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Statement from the Independant Antarctic Preserve

Shan Revan

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[size="5"]I[/size]n recent months the Independent Antarctic Preserve has been petitioned by an unusually high number of parties requesting land and sovereignty over a variety of Antarctic territories. As such we feel the need to remind the world of the following.

1. The IAP is an international preserve administered by an international consortium of scientists and environmentalists, with funding and support provided primarily by le Royaume de la Lumière which established the organisation.
2. Excessive human colonisation has wraught untold damage on what was until relatively recently the last pristine lands in the world. To the extent that a large area is permanently irradiated from nuclear war.
3. We are tasked with protecting the continent from those who would damage it, preserving it for scientific and environmental reasons, and repairing the immense damage done to the lands by direct human presence and actions.

To those who would lay claim to these lands to establish industry, military bases, dump population, or simply to lay claim to land on a map that they shall never see, we vehemently deny their requests and suggest they look elsewhere for their cheap glories. Granting such requests is anathema to our raison d'être.

Finally I would like to address the special case of a small indigenous population, a collection of left over peoples from failed past colonisations who have titled themselves "The Forgotten Ones", who have coalesced to form a small community on the coastline, south of Australia. Having met with these people, we have found them largely in compliance with regulations for protecting the continent and they have agreed to assist in maintaining the local area. Therefore we have granted this community a Class 1 licence and will provide limited technological assistance in order to ensure a minimal environmental impact from this community.

[i][size="4"]Guillaume Poyet[/size][/i]
[b]IAP Chairman[/b]

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*The tribes aforementioned, The Forgotten Ones, would themselves have little means in which to respond. Most had not, of course, ever encountered people other than their own, and the only reason anyone was aware of them, or anyone aware of them, were a few enterprising individuals in an encounter that was not widely known in their community...

Of course, that was mot likely going to change soon enough...*

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