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December 28th, 2150 12-28-50 28/50 The Attack


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[size="7"][center][b]The [color="#FF8C00"]Tower[/color][/b][/center][/size]


[b]The Republic of Texas
Downtown Houston
The Reynolds Residence[/b]


Richard Reynolds straightened his tri-colored tie as he proudly looked into the mirror in front of him which was mounted sternly into the modest wall tiles that surrounded his bathroom like an invading army. He certainly didn't look like he belonged in such a disgusting room. The floors were sticky, the shower curtains were always a little most and cold, and the toilet had a sickly green paint that made it unappealing to even be near. Richard looked like a million bucks - the polar opposite of his bathroom.

His hair was combed like [url="http://images.allmoviephoto.com/2001_Pearl_Harbor/ben_affleck_josh_hartnett_pearl_harbor_003.jpg"]Ben Affleck in [i]Pearl Harbor[/i][/url]. His facial hair was shaved cleanly and his skin was flawless. The issued orange, white, and black tie that was wrapped around his freshly pressed snow-white button up shirt was in an into an impressive double-Windsor and was as tight as his throat could manage. And then to complete the top of his outfit: a somewhat heavy black suit-jacket that would protect him from the cold and would make him look more then professional. Upon each of the three buttons on his jacket had three small gold letters, [i]TCT[/i].

But underneath the top of his outfit he wore black suit-pants with a black belt. They both looked professional, but modest. However there was one thing Richard was most proud of out of his entire outfit - his shoes. His father had always told him, "You can tell almost anything about a man if you see what he is wearing on his feet". Richard took that to heart. In fact, nice shoes were among one of the first things he bought after he immigrated to Texas. His family had been much more poor in the English speaking country across the Atlantic he came from, but now he had a job with dignity. He got to dress up, people respected him, and almost everyone around him obeyed his orders when he gave them. He was experiencing something people a long time ago would have called, [i]The American Dream[/i]. His family fed, his family safe, and the ability for him to work his way from a slum to someone who can enjoy luxuries... and most importantly, political freedom.

Richard, or "Mister Reynolds" as some called him, stepped out of his gloomy bathroom and walked out into a small living room with an even smaller twelve inch TV with a radio that only caught AM Stations sitting quietly next to it. He looked over to see his family of four patiently waiting for him at the breakfast table. You could call the room Richard was walking towards as a dinning room, however that would be a major overstatement. It was really a small kitchen with a table in the corner, but it was more then enough to him. He had recently bought another chair so all of his family could sit at the square, wooden table in their dinning/kitchen-room. "Daddy!" squealed Richard's youngest daughter, Samantha. She jumped out of her mismatched chair and ran over to him, still in her pajamas. He got on a knee and picked her up, finishing his short journey to the eating/cooking area of their residence. "How are you doing my little gum drop?" his accent was thicker then his children's, but they all could understand one another. "I am good daddy. But we are almost out of cereal... When are we going to get more?" [i]The American Dream[/i] Richard was experiencing didn't specify that he could abundantly feed his family... just that he could feed his family.

"I am getting my pay-check today Samantha" he exclaimed as he sat her back in her chair, "I promise I'll return home with a brand new box of cereal!" Samantha was gitty with joy, "Can I have the toy??" Richard unbuttoned his jacket and then sat in his chair, "If you are good at school today, you can have the toy right away. Good, yes?" Samantha nodded her head, "Yes Papa. Thank you!" Richard smiled and looked over to his other daughter, Darline, and his oldest child and only son, James. Darline was a bit older then her six year old little sister Samantha, she was twelve. Darline was twelve and had curly brown hair and innocent blue eyes which could have probably even brought out a smile from Madame Valentin of France. Meanwhile Richard's oldest child and only son, James, who was fourteen has short black hair which was combed simular to that of his father's. His brown eyes were soft but it was obvious that one day they could be stern - just like his father's hazel eyes had once been.

Darline gave only a shy smile and two words to her father's question, "Sleepy Papa." Richard patted her head and looked over to her son, "I am doing well father. I am happy we get this much time off for Christmas, it's nice to have this break." Richard gave a short nod, "Yes. It was nice that I had off for Christmas Eve and Christmas. I am so thankful they gave me pay for those two days!"
"Yes that was nice of them, honey" said Richard's wife, Abigale. He grabbed his wife's hand under the table suddenly and rubbed his thumb over one of her knuckles a few times, "It was great to spend time with all of you." He then raised her hand into view. The children joined hands with their father and mother. They all bowed their heads and made the sign of the cross, "Dear Lord" said Richard, "thank you for giving my family and I another day in this free country. Thank you for my beautiful daughters and my handsome son. Thank you for my wife, and their mother. And thank you for this meal that we have before us." Each of them made the sign of the cross and began munching on their meal of cereal, milk, and toast with a smudge of butter.

After eating the children eagerly waited for sunrise so they could play with the neighbor's children. They still had seven days of Christmas break left, and they would spend it wisely. Abbigale went about cleaning the house so she could later spend time with her friend Shelly that lived next door. Hopefully she would get the house cleaned in time so they could watch their weekly Soap Opera favorite, [i]Blink of an Eye[/i].


Meanwhile, Richard was off to work. He hailed a taxi cab outside of the seven story apartment. It would soon be twilight, however the moon was still the dominant light in the sky. Richard stepped into the yellow taxi cab and a young blond man turned around, "Where will it be sir?" Richard did the best to hide his accent, "The Texas Commerce Building please." The cab driver nodded and turned around. The gas motor roared with excitement as the young man held down the accelerator. Richard looked in awe at the mammoth buildings before him. He had been passing them every day to work for a good while now, but how big they were always amazed Richard. It made him wonder how much bigger Houston would be if every floor of a sky scraper was converted into a one story building... No wonder why they made buildings so tall. "That'll be seven fourty-two mista'." Richard pulled out a five dollar bill, a two dollar bill, and a one dollar bill. He handed all three to the cab driver and eagerly awaited his 58 cents in change. "Thank you my friend. I hope you have a nice day!" said Richard. He smiled and pinned his employee ID on one of his side pockets. At the top of the ID Card was the small, yet bold title, [i]TCT Head of Security - Richard Reynolds[/i]. He stepped in and easily walked through security, "Good day Mister Reynolds!" a young doorman waved at him politely.

Richard waved back and gave a polite nod. He walked through the beautiful lobby of the tallest building in Texas and entered an elevator awaiting a passenger at the bottom floor. He stood directly in the middle of the elevator after pushing a button which read [i]40[/i]. The 40th floor was the center for security, which was about the middle of the building.
Mister Reynolds enjoyed the soft, classical music that played as he acceded quickly to his place of work.

[b]The Republic of Texas
The City of Houston
Senator Smith's Office[/b]


William Smith read the front page of [i]The Houston Chronicle[/i]. The office of the Senator was in the outskirts of downtown. The building was rented by the Texas government so that Senator Smith could have a place to stay besides home when he wasn't busy in Austin. Representatives stayed in other parts of the modest building, however the entire third floor of the three story building was for the Senator himself. His office was lined with bookshelves and had forest green carpet - William had only read about 1,000 books since he was eight.

Senator Smith lowered his newspaper as he heard a few series of knocks on the door to his one room, small private office. The rest of the floor was filled with government workers that kept him up to date, and was made up of the offices for friends and advisers of his. "Come in, I'm not busy." William was expecting a secretary or someone there to deliver news however it was his daughter. "Hey Paige! What are you doing here? I thought you were on your way to Dallas?" Paige fiddled with her phone as she checked her emails, "It turns out there has been a change of plans. The CEO of [i]Beaumont Oil[/i] and I are going to meet at his company's office in the TCT Building! I heard it's almost towards the top. I'm so excited.. I can't wait." Senator Smith didn't smile a lot, but his daughter was good at getting him to do such. "Well I hope it goes well sweetheart, I think they would be lucky to have you as their CFO." His daughter smiled, "Maybe after you and I can have lunch? I was thinking Cullen's? They would love to have a senator there!" William got up and gave his daughter a hug, "Whatever makes you happy sweetheart. Just give me a call when you are all done! I'll be waiting right here for you."

With that, Paige kissed her father on the cheek and took a cab to the TCT and started to make her way to the meeting. Luckily her cell phone was fully charged.

[b]The Republic of Texas
Downtown Houston
TCT (Texas Commerce Tower)[/b]


Joesph quietly stood in the lobby of the Tower. He had on a repairman's uniform, all grey. He didn't make eye contact or look at anyone, he just simply stood still as he watched the news to keep everything else off of his mind. The lobby was nearly empty. The sun had broken the horizon so nearly everyone was in their offices. A few people were rushing from security to the elevators however there was a small delay because one of the elevators were out of operation. What the nearly thousands of people inside the Tower didn't know is that it was fully functional, in fact it was recently greased a few days ago. But a Joesph Livingston from the non existent [i]Texas Department of Mechanical Safety[/i] closed off one of the elevators. Everyone supposed he was suppose to be there, so no one asked him any questions. He had set everything up just right, he was just waiting for the call. That one call that would change his life, and the life of everyone above him, forever.

A raspy voice boomed into his ear peace, "Begin." Like a robot, he bent over and grabbed his tool-belt. He strapped it around his waist and went to the elevator which supposedly no one could use. He pushed the up arrow watched as a digital number quickly went from [i]75[/i], to [i]L[/i]. The doors opened and he stepped inside. Joesph pressed the button with [i]75[/i] engraved into it and watched as the digital numbers above the doors that showed what floor he was on went from [i]L[/i] to [i]75[/i]. When the digital number changed to 75, Joseph smirked. That was the last thing he did...

Saint Peter did not call Joseph's name.

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