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Conspirator's abound

Zoot Zoot

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Invites to the following people:
JED, Californian, Lynneth, Mara, Timmy, PresidentDavid, Chancellor Patrick, Jeff, Curristan and Pravus Ingrou


[quote][b]To the Leaders of;[/b] The Lunar Republic, New Panama, Canada, The Republic of Texas, The Republic of Peru, The Republic of Neo Roma, The Northern Imperium, The Legal Government of the Gulf Federation and the Empire of Pravus Ingrou.

[b]Subject:[/b] Video Conference of Continential Integrity and Security


Dear Leaders, I invite you to join me in a video conference, the connections details of such to be released on the acceptance of this invitation, to discuss the Continental security of North and South America from outside influence. Our two great Continents, once bastions of freedom, smiting Imperialism when it reared its head on our shores, have grown weak and silent. There was once a time when the Imperium of Man, Tahoe, Viniland and the Empire of Pravus Ingrou stood high and held aloft the banners of American freedom against foreign invaders.

America for Americans!

We as an American culture, varied and wonderful, are under threat from European and Asian influence. We have Bourbons on the throne in Mexico and Alaska, the Northern Slopes of Alaska and the Aleution Islands are owned by the Chinese who hold VAST Legions to wage their wars against the world on American land. The French [i]bought[/i] land from their Bourbon friends and then proceeded to turn the Gulf Federation, on North America proper, into a French Colony. Even now, the French puppet state of Vicidalia is striving to get as close to France as possible. They have lost their identity already in the face of the rising French influence.

North and South America has lost its colours, its banners do not fly and now nobody will stand and fight these Imperialist aggressors who infringe on our land. I call on you now, to speak with me, and join my Crusade to restore the Americas to glory. The Holy American Empire has fallen, Tahoe has fallen, Viniland has fallen, and now the Gulf Federation has fallen to Frenchmen and Revolutionaries.

Talk with me, let us organise and let us push these foreign !@#$%^&* back across the Oceans to their homelands.

Chancellor Alice Wesker
The Corporate Territories of Uruguay and Southern Brazil.[/quote]

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[quote]To: Chancellor Wesker, Corporate Territories
From: Mara I Lithaen, Northern Imperium

Subject: RE:Video Conference of Continential Integrity and Security

Dear Chancellor,

Thank you and your government for the invitation to the conference. I shall make preparations to be ready at the right time to join you and the other American leaders at the time of the conference. I look forward to discussing these matters, as events of late in the old United States have given me cause to worry overmuch. I hope we can, as leaders, come to an agreement on the solution to these foreign meddlers.

Mara I Lithaen,
Empress of the Northern Imperium[/quote]

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A message would be sent back, although the origin of the message and the sender would be hard to trace:


To: Chancellor Wesker, Corporate Territories
From: Natalie Fairchild, Former Loyalist Vice President of the Gulf Federation

Subject: RE:Video Conference of Continential Integrity and Security

Dear Chancellor,

I have received your message although with former President David Johnson busy i am forced to take his place. I have managed to procure Video Conferencing Equipment so i will be present at this meeting. I hope that we make some ground on the issues.

Natalie Fairchild,
Former Loyalist Vice President of the Gulf Federation

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The Republic of Texas shall send a representative to these affairs. So far, you have the full support of the Army, Navy, Airforce, and People of The Republic of Texas.

[i]Benjamin Gates[/i]
[b]President of The Republic of Texas[/b]

OOC: Zoot I didn't post because I never got your PM but I figured I might as well today. Talk to me on IRC when you can

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Secretary of State Solomon will attend the video conference.


Copies of the original letter were sent to France and Tianxia per the Empire's treaty with both nations, along with a note saying that the Secretary of Foreign Affairs would attend merely to gather more information on the plans being discussed.

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