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Late Night Talks

Evangeline Anovilis

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Charlotte was just back from her Central Asian adventures. After enjoying a long bath, the first she had for a long time, as the steppe wasn't really the most clean of places, and brushing her teeth, she wanted to go to sleep. It was her greatest wish at that moment, after all these days in that godforsaken Kazakhstan, one night in her noble bed, until noon, no bandits, no wolves, no storms, pure rest.

However, fate had something different in storage, and so she saw that someone was calling her over Vicivideo (OOC: a Vicidalian television and telecommunication provider, state-owned, needless-to-say censored). As she saw that it wasn't just anyone, she picked up and kissed her sleep goodbye.

[quote]<ThetaSigma> Ello
<Charlotte> Bon Soir, Monsieur
<Charlotte> You wanted to talk to me?
<ThetaSigma> Ello
<ThetaSigma> Right yes
<Charlotte> How can I help?
* Charlotte smiles diplomatically
<ThetaSigma> Gallifrey has recently noticed that Vacidalia is a prominent member of USAN
<Charlotte> Oh, thank you
<Charlotte> Altough we like to think we always where, it is true, our southern neighbours outshine us
<Charlotte> We almost look tiny in comparison
<ThetaSigma> And as such weve decided wed like to sign a treaty with your nation in mutual defence of both of our nations
<Charlotte> Hmmm...
<Charlotte> Well,...
<ThetaSigma> What do you think
<Charlotte> We are already in USAN together, why a seperate treaty?
<ThetaSigma> Well USAN is less direct and DROG has decided it wants seperate treaties to secure our allies if USAN goes under
<Charlotte> Oh, we are already readying ourselves for the worst case.
* Charlotte giggles.
<Charlotte> Well, ...
<ThetaSigma> And we particularly agree with your highness on the issue with New Panama
<Charlotte> Oh, you do? I thought Gallifrey was more welcoming to these rebels.
<Charlotte> Sadly, they even remain an issue, after we tried to settle it diplomatically.
<Charlotte> The Senechal thinks we should just prepare our military, however the First Princess thinks otherwise
<Charlotte> God knows what will come of this
<ThetaSigma> We in public are very diplomatic so naturally we aknowledge them at first
<Charlotte> I just curse the Panamanese rebels for increasing my workload.
<ThetaSigma> But a small nation having controll of the canal is extreamly unwise
<Charlotte> Here we agree
<ThetaSigma> We would rather it be under the rule of a member of USAN and a more stable nation
<Charlotte> Well, as it is now, nominally, the canal is under New Spains control, but it is easy for New Panama to block all movement through it
<ThetaSigma> Exactly my point
<Charlotte> After all, it is no problem to shell the canal with artillery from their land
<ThetaSigma> Rather panama as a whole should be in the hands of a more experienced member
<ThetaSigma> Of the world stage
<ThetaSigma> Excuse me for one moment i will be right back
<Charlotte> Well, Vicidalia would be willing to administer it, however, neither are we even in control of the surroundings, nor is it a problem for us if New Spain, which has the trust of the world, controls the canal itself
<ThetaSigma> So back to the topic
<ThetaSigma> DROG would like to support Vic and sign an ODoAP with Vic
<Charlotte> Hmmm...
<Charlotte> Well, Vicidalia would agree, however, we would have to demand Gallifrey to stop the recognition of New Panama, as well as to lend us your voice in this issue.
<ThetaSigma> We are willing to do this
<Charlotte> Only if we can convince the many nations of this earth that New Panama is not a nation, and surely not fit to be in that region, then we can hope that they will sometime in the future be the past, not the present
<ThetaSigma> As we do not support their position in the first place
<ThetaSigma> And agreed
<Charlotte> In order to show our willingness to cooperate with New Panama, we would even make their part of Vicidalia constitutional, under its own monarch, but they would not agree.
<ThetaSigma> So what.sort of terms you lookin for?
<Charlotte> Terms for you, or for New Panama?
<ThetaSigma> The treaty
<ThetaSigma> Actually
<ThetaSigma> Im curious as to both
<ThetaSigma> If you dont mind humoring me
<Charlotte> Well, to the treaty, I would suppose the normal clauses of optional aggression and defense, as well as a clause to define the territories of New Panama as Vicidalia irredenta.
<Charlotte> For New Panama, it'd be to accept to be made a vassal, if not integral part lands of the Vicidalian Crown.
<ThetaSigma> I see
<Charlotte> Now we are still allowing them rights, but should we need to liberate it by stronger means, we will not be as generous
<Charlotte> I hope these terms are not too much
<ThetaSigma> I agree
<ThetaSigma> And DROG stresses that we have troops that could come to your assistance in such an event
<Charlotte> Then I can send you the paperwork?
<ThetaSigma> Yesi would appreciate that
<Charlotte> Fine, it was a pleasure to talk to you
* Charlotte waves goodbye over the screen.
<ThetaSigma> Goodbye
<ThetaSigma> And thanksbfor seing md
<Vicivideo> End of Conference[/quote]

"That was faster than expected. Well, I'll report it to the Senechal tommorrow noon. At breakfast" Happily and smiling brightly she cuddled into her blanket and soon she was asleep, dreaming of all the things she encountered in the steppe.

[b]OOC: This is unknown to the public. If not you must be some sick pervert to peep on a comtesse sleeping and the Palace Guard will do away with you.[/b]

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