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Rébellion des peuples africains!


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[size="5"][b]Free at last, Free at last, Were free at last![/b][/size][/center]

The French Speaking Civilians of Najambian Regions have hereby come under a new militia. Supreme Leader Tafadzwa Ihejirika has taken over the Regime in power of Najambia. Her and her cabinet will be in complete control of the Militia in Power of Najambia. Tafadzwa will later hold a press conference along with her Cabinet to address the people who will now be under her ruling. Tafadzwa's Cabinet is to be seen as assistants to her rule. Tafadzwa holds complete ruling over Najambia and if she is unable to rule over the people due to sickness she has the option of handing the crown to her sister or to her next born female. Tafadzwa's children are seen as Princes and Princesses in Najambia. Upon her death, the crown will be given to her sister or her children.


Tafadzwa Ihejirika openly makes a press conference congratulating her regime on their victory over rebels and other forces who want to force her people in Najambia into being a openly aggressive state and how life will be better under her ruling. Tafadzwa also thanks her people for appreciating their new leadership and openly accepting her policies and ruling in the new African lands. She promises the people that they will not regret having a new leader such as herself to operating the nation. She promises to help the people and ensure their general welfare and humane needs into the world. She promises to also help out those who are in need and need assistance. She thanks her people and begins writing another speech to give to the citizens of Lagos, which will also be broadcasted live to the entire nation and world viewers.


[u][b]Najambia Supreme Leader's Cabinent:[/b][/u]

[b]Grand Chairman of The Militia:[/b] Kibwe Balewa
[b]Grand Chairman of The Justice System: [/b]Nthanda Oyinlola
[b]Grand Chairman of International Policy:[/b] Kgosi Dimka
[b]Grand Chairman of Propaganda and Internal Relations:[/b] Nsonowa Biobaku
[b]Grand Chairman of Communications and News Permissions:[/b] Mudiwa Lahiki
[b]Grand Chairman of Economical Affairs:[/b] Taonga Okereke
[b]Grand Chairman of Government Finances:[/b] Farai Anikulapo-Kuti
[b]Grand Chairman of Public Assistance and General Welfare:[/b] Awotwi Akunyili
[b]Grand Chairman of Border Communications:[/b] Themba Adeyemi
[b]Grand Chairman of Education and Health Operations:[/b] Mahaja Tahiki

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