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The Democratic Republic of Gallifrey invites the president of Khalistan to Citadel

Isaac MatthewII

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The president of Gallifrey sat in his chair tapping his foot awaiting the arrival of the preisdent of Khalistan. Theta is obviously not pleased with this man as he has announced defunct status within hours of a treaty being signed between the two nations. Theta decided to give Khalistan a chance to explain himself as he is a very reasonable man.

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Theta shakes the hand of the president of Khalistan.
"As you know I am not pleased with your recent actions in africa and even trying to declare annexation as a whole hours after our treaty? The treaty will be reinstated as we discuss, I am a reasonable man tell me why i should keep this treaty with you"
With that the president sat down and had tea and offered the deligate to be seated.

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