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Operation Arctic Dave

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[center]Hi everybody! I'm Ana, and I just joined Europa a few days ago. Chax asked me if I'd be interested in posting this, and I figured it could be sorta cool.

So, a little about myself: I'm friends with Chax, I really think this planet is cool, albeit nerdy, and I'm finding Europa to be rather fun. You should visit us sometime, our channel is #CNEuropa on Coldfront.

Since Europa's kitchen is being repaired right now, I ventured out into the world and started asking questions. I know, a woman out of the kitchen is dangerous, but I figured there might be something out there for me. I read about all these interesting treaties and such, and about how they're activated. It got me thinking...I mean, wouldn't it be cool if I got to activate one? So I asked the Baskin Robbins Council, and they said "Why not?".

So I think I'll try my hand at this. Citing the Nothing but Swag accords with the Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence and Sadism, Europa hereby activates article X of the aforementioned document and declares war upon Fark.

Did I do that right? It seems a bit too formal for Europa. I think I'll go with this one:

'sup Fark?

Hugs and kisses from Europa!

For The Special Ed Class:
O-Dog -- Grand Ayatollah, The Queen, Father of Alice, Sloth
Ernesto Che Guevara -- Mint Ayatollah, Caretaker of the Grand Slam, Kindly Retread
Emperador del Oeste -- Strawberry Ayatollah, Caretaker of Atilla, Helmet-Wearer
SnowWolf-- Vanilla Ayatollah, Loveable Runt, Bringer of the Drool Towel
Gibsonator21 -- Silly Goose
Omniscient1 -- Silly Gaggle of Geese, Benevolent ODN Overlord
SniperJoe -- Protector of the Glass Cat

Message from Chax:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIPPY! We brought fireworks![/center]

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[quote name='905tf' timestamp='1324963157' post='2887045']
Europa too?


Welcome to the party, y'all! Good luck and have fun out there!

/me thinks that brings the total AA's warring with Fark now to 11? :lol1:

We heard you guys wanted to have a party, and there ain't not party like a Farkistan party. :P

My only regret is I have but three aggressive war slots to give for my alliance.

Edited by Ernesto Che Guevara
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